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  • Egg Basket
  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
  • 2017 Holiday Event
  • 2017 Halloween Event
  • 2017 Valentine’s Day
  • 2016 Holiday Event
  • 2016 Halloween Event
  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
  • 2015 Holiday Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “munificent,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
pFEa3OmelasAdult (f)6,1321,3092
0ToSDMaplewitchAdult (m)6,3911,3472
4Iv2VSoft PowerAdult (m)4,1451,0021
rxgHSGas Killing AnimalAdult (m)4,6509574
Y3KHnThe Ones Who Walk AwayAdult (m)5,1229842
7boNEThe Stones on RudolphAdult (m)6,2351,1522
aLmhJIt's Time DeerAdult (m)4,9489902
HP66UThere is No WarAdult (m)4,8121,1642
fAaPS(fAaPS)Adult (m)4,0851,0242
VpTHESpirit of AquamarineAdult (f)4,3849542
s4ox0Christmas on the GreenAdult (f)4,0589532
lQQlxIt's HemiparasiticAdult (f)4,4129891
5F6ijHalf the Holiday SpiritAdult (m)4,4669561
V6f5vHidden EmeraldsAdult (m)4,2159712
N5PMESnowglossAdult (m)4,1379331
nUe12Red ChristmastideAdult (m)6,0069231
lSMuHWinter Magi HedgeAdult (m)5,6638781
wuXpmDeposed MagiAdult (m)5,9579001
BiasuOut of the StarsAdult (m)5,6158911
UhiIHFloofy WolfyAdult (m)4,5418542
N4IhoFestive UmbrellawingsAdult (m)3,2258592
YUFVDDrink to ThatAdult (f)3,1648541
iSEG5CyezakAdult (m)3,2398581
JElbCMake up your SongAdult (m)3,2668612
RV5QMAlmeragiAdult (m)3,5316991
oSn0B(oSn0B)Adult (f)4,0689611
1wEeK(1wEeK)Adult (f)3,4217143
1BoUt(1BoUt)Adult (f)3,6487392
0RlOL(0RlOL)Adult (m)6,8377501
uBuGy(uBuGy)Adult (f)6,7717562
fedER(fedER)Adult (m)4,2717392
po0sH(po0sH)Adult (m)3,7857122
klikz(klikz)Adult (m)4,4077551
PaY5O(PaY5O)Adult (m)3,7548611
ywlNE(ywlNE)Adult (m)5,0291,0202
joWLc(joWLc)Adult (m)3,8817882
wadsO(wadsO)Adult (m)6,8091,0122
drrty(drrty)Adult (m)3,5377383
kKINs(kKINs)Adult (m)4,5766951
0xFAM(0xFAM)Adult (f)4,3377001
AHWAd(AHWAd)Adult (f)5,0778951
sunDw(sunDw)Adult (f)5,1489252
92K6fFrankly UntenableAdult (m)6,6551,0541
m9KQJWildly UnreasonableAdult (f)6,5301,0462
UjOKi(UjOKi)Adult (m)6,4741,2221
Rh1qiUtterly ImpossibleAdult (f)6,3951,2331
SjcoWOnly I CanAdult (m)6,3201,1922
jWgsxBoys OverAdult (m)6,3041,1711
no0Dz(no0Dz)Adult (f)6,0739701
Q7EhbResults Are InAdult (m)5,8721,1734
xyeSX(xyeSX)Adult (m)6,5561,1971
Q7TNpA Whole BopAdult (f)6,1251,2073
JvTubA WholeAdult (m)6,3501,2872
MFuRS(MFuRS)Adult (f)7,2251,3789
ORggSConsider NotAdult (m)6,3951,0762
WiMBL(WiMBL)Adult (m)6,5211,0921
oSWat(oSWat)Adult (m)6,5241,0743
AcoOl(AcoOl)Adult (m)6,2261,0891
Was2k(Was2k)Adult (f)5,7741,1311
LOLam(LOLam)Adult (m)5,9241,1672
BunSo(BunSo)Adult (m)7,1149524
WStLe(WStLe)Adult (f)7,4939552
G0SIP(G0SIP)Adult (f)7,3579322
RIpLE(RIpLE)Adult (f)5,8101,1241
yFAr2(yFAr2)Adult (m)5,8881,0412
itr4U(itr4U)Adult (m)5,9871,0532
PaPri(PaPri)Adult (m)7,4751,2182
AAEEk(AAEEk)Adult (f)5,6401,0502
tRmifNo BitsAdult (f)5,9461,1002
ManS2(ManS2)Adult (f)5,5191,0652
tUqDoIn Ba Sing SeAdult (f)6,4091,1203
vclot(vclot)Adult (f)5,7231,01414
aWHO0(aWHO0)Adult (m)6,8101,1423
URCHI(URCHI)Adult (m)6,7531,1112
BtsHPDO NOT CONGRATULATEAdult (f)6,9291,1511
bmoVN(bmoVN)Adult (m)4,7827841
goLO0(goLO0)Adult (m)4,8797731
ydUe1(ydUe1)Adult (m)4,9978271
M4tzQDon't Sleep OnAdult (m)3,3678312
zTSrhHow AboutAdult (m)4,4696965
Ddill(Ddill)Adult (m)4,4666812
ETxcJBeyond the SceneAdult (f)4,2238893
FGxMpHighly FlexibleAdult (f)4,2579192
WqCX0Sleeping LateAdult (f)4,1899083
YiEy1Not in my backyardAdult (m)4,2489052
dftV2Attack onAdult (m)4,2489422
Nn1BZLend a HandAdult (f)4,1289113
eTmAjSnakes on a PlainAdult (f)4,1068922
EqniKDropbearsAdult (f)4,1639122
B876IOh No Honey NoAdult (f)5,8158992
Lct2nBulgasariAdult (m)5,6369322
bkgJtNow TryAdult (m)6,1379312
lncep(lncep)Adult (m)5,8679292
cLnZPBut I GottaAdult (f)6,2589603
319vrBong HwangAdult (f)5,2859472
cr0Ns(cr0Ns)Adult (f)5,8649593
w3JZLYou've Heard OfAdult (m)5,9279861
roG7oHey Could YouAdult (m)5,6139922
KGeR3My Demands areAdult (m)5,6499791
Df1Ag(Df1Ag)Adult (f)5,3219591
03066Like FunAdult (m)5,5989861
AT0WR(AT0WR)Adult (f)5,5309591
1uxPt(1uxPt)Adult (m)5,0399231
cxsW8(cxsW8)Adult (f)5,5269991
a910q(a910q)Adult (m)5,8721,0362
FHRsv(FHRsv)Adult (f)5,4711,0101
d2va6(d2va6)Adult (f)5,9738933
pjFis(pjFis)Adult (f)6,1859325
RW0Es(RW0Es)Adult (f)6,5429373
OHsIr(OHsIr)Adult (f)6,8381,0071
wOE4a(wOE4a)Adult (m)6,1399412
5a2eY(5a2eY)Adult (m)6,0079645
fV374(fV374)Adult (f)6,2619672
1REEk(1REEk)Adult (f)5,3349312
GuMmO(GuMmO)Adult (m)5,7019331
OuuUR(OuuUR)Adult (f)5,6608972
NihlL(NihlL)Adult (f)5,7749081
RR52r(RR52r)Adult (f)5,9789431
GphgX(GphgX)Adult (m)5,5269486
bK0nG(bK0nG)Adult (f)6,5581,0002
9yaQl(9yaQl)Adult (m)5,0759543
wTE45(wTE45)Adult (f)5,0769632
sL0Ng(sL0Ng)Adult (m)7,6081,1541
fXtgW(fXtgW)Adult (f)2,9317381
B0Y7o(B0Y7o)Adult (m)4,3749303
3M8dp(3M8dp)Adult (m)4,3389064
OOOzs(OOOzs)Adult (m)3,5678041
xiMPt(xiMPt)Adult (m)3,4517701
Ph3wl(Ph3wl)Adult (m)3,4879251
G6eQh(G6eQh)Adult (f)3,5819300
DG07b(DG07b)Adult (m)3,5449080
2nJIH(2nJIH)Adult (f)3,5919200
CbECJ(CbECJ)Adult (m)3,4538961
ljxHq(ljxHq)Adult (f)3,5239030
ddVTv(ddVTv)Adult (m)3,5539500
XhBZp(XhBZp)Adult (f)3,5138980
NhftD(NhftD)Adult (f)3,7198941
2fswD(2fswD)Adult (m)3,6668770
XvkS0(XvkS0)Adult (f)3,7308700
paa07(paa07)Adult (f)3,6909170
p4ic6(p4ic6)Adult (m)3,7468740
e8YwX(e8YwX)Adult (f)3,5508720
Q4qrY(Q4qrY)Adult (f)4,5061,0552
bNc19(bNc19)Adult (f)3,7269010
1Sp3e(1Sp3e)Adult (m)2,7447051
TRf4E(TRf4E)Adult (m)2,7757390
1lP60(1lP60)Adult (f)2,7507290
Lads1(Lads1)Adult (f)2,8627260
5j5Fb(5j5Fb)Adult (m)4,5389510
EDR0Y(EDR0Y)Adult (f)2,8097380
SoAP2(SoAP2)Adult (m)3,8077032
QNlrK(QNlrK)Hatchling (m)4,6528160
APEeS(APEeS)Adult (f)5,0711,6641
krsUlTakes a BreakAdult (f)5,2011,6981
AAttT(AAttT)Adult (f)5,0121,6393
5gFkAKid EnergyAdult (f)5,2451,6432
Ush0W(Ush0W)Adult (m)5,2331,6221
blAAA(blAAA)Adult (m)3,9637221
2cSj9(2cSj9)Adult (m)3,6157224
m0joX(m0joX)Adult (m)3,8897701
R9VSvPull The World out of OrbitAdult (m)3,9527861
p8PJOThe Assassination ofAdult (m)3,6857741
vUC1QCollaborateenAdult (m)2,6917351
YXS2NThe Duke Of TrashAdult (m)2,8487341
7jQyCEggmotherAdult (f)5,8297173
pg6WLWell PreservedAdult (m)8,4421,4272
DbU6sReckless DisregardAdult (m)8,2801,3984
LLBTcBemoan my FateAdult (m)8,5131,5275
AJj9CPolly TurnerAdult (f)8,4311,5346
dj02iI'll Get Back To YouAdult (f)7,2781,0573
dlzZ9Not My WheelhouseAdult (m)7,3761,0421
nKOYCMom NoAdult (m)7,3021,0441
YtdEoSlightly SpoiltAdult (f)7,3609661
MBGg0Brought in DeadAdult (f)7,2889972
ner1xShuffling DeadAdult (m)8,0959501
EXw1IWait for ResultsAdult (m)7,5991,0521
6KmHHNo ThoughAdult (m)7,5371,0281
2WZQhUDOAAdult (f)7,6141,0371
IXPJuDisco DazeAdult (m)8,1667071
ZTcs9Mostly LivingAdult (f)7,4131,0171
BMaTh(BMaTh)Adult (m)4,8775781
gaooo(gaooo)Adult (m)6,3161,0421
ZYIPS(ZYIPS)Adult (f)6,5674861
ogreS(ogreS)Adult (f)8,3049481
Sorun(Sorun)Adult (f)5,8861,0621
1990k(1990k)Adult (f)6,7344841
7Not0(7Not0)Adult (m)6,6597361
uwOoL(uwOoL)Adult (m)7,1951,1422
chAap(chAap)Adult (f)6,9309731
g0CAW(g0CAW)Adult (f)8,0371,1501
SSiX8(SSiX8)Adult (m)7,2609912
huGEn(huGEn)Adult (m)7,7951,1011
ISUm1(ISUm1)Adult (m)5,3779951
WAITR(WAITR)Adult (f)9,1861,4831
CoLDz(CoLDz)Adult (m)6,1076722
ewgo0(ewgo0)Adult (f)6,2681,1042
igUNu(igUNu)Adult (m)7,5171,2461
0beeE(0beeE)Adult (m)6,4118172
dIngX(dIngX)Adult (m)6,6241,1382
WaaWW(WaaWW)Adult (m)6,2951,0341
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