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You pick up the scroll labeled “min_K,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
BaAc(BaAc)Adult (m)1,9421,28822
MjAb(MjAb)Adult (m)1,2255102
S3RS(S3RS)Adult (f)3,9436304
rtgj(rtgj)Adult (f)1,5086134
Ti6u(Ti6u)Adult (f)1,1535253
POdS(POdS)Adult (f)1,2195489
aRaD(aRaD)Adult (m)1,9227596
fQjb(fQjb)Adult (f)2,57524711
g1FO(g1FO)Adult (m)3,2875615
0Un5(0Un5)Adult (m)1,8995467
28PV(28PV)Adult (f)1,5157243
aFhn(aFhn)Adult (f)1,7765497
57Qs(57Qs)Adult (m)4,0206663
3ooo(3ooo)Adult (f)1,4326741
USlu(USlu)Adult (m)2,13235414
aXdM(aXdM)Adult (m)3,9416594
rdJA(rdJA)Adult (f)1,3675232
Uhp8(Uhp8)Adult (f)1,6317567
EOdm(EOdm)Hatchling (F)9311275
ZZG0(ZZG0)Adult (f)1,6407649
Vkhf(Vkhf)Adult (f)1,5717281
7BH1(7BH1)Adult (f)1,6666694
sIvQ(sIvQ)Adult (f)1,2034711
AIEX(AIEX)Adult (f)3,35860215
p5SJ(p5SJ)Adult (f)2,0767502
i7d3(i7d3)Adult (m)2,57543410
jdsd(jdsd)Adult (m)4,0936673
qXTv(qXTv)Adult (m)1,76960713
nNb8(nNb8)Adult (f)1,6696621
Ya6O(Ya6O)Adult (m)1,61559712
4WnQ(4WnQ)Adult (f)3,34060513
i0JG(i0JG)Adult (f)1,4706864
cWdD(cWdD)Adult (f)3,31439312
962v(962v)Adult (m)1,9648139
Eps4(Eps4)Adult (m)2,2358628
I0V0(I0V0)Adult (m)1,39361812
Orgu(Orgu)Adult (m)1,8936077
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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