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You pick up the scroll labeled “mcg61987,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
5Aea(5Aea)Adult (m)88855418
SMhs(SMhs)Adult (m)1,55354831
I1N4(I1N4)Adult (m)1,28677425
s1WO(s1WO)Adult (f)1,22873419
zSJk(zSJk)Adult (m)1,6787315
XloZ(XloZ)Adult (f)1,6747256
jvtE(jvtE)Adult (f)1,6807294
jFNa(jFNa)Adult (f)2,15894310
nOw4(nOw4)Adult (f)8785306
bwZ4(bwZ4)Adult (f)1,40657812
5qAA(5qAA)Adult (f)8835903
tsG3(tsG3)Adult (m)8365684
C5gX(C5gX)Adult (f)2,6461,54933
8l9H(8l9H)Adult (f)3,91954111
bKDr(bKDr)Adult (f)2,0881,38913
4U7p(4U7p)Adult (m)1,56736116
4WPr(4WPr)Adult (f)1,76949329
VN7p(VN7p)Adult (m)8726936
eGiN(eGiN)Adult (f)1,97781129
lsxC(lsxC)Adult (m)1,4715705
roBG(roBG)Adult (f)1,5579477
wwDX(wwDX)Adult (m)1,5631,0169
Ze6i(Ze6i)Adult (m)3,55740416
DXAC(DXAC)Adult (f)1,2049068
3wiS(3wiS)Adult (f)9187446
gCPj(gCPj)Adult (f)6665055
QU9S(QU9S)Adult (f)7305005
D2et(D2et)Adult (f)3,52480114
Up3m(Up3m)Adult (m)4,00787215
nCmE(nCmE)Adult (f)2,59485210
W0Ko(W0Ko)Adult (m)2,08292213
r2DJ(r2DJ)Adult (f)3,46448010
oEGV(oEGV)Adult (m)2,4567405
URqU(URqU)Adult (m)2,4827494
H7Fs(H7Fs)Adult (f)3,2417666
F7oQ(F7oQ)Adult (m)1,5564544
uvau(uvau)Adult (f)2,0423496
qtEZ(qtEZ)Adult (m)2,5603847
iC6o(iC6o)Adult (m)2,7015647
nqWJ(nqWJ)Adult (m)2,6677424
4geq(4geq)Adult (f)2,58468911
IsqI(IsqI)Adult (m)2,9397832
Dbg4(Dbg4)Adult (f)2,6977425
flba(flba)Adult (m)2,6598453
5cgW(5cgW)Adult (f)2,6078156
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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