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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “marrionetta,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
WAMzZLimited Lyric FamiliarityHatchling (f)5,7249054
q7rQiHoliday Prince BruteHatchling (m)5,4527882
sgSZcThis holiday is ridiculousHatchling (m)5,4768985
Gs0O0Why would you even breed theseHatchling (f)4,9409182
PbPBkAnnual InconvenienceHatchling (f)5,2889181
bt39MFrom The Brutish WallHatchling (m)5,6009015
LaTVhFreckles ExistHatchling (f)5,5289025
O7903PogmHatchling (m)5,7288485
rV7ZMDrinking on the NightshiftHatchling (f)6,1768694
X1H0PForged BeaconHatchling3,6077803
0V0a6Buyers Remorse ProvenHatchling3,5707673
aJOfEForged SulkingHatchling3,5187664
61QQxCampfire EggHatchling (f)7,0661,1133
acyOlScotch Egg CookerHatchling (m)7,4041,1659
ndR4XRacks of CoalsHatchling3,5134903
zyyK5ZykkeHatchling (m)2,0129202
h9hxeThe HexieHatchling1,6024383
9MwQLength and SpreadAdult (f)9,4562,157109
3hTVPortis and LandingAdult (m)5,9571,523147
175HDie and Shen LaiAdult (f)3,6972,00466
TtZtLittle and AppleAdult (m)3,1291,91627
pEqrUSopa and PipaAdult (f)2,1996221
6CRIdTeacup and SaucerAdult (f)3,2776593
na9UPFresh and FresherAdult (f)3,4346213
1CdWrDepserita and WelcomeAdult (f)3,1118731
Eo9xbDonna and ReinaAdult (f)2,8649155
GyWvVCain and UnableAdult (f)2,9769075
DJQ6oStark and ParkAdult (f)5,5281,2259
FeNBQTechnology and ProgressAdult (f)6,8651,0616
PDfpUDembe and RedAdult (m)6,8149742
L137kZedd and RitoAdult (m)2,5475606
vjtyLaurel and HarleenHatchling (f, F)2,8781,83445
C5BtBrinner and GaulHatchling (m, F)4,3901,86269
sJvlInverness and StenHatchling (F)4472415
jvcdQDouble and StyloAdult (m)5,0001,1664
eKamWMissy and HanAdult (f)4,6381,1913
IHdshArchemeda and RexAdult (f)3,8371,0071
GpdeYJuliette and GeorgetteAdult (f)6,5651,3458
HxI8eVerda and KinseyAdult (f)5,1371,2795
x3PArElocution and HomicideAdult (m)5,5111,2046
pjKZ3PrenatalAdult (f)2,5675844
Y2HsnRenogoldAdult (f)5,5747316
fwypuEventualitiesAdult (f)2,4174199
pgB9HTriagAdult (m)2,4184166
e2GSqAeiynAdult (m)6,8761,0153
auguEAugeiAdult (m)2,8584775
DUXxkDuxikoAdult (f)2,8344714
xi2tbToyibAdult (m)6,8124696
oeepcOyipeAdult (m)5,6394816
GzTTXBaultinelAdult (f)5,5277324
MmGSnFuture ManagementAdult (f)1,6933225
8DvmWDevemyaAdult (f)2,9007947
hToX2AirjestAdult (f)5,4641,1425
gR7CIliunAdult (f)3,1479849
k2vYKobAdult (m)1,0845714
o5EQJust Got RealAdult (f)1,19874717
YNMEMSpay Me DorkfaceAdult (m)3,8279801
bPgoGPequod the WhiteAdult (f)3,1596303
qeqdWPlease Never Breed MeAdult (f)2,7658322
kJl9NParentless ChildAdult (f)3,5821,0035
prJJ1Pims BiscuitsAdult (f)6,6098973
MBYmCMabeycAdult (f)5,8219763
EJXtRockaway BeachHatchling (m, F)8454631
AmW1IolHatchling (F)7782624
AKR0Salt LakeHatchling (f, F)4,7514553
3xV7eBraggadociousHatchling (F)1,5341811
zZr8fCarved CastleAdult (m)3,2427835
7dKglAnalgalosAdult (f)4,2741,1492
mT9gHMinecraft Painterly PackAdult (m)6,2779153
8fhjQThe Answer is Flowers RightAdult (f)6,4611,0682
4fWwrAnananananananana BatmanAdult (f)5,3911,0514
EOUJzAnasi the SpiderdragonAdult (f)6,5171,0933
b7PwkAnalogiesAdult (f)2,5048122
Ji6CHSunforgeAdult (f)6,8211,40912
D06bZWaycolaAdult (m)4,6228454
U3dDZAqua LyzAdult (m)5,3361,0584
1xmJUTequilisAdult (f)4,7981,1522
i5MkShibuyaAdult (f)3,7681,72663
SQdLSpiressaAdult (f)3,5352,40435
aPDUStrict MachineAdult (f)2,9711,25920
jryQDianetteAdult (f)4,5431,87810
obAIPrincess DuskyAdult (f)1,2119299
pCl4Dutch DisciplineAdult (f)1,0915846
0lqJTimberlineAdult (f)87841629
XGzzsSing My TroublesAdult (f)5,2387847
VOtsHStigma Through Idiot HearingAdult (f)6,5361,02310
ymUsUTighten Up Reality GangsterAdult (f)6,6161,0316
dko6YMeat Your MakerAdult (f)6,0836489
aDYS2A Pink Girl BoiAdult (f)6,0576519
ecLVhAcklevAdult (m)3,86693510
QYOTpKotyipAdult (m)3,9849899
GJZ7AkaikaHatchling (f, F)2,7981,64830
ypenkWhy PenkAdult (m)4,2031,12217
Qwy3AQuetriaAdult (f)4,4268195
uSFg2Pure AshenAdult (f)5,8761,0754
27YPiFancy AccentsAdult (f)3,6316802
9u5jyFoyeAdult (m)1,6337554
rA8XRNislarAdult (f)4,4668156
IWiPMLewpem and QuAdult (f)5,2027223
VH6cThunder God CidAdult (m)7566543
BtkNSpira SpiraAdult (f)1,8816239
a81ahAuf AufAdult (f)4,2159452
ROAndRoandAdult (f)2,2766741
u90N2MachiocidAdult (m)2,97397821
ZnO2gAlmost A DoctorAdult (f)3,5798446
0TsZXFloopyAdult (m)5,0801,0154
xCreRUnfortunate Memetic IdeasAdult (f)5,5841,33011
1KgRlKriegalAdult (m)3,0027956
Srs4ASearsaAdult (m)3,6023846
Cj1gBallinette FantasticoHatchling (m, F)1,2793985
9MLJBallonirHatchling (f, F)1,8444607
qjEeSwiss Air BalloonHatchling (F)1,3711248
QrrezFungus and AlgaeAdult (f)4,1665447
7NiPoShedo GromlonsAdult (f)8,4811,0456
ylJuTDiorina and MoreenAdult (f)6,8055993
3Cv4tUlte and CoerAdult (f)5,7639164
MpbRmBautine and RamaskAdult (m)5,7279243
WyzThWhythla and ThysAdult (m)5,6739314
LBLgCCalup and RoahmAdult (m)5,9546775
6mt2sTellur and InoAdult (m)3,4331,0824
plaiEAstronem and SpectreHatchling (f, F)8,4919483
ngvcSIsa and BaxHatchling (m, F)6,3198286
uRSZbThanksgiving and ChristmasHatchling (F)5,2544285
rDYqCambodiaAdult (m)3,3581,59486
VQW9NinesAdult (f)3,6511,24098
YhQSTensAdult (f)3,3811,97876
I1OlCrowleyAdult (m)5,7682,51387
X75jPulsiferAdult (m)2,2681,3759
riOtHondurasAdult (m)3,6271,37431
tKZOSwartzmorgenAdult (m)2,9631,59221
LTYjSupplyAdult (f)1,9881,0826
ZJQbGiacomo BruheistAdult (m)4,8808094
iH18Remind Me Of The BabeAdult (m)1,21953513
oTcbLo CastleAdult (m)1,7015462
k7eJInkaezhoAdult (m)3,2108289
ahAOAhayon NoireddonAdult (f)5,43844926
gEbiGebirin LassardAdult (m)4,0933137
CRNgYTonedeafAdult (m)3,0287872
e2wLCUnflattenedAdult (m)2,2237532
TYrj9Unfilled WantAdult (m)2,3156474
h7Qc1Graced In WordAdult (m)2,3716293
sM2KdFenga PappitAdult (f)3,1698284
yBnLuSexton Cordial DorkfaceAdult (m)5,3191,3182
U7cAyDouble VeinAdult (f)4,0191,0531
9cLhsInikoloAdult (m)4,4707364
99cU8ShrilaAdult (f)4,2587613
FpXRCWelcome Home ChildAdult (f)7,2917596
ji8kqCelobranaAdult (m)6,8231,1676
QxfabKaris on IceAdult (f)4,7321,2284
ZpHkvTwiggoAdult (f)6,6891,0334
zbqmFGive Unto CeaserAdult (m)5,9639585
3GZLLI hope I am a spinsterAdult (m)6,0027228
l9rZ3There is no Dana only ZulayaAdult (m)7,2231,0053
xSKJONopestagAdult (f)6,0196735
6jd84Welcome to StayAdult (f)5,67658924
R47W5My Astral EarsAdult (m)4,2901,07714
YBPejAlready In The FamilyAdult (m)7,0981,0272
tyblLTybileAdult (f)2,1806968
ONyQHOnyqAdult (f)2,5086840
2NJrpTonjerpAdult (f)2,5016830
Y3H7nYeethinAdult (m)2,4966920
YbO1VYobivAdult (m)2,5376913
8e5ZhBese No BreedAdult (m)4,3618287
jHL2All Saints EveHatchling (m, F)4,8901,36468
ZnpJVan SheHatchling (f, F)1,7287923
V29gGSolifugaeHatchling (F)4,5095443
SApFYDisposable LovelyHatchling (F)1,5353192
1H1GIIhigiHatchling (f, F)2,3634513
uPmqkIueHatchling (F)1,7743923
7HYWsIdris Elba ExistsHatchling (f, F)5,6016285
hkDc7Hideo BlackHatchling (F)2,6944544
5XzdBlackfriarsAdult (m)5,6822,269133
Ylt6SequimAdult (f)73148542
p50EPosiesAdult (m)3,0002428
UWH9GabourAdult (f)1,1464056
ShgqGrimmimanHatchling (f, F)4,1102,12663
EgpofEgpofHatchling (m, F)4,02981224
rW6XZRewixHatchling (F)2,49365024
Dh7fCadetteHatchling (m, F)9,2331,11835
LG0TLeVeauxHatchling (F)5933204
MHVC5Rcusb Kou ThuwedAdult (m)2,49088513
GBbAZStale LeavesAdult (m)2,7439247
gTPiOCamellia BloomAdult (f)2,5219237
LcJgNFlower of the EastAdult (f)2,7299096
aIoDoUp All Night to Have FunAdult (f)3,1539734
fHpAzUp All Night to the SunAdult (m)2,5867780
0Bj3IJack of the EastAdult (m)2,6318964
kloz7Up All Night to Get LuckyAdult (f)2,8466162
5rdwFShenAdult (m)4,8011,1443
kPSFwAmber's Lionhearted ButterflyAdult (f)4,5571,1856
yD0shGhost RoyaleAdult (m)3,8311,2625
dYm2ODaimyo LionfinAdult (m)3,0158652
8bdu6San Louis ObispoAdult (m)4,6831,2765
kHs3BCamila StoneAdult (m)4,7371,2944
Vle3rNorthern TeaAdult (f)4,7411,2785
S5zYqKanette Ghost LeoncoeurAdult (f)3,4961,1217
OjJW5Rye TeaAdult (f)5,4611,0248
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