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You pick up the scroll labeled “lysambre,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
YlruLizeris le Two-HeadedAdult (f)1,7511,00615
IZMgHarukou le Two-HeadedAdult (f)1,4519447
hzarCB Demeran le Two-HeadedAdult (f)1,4529449
DzLnDeezel le Two-HeadedAdult (m)1,5279895
wvasWivy le Two-HeadedAdult (f)1,2718241
K6TcKasi le Two-HeadedAdult (m)1,8021,3046
Dvs5CB Devliney le Two-HeadedAdult (m)1,0537222
1PjuOneram le Two-HeadedAdult (m)1,2128313
SMDCSaimen le Two-HeadedAdult (f)3,7057232
qkDfgKartom le Two-HeadedAdult (m)2,1219071
JZHJrCB Jeezah le Two-HeadedAdult (m)2,0647750
WQxYHCB Quezen le Two-HeadedAdult (f)2,5996550
67gN82G PB Ganis le Two-HeadedAdult (f)2,4348352
i01PPCB Iopp le Two-HeadedAdult (m)2,0726690
xC00QCB Xecoo le Two-HeadedAdult (f)2,9436334
PuuSPulu le Two-HeadedHatchling (F)44131815
0USROuro le Two-HeadedHatchling (F)38727223
HGLuHugh le Two-HeadedHatchling (m, F)2,3196992
htKIHetty le Two-HeadedHatchling (f, F)2,5157311
4XJtjFox le Two-HeadedHatchling (m, F)2,1878220
EapQiCB Epaqi le Blue LindwurmAdult (m)2,3697021
2HQq4CB Tohen le Blue LindwurmAdult (f)3,4168305
nHI3s(nHI3s)Adult (m)3,7336190
E1dFG(E1dFG)Adult (m)4,3757460
rTen3(rTen3)Adult (f)2,7335217
tAl5P(tAl5P)Adult (m)3,5496352
CsqNeCB Cesun le Green LindwurmAdult (f)2,5829011
v5S8ZCB Vezire le Green LindwurmAdult (f)2,2197571
ZcgVYCB Zygon le Green LindwurmAdult (f)2,6618295
HQ29wCB Hequina le Green LindwurmAdult (m)3,0888443
SFWzCCB Safwon le Green LindwurmAdult (m)2,1237481
sNHoX(sNHoX)Adult (f)3,6297281
OAV0X(OAV0X)Adult (m)2,9736120
W1TG7Witi le Green LindwurmHatchling (F)1,6145702
NOHTwNohi le Green LindwurmHatchling (m, F)2,1567255
lSCrUIsic le Green LindwurmHatchling (f, F)3,1577969
NGyOa(NGyOa)Adult (m)3,8308120
yL814(yL814)Adult (f)2,5546113
gGv4CB Gavin le AlbinoAdult (m)86749230
gGZcCB Gazill'd le AlbinoAdult (f)1,07069933
JBntTNathet le AlbinoAdult (f)2,4959190
RfblSRafo le AlbinoAdult (m)2,5859360
F4K0bCB Elli le AlbinoAdult (m)1,7286943
srmMWMewan le le AlbinoAdult (f)2,4988311
PWs7IPilwan le AlbinoAdult (f)2,4488240
OBoKgBoken le AlbinoAdult (m)2,6198431
FSQs1(FSQs1)Adult (m)3,5146630
B49JCB Bellor le AlbinoHatchling (m, F)58543318
Gt34Gilth le AlbinoHatchling (F)1,4014961
nM53MNemefi le AlbinoHatchling (f, F)2,1698312
MXXdn(MXXdn)Adult (m)2,1556180
IXcYI(IXcYI)Adult (m)2,6946030
e9ooQ(e9ooQ)Adult (f)2,6826350
HyqVi(HyqVi)Adult (f)2,6336030
RjDQO(RjDQO)Adult (f)2,6096170
DCwwL(DCwwL)Adult (f)3,5875172
7mKdQ(7mKdQ)Adult (m)2,9566660
KVfBg(KVfBg)Adult (m)2,4726750
RI5JL(RI5JL)Adult (f)2,6415641
d7nop(d7nop)Adult (m)3,1425151
XfEu2(XfEu2)Adult (m)2,9198472
PA9z6(PA9z6)Adult (f)2,5098104
ZTcr7(ZTcr7)Adult (f)2,6418060
a9363(a9363)Adult (m)2,7328030
NPkUE(NPkUE)Adult (f)4,3207373
tPdZJ(tPdZJ)Adult (f)3,2307160
lWKwU(lWKwU)Adult (m)3,1968332
xob9b(xob9b)Adult (f)3,7939042
H26Bp(H26Bp)Adult (f)3,1811,0512
00N9K(00N9K)Adult (f)3,2121,0403
Hoau5(Hoau5)Adult (f)3,3141,0211
YcdKk(YcdKk)Adult (f)3,2658263
Z1y8j(Z1y8j)Adult (f)3,5488576
TbMNZ(TbMNZ)Adult (f)2,8048813
N9nyJ(N9nyJ)Adult (f)2,7258402
s2GFU(s2GFU)Adult (m)3,7018570
qJt29(qJt29)Adult (f)3,6908803
GBoHT(GBoHT)Adult (m)3,5737912
AieWC(AieWC)Adult (f)2,1635714
ddrsS(ddrsS)Adult (m)2,2395572
glOUD(glOUD)Adult (f)2,9945594
ORWvJ(ORWvJ)Adult (m)2,3915151
iCkt6(iCkt6)Adult (m)2,6425391
V0Y9K(V0Y9K)Adult (m)2,5235371
cwqVG(cwqVG)Adult (m)3,3535493
GgfN3(GgfN3)Adult (m)2,8585711
lA6EZ(lA6EZ)Adult (f)3,8347720
2cMYz(2cMYz)Adult (m)3,8977830
DWG3Y(DWG3Y)Adult (f)4,2047051
nnYej(nnYej)Adult (m)2,4595750
u7voW(u7voW)Adult (f)3,7418061
ZYYWO(ZYYWO)Adult (m)2,9725780
8e6Df(8e6Df)Adult (m)7,3651,0691
otAwm(otAwm)Adult (m)3,3857900
ZBtqq(ZBtqq)Adult (m)3,9448190
53qY4(53qY4)Adult (f)4,0588320
XzoEE(XzoEE)Adult (f)3,9988300
8SpHd(8SpHd)Adult (f)3,9448310
gtn6A(gtn6A)Adult (f)4,0168110
2ejwz(2ejwz)Adult (m)3,9648020
5jJGb(5jJGb)Adult (f)2,6306200
j9rYQ(j9rYQ)Adult (f)2,5126351
pHgMQ(pHgMQ)Adult (f)3,6486180
00E2n(00E2n)Adult (f)3,6326060
0I15K(0I15K)Adult (f)2,9536102
WAKme(WAKme)Adult (f)3,8595400
sS0cM(sS0cM)Adult (m)2,6685631
5dOds(5dOds)Adult (m)3,7957191
CS264(CS264)Hatchling (m, F)3,4865472
w9Hep(w9Hep)Hatchling (F)2,2243911
xchTZhariasz le Bright PinkAdult (f)6,1981,11553
Nb1UGolings Silverona le Bright PinkAdult (f)1,7551,10710
J9BNH(J9BNH)Adult (f)2,7526951
pNYzG(pNYzG)Adult (f)2,6987001
lFyGL(lFyGL)Adult (f)3,1657881
Ym9LB(Ym9LB)Adult (f)3,4386590
Ao99z(Ao99z)Adult (f)3,4596621
rUgvw(rUgvw)Adult (f)3,4295581
MfbIg(MfbIg)Adult (m)3,5025040
QQmAa(QQmAa)Adult (f)2,4875480
jJRok(jJRok)Adult (m)3,0155770
BVO0G(BVO0G)Adult (m)3,2127272
UVHFV(UVHFV)Hatchling (f, F)3,4316720
3boKJ(3boKJ)Adult (m)3,5394801
0tKRf(0tKRf)Adult (f)3,0094542
Kegcm(Kegcm)Adult (f)3,1025062
oaHES(oaHES)Adult (m)3,2675300
D4n76(D4n76)Adult (f)2,2976701
oCchh(oCchh)Adult (m)2,5445070
7ULXi(7ULXi)Adult (m)3,2606621
CRmxg(CRmxg)Adult (f)2,4145290
NZMzv(NZMzv)Adult (m)3,7677471
iN5lz(iN5lz)Adult (m)3,3504940
QIzip(QIzip)Adult (m)3,9486992
WOyhn(WOyhn)Adult (m)4,3738252
0QByF(0QByF)Adult (m)4,0357651
LJcyR(LJcyR)Hatchling (F)2,0084421
f7bDCB Heffinel le BalloonAdult (m)1,0898058
B2o1CB Cloiffey le BalloonAdult (m)1,1068015
vFudEdiren le BalloonAdult (f)1,1198326
XE2aEdimeron le BalloonAdult (f)1,2098282
zaFqFeylotin le BalloonAdult (f)1,1698360
NDmlClodiren le BalloonAdult (m)1,1267911
PFA8CB Pilfer le BalloonAdult (f)77452925
3U5cvCB Truce le BalloonAdult (m)1,5647100
M0aQhCB Mezo le BalloonAdult (m)2,1537792
4P4kdForpor le BalloonAdult (f)1,6896631
l4uvhCB Ivour le BalloonAdult (m)1,7666751
m0OHzCB Moon le BalloonAdult (m)2,3697950
OZSjOzarie le BalloonHatchling (F)1,3034520
sOq7Solin le BalloonHatchling (f, F)2,4846902
EoOyJasidian le BlackAdult (f)2,1281,13928
7Nf7Carron le BlackAdult (m)1,24563811
wIJPWiji le BlackAdult (f)2,0421,3283
ZrvjOnjaron le BlackAdult (f)1,8941,3747
mei5Ketomen le BlackAdult (f)1,0477988
U2C5Casidia le BlackAdult (m)1,03743946
eQEOEquin le BlackAdult (f)2,6388831
5PN5Fipline le BlackAdult (m)2,7978713
HUOMiCB Huomi le BlackAdult (m)2,0627150
fjIugJugger le BlackAdult (f)1,9988280
a6NSHDezin le BlackAdult (m)2,5199191
oZ7Q1Severn le BlackAdult (f)2,4559231
WJJqfJacky le BlackAdult (m)1,8256610
GloTqCB Goltar le BlackAdult (m)2,1137220
i3YbwCB Tribow le BlackAdult (m)2,1597681
P5RQrPerk le BlackAdult (f)1,8877660
0rvRIOrvi le BlackAdult (f)1,9157380
bYVMDCB Yvon le BlackAdult (m)2,3118061
uiK6ZCB Musical le BlackAdult (f)3,0708014
g3BqBCB Geko le BlackAdult (m)2,5448062
nDnjcCB Nadjat le BlackAdult (m)2,4307741
hTyh8CB Thyrion le BlackAdult (m)2,7808542
xeKetCB Xeket le BlackAdult (f)2,9729154
OoZ4JCB Ozooje le BlackAdult (f)3,9768933
1IP2DCB Oniped le BlackAdult (f)2,5269431
Zcp69CB Zackepi le BlackAdult (f)2,6709111
vsjEACB Vaseja le BlackAdult (m)2,8191,0552
UzYghCB Uzzyh le BlackAdult (f)2,7909422
GSzVsCB Gasves le BlackAdult (m)2,6949012
WOkZECB Wokze le BlackAdult (f)1,9327041
DqVMXCB Deqvem le BlackAdult (m)2,4867940
bObRQCB Borocq le BlackAdult (m)2,5626435
Ez3TRCB Ezrety le BlackAdult (f)2,5396226
3qfxDCB Threfax le BlackAdult (f)2,4276661
Qwbl2Qawon le BlackAdult (f)2,2787623
ZtbFkZenet le BlackAdult (f)3,5659393
WaZj74G Wazey Rhome le BlackAdult (m)2,9866942
ANh3H(ANh3H)Adult (f)2,9066300
toc7X(toc7X)Adult (m)6,1461,1009
aOoAZ(aOoAZ)Adult (f)1,6783773
PYFzb(PYFzb)Adult (m)2,9275257
ly2ch(ly2ch)Adult (m)4,4105071
6SVAA(6SVAA)Adult (m)3,4795532
PCwK5(PCwK5)Adult (m)5,9818810
QubyArche le BlackHatchling (F)3831681
uoWlCinderel le BlackHatchling (m, F)5233903
4y7JAurored le BlackHatchling (f, F)1,1626239
81IeLeven le BlackHatchling (F)1,7405282
3536QSefur le BlackHatchling (F)1,4985902
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