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You pick up the scroll labeled “laurabryannan,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
YoRh2Aeon EstrelloAdult (m)5,3701,0107
TjDaWAeon Estrella ThuwedAdult (f)4,8846901
SgGndAeon Estrello DorkfaceAdult (m)3,1884826
V4lekAeon Thuwed D'OrisaarAdult (f)3,4225475
pW7ZBrisa ClaraAdult (f)2,04626922
cDSkTormento ClaraAdult (m)1,7045505
uFHilAlmerald EstrelloAdult (f)5,5579998
FWt8lAlmerald EstrellaAdult (m)5,5009916
Ogb8uAnagallis EstrelloAdult (m)2,4852879
K2aV9Anagallis EstrellaAdult (f)2,30928810
kXgOzAnagallis Estrella ThuwedAdult (f)2,03824012
6ETy1Anagallis Estrello ThuwedAdult (m)1,93824112
y0NjoAntarean EstrelloAdult (m)2,1703218
sO3CyAntarean EstrellaAdult (f)2,0903028
Ekk9NAntarean Estrello FuerteAdult (m)2,1202557
hQwJ1Antarean Estrella PreciosaAdult (f)2,6934836
JcA8EspinaAdult (f)1,699746108
nFJRLAguda EspinaAdult (m)3,1485505
jKoTuAguda Espina FuerteAdult (m)2,9615345
uYpbhBella EspinaAdult (f)2,9585374
ac2iMArsani AmorAdult (f)2,7075437
OWvTKArsani Amor PreciosaAdult (f)2,2734819
ZjlNFGlacewing EstrellaAdult (f)2,3105486
nbd27Glacewing EstrelloAdult (m)2,7395494
snC1BurbujaAdult (f)1,23230743
9SfFBurbujoAdult (m)1,83228325
AfoozTeimarr OscuroAdult (m)1,51166914
PorBzTeimarr OscuraAdult (f)1,57051915
vmB01Teimarr Oscuro HermosoAdult (m)1,83925212
DU0xTTeimarr Oscuro HermosaAdult (f)2,0644899
kifgEbanoAdult (m)5,2271,113226
x47hEbano GrandeAdult (m)1,343361102
DQNAEbanaAdult (f)92323878
HcbBVEbana GrandeAdult (f)1,91356311
C1dzCielo del EbanoAdult (m)1,37242172
UanTCiela del EbanaAdult (f)3,79433710
RA6MgEstrella del EbanaAdult (f)1,97062314
fdYPHEstrello del Ebano DorkfaceAdult (m)1,94553512
70rVHuesos OscurosAdult (m)2,11939416
b7YkHuesos BrillantesAdult (f)1,69734816
ejnRMHuesos Oscuros FuerteAdult (m)3,1481,07214
Vjb93Huesos Brillantes HermosaAdult (f)3,1911,07114
g9XspDemonia de la MariposaAdult (f)2,06842021
uo7zLDemonio de la MariposaAdult (m)2,9002478
2rKCFBestio de MariposaAdult (m)1,60433717
GjkolBestia de MariposaAdult (f)1,3383799
sJRlpEstrella de SalAdult (f)2,12151613
ZUza4Estrello de SalAdult (m)2,98424711
oqt4PSangrado de la LunaAdult (m)1,6394489
OLMzLSangrada de la LunaAdult (f)3,1239183
stUW7Sangrada de la Luna PreciosaAdult (f)1,2523137
8IhhfSangrado de la Luna FuerteAdult (m)1,81631510
ce10FBandas AzulAdult (m)3,60093412
zwCTLBandas Azul HermosaAdult (f)1,46229436
QpdoPSerpiente de CostaAdult (f)2,69847314
BQTEkSerpiente de Magnifico CostaAdult (m)1,98845315
g6HLZSerpiente de Muchacho CostaAdult (m)3,37650915
XXanVSerpiente de Muchacha CostaAdult (f)2,77344915
JEOGcDragon de Rayos FuertesAdult (m)3,0994626
fLlWsDragon de Rayos HermosaAdult (f)3,3694704
6G87Luz del VenenaAdult (f)2,05834624
eOheLuz del VenenoAdult (m)1,12838921
uDXRlPrimavera del VenenoAdult (m)2,3825116
Ko0C2Primavera del VenenaAdult (f)2,4135943
lFDBFMonstruo de AzufreAdult (m)4,17672414
ReaueMonstrua de AzufreAdult (f)4,86176112
0jecpGigante BrutaAdult (f)1,82037113
XtiQzGigante BrutoAdult (m)1,78135712
L2Y1xGigante Bruta PreciosaAdult (f)2,2386153
83QSiGigante Bruto HermosoAdult (m)2,7493626
Cef7RCaligene EstrellaAdult (f)1,80338315
bvOjYCaligene Estrella PreciosaAdult (f)1,79137710
5wl5PCaligene EstrelloAdult (m)1,6113599
whOizCaligene Estrello FuerteAdult (m)1,64034910
3qoKFEstrella de CandelabrosAdult (f)3,0836035
NK21dEstrello de CandelabrosAdult (m)3,1005835
fgtgLuz de la SelvaAdult (f)1,7793507
iAkrLuz de la SelvoAdult (m)1,38839319
rcmL2Tormento de la SelvaAdult (m)1,51835416
kEUdrTormenta de la SelvaAdult (f)1,47034611
Cthe3Dios CarminAdult (m)3,57794513
EpCguDiosa CarminAdult (f)3,47095611
bRFMVEliminar MagioAdult (m)3,56694812
lHVYUEliminar MagiaAdult (f)1,99830210
mU8PUBriso de la CavernaAdult (m)4,0573692
krLZ1Vienta de la CavernaAdult (f)5,5373752
6hOnEViento de la CavernaAdult (m)5,0953602
abjrQBrisa de la CavernaAdult (f)4,0803712
Y1lTQEstrella CelesteAdult (f)3,3785747
POICVEstrello CelesteAdult (m)3,0215695
FoUHUEstrello Celeste FuerteAdult (m)4,1836193
hGAqWEstrella Celeste PreciosaAdult (f)4,0206172
IMqmMuchacha de la RenaAdult (f)1,51932514
1sXLMuchacho de la CostaAdult (m)2,04137914
UYcKfEstrelllo de CobreAdult (m)2,05152216
AKZPQEstrellla de CobreAdult (f)2,23460018
wY6SzEstrelllo de Cobre RojoAdult (m)2,53423113
ThFwAEstrellla de Cobre RojaAdult (f)2,3382189
3mL12Estrello EsmeraldaAdult (m)1,58336113
5hXUnEstrella EsmeraldaAdult (f)1,6193098
koZLEEstrello Esmeralda FuerteAdult (m)1,83526414
IXLPYEstrella Esmeralda PreciosaAdult (f)3,5921,0075
l4AsPoca FuegaAdult (f)2,34450617
0sYmPoco FuegoAdult (m)2,45048916
ne5bSelvaAdult (f)2,57885089
Dv8AGuerrero de la SelvaAdult (m)1,45130518
RFDpBelleza de la SelvaAdult (f)1,47835935
m8tBBestio de la SelvaAdult (m)1,57834019
ptFQPoco ObscuridadAdult (m)2,62655018
MG89Poca ObscuridadAdult (f)2,05860414
VdvWZPoca Obscuridad PreciosaAdult (f)5,5571,3981
vWal0Poco Obscuridad HermosoAdult (m)3,4395154
65UfNubladoAdult (m)1,77031629
pUXmCiela NubladaAdult (f)1,21338822
DlpoUEstrello NubladoAdult (m)1,30131612
T0iLaEstrella NubladaAdult (f)1,44834714
G2BmEstrella de MarAdult (f)1,51734024
tpiEEstrello de MarAdult (m)1,21244011
qnsqSTormento DesoladoAdult (m)1,7483337
HENBKTormenta DesoladoAdult (f)1,8573265
utO83Secreta Tormenta DesoladoAdult (f)2,1353306
ZUspLTormento Desolado AsperoAdult (m)1,7303185
xpbcoEstrello DiamanteAdult (m)6,9231,0233
z1F8LEstrella DiamanteAdult (f)6,8071,0433
049sGlorio VioletoAdult (m)1,45931426
ePAlGloria VioletaAdult (f)1,64731025
AXHEGloria RojaAdult (f)97539125
4gEuGlorio RojoAdult (m)1,36132123
h3vCGEstrella de DuotonoAdult (f)2,43648014
GwMtWEstrello de DuotonoAdult (m)2,18142516
lMgLwEstrello de Duotono FuerteAdult (m)2,2993728
kEjGFEstrella de Duotono PreciosaAdult (f)3,1425899
AXiNAPoco AtardecerAdult (m)2,2607012
hMIG1Poca AtardecerAdult (f)2,6177022
GRNjePoco Atardecer HermosoAdult (m)8,2421,2572
sCTAChispoAdult (m)1,80733019
OXqsChispa de la EstrellaAdult (f)2,5961,07910
pZromChispa de la TormentaAdult (f)1,51235413
Y4C55Chispo de la TormentoAdult (m)2,3946001
kHvGAscua del FuegoAdult (m)1,95126923
sN7MAscua del FuegaAdult (f)1,98727326
kHMPOAscua OscuraAdult (f)2,6035686
8sBkaAscua OscuroAdult (m)1,45635523
fpTCBFalconiform LlamoAdult (m)2,36650310
EEdKNFalconiform LlamaAdult (f)3,1145808
kl9VYFalconiform Llamo FuerteAdult (m)2,42752611
9AUklFalconiform Llama HermosaAdult (f)2,04327717
1zBSqEstrello MonstruoAdult (m)2,1855225
Ho7meEstrella MonstruaAdult (f)3,0435742
zbIIJEstrella Monstrua HermosaAdult (f)2,8345185
JGVUfEstrello Monstruo HermosoAdult (m)2,6167041
67aC8Sueno de FiebreAdult (m)1,59636212
VZYyZSuena de FiebreAdult (f)1,91938510
0Tt3fJoya de Fuego AzulAdult (m)4,0967581
uCzOOJoya de Fuego Azul PreciosaaAdult (f)4,9998011
zyMDBJoya de Fuego Azul HermosaAdult (f)4,0387451
Afsl4Joya de Fuego Azul HermosoAdult (m)3,3997571
pXCW3Joya de Fuego RojoAdult (m)4,6418101
kYa2zJoya de Fuego Rojo PreciosaAdult (f)4,4667731
MPZxtJoya de Fuego Rojo FuerteAdult (m)4,3107811
4bEhxJoya de Fuego Rojo HermosaAdult (f)3,2847941
R94igJoya de Fuego VerdeAdult (m)4,0997361
sIDz8Joya de Fuego Verde PreciosaAdult (f)3,2077681
NuH5qJoya de Fuego Verde HermosoAdult (m)3,2767632
dB37aJoya de Fuego Verde HermosaAdult (f)3,1727922
V4DZFuerzo Rosado GrandeAdult (m)1,70437728
hB7FRosada PreciosaAdult (f)1,87639018
iZvENRosado HermosoAdult (m)2,24053311
M6S33Rosada HermosaAdult (f)2,26656110
2UzzVolante VerdeAdult (m)1,84437438
CmWqJVolante Verde PreciosaAdult (f)2,5015415
BviJvBestio con VolantesAdult (m)2,7925044
KWG1yBestia con VolantesAdult (f)3,0865284
MgZxgMordeduro de EscarchoAdult (m)2,5504987
h37ovMordedura de EscarchaAdult (f)2,6725198
LdxErGemshard JoyaAdult (f)2,2302557
0e9LDGemshard Joya PreciosaAdult (f)2,0762557
AXyAaGemshard MagioAdult (m)2,2052638
Z75QeGemshard Magio FuerteAdult (m)1,42528612
fqqZPiedra PreciosoAdult (m)2,14235334
7rNtPiedra PreciosaAdult (f)1,35731717
Au1NLPiedra HermosoAdult (m)2,03260611
8fLfnPiedra HermosaAdult (f)1,91861013
JVbq8Oro de SangreAdult (f)1,86760811
j45u0Oro de Sangre HermosoAdult (m)2,44728113
g9uajOro de Sangre FuerteAdult (m)2,2532328
5iOG0Oro de Sangre HermosaAdult (f)1,2033318
AdMXOGlauco EstrellaAdult (f)2,4595946
sqvzRGlauco EstrelloAdult (m)2,2355456
vEOLbGlauco Brilliante EstrelloAdult (m)1,2334653
ph7b9Glauco Brilliante EstrellaAdult (f)1,3063057
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