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You pick up the scroll labeled “ladylyzar,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
PF0nDWhoever is Fansite-ing My EggsAdult (m)5,0999412
M4le7(M4le7)Adult (f)4,2071,0425
BeqGV(BeqGV)Adult (m)4,1661,0381
msSh9(msSh9)Adult (f)4,1431,0342
hz3Yf(hz3Yf)Adult (m)4,2031,0612
UTNzD(UTNzD)Adult (m)4,0431,0403
HFxYx(HFxYx)Adult (f)4,0481,0182
3mPSv(3mPSv)Adult (m)4,0661,0303
fVOpL(fVOpL)Adult (f)4,0901,0521
raBNM(raBNM)Adult (f)3,6958056
URG9p(URG9p)Adult (m)3,6537604
138Wq(138Wq)Adult (f)3,7128203
MjX8h(MjX8h)Adult (m)3,6377823
YCZaG(YCZaG)Adult (m)3,6448027
21PVn(21PVn)Adult (m)3,62480014
kYNXg(kYNXg)Adult (f)5,0119579
dPwra(dPwra)Adult (f)2,9367125
QqQPO(QqQPO)Adult (m)3,5558752
cNgyp(cNgyp)Adult (f)3,9558731
ja01m(ja01m)Adult (m)3,7748850
U7HFG(U7HFG)Adult (m)3,6348711
m40ck(m40ck)Adult (f)3,8648703
AxsWa(AxsWa)Adult (m)3,9299030
AGotp(AGotp)Adult (m)3,6768750
ggHEJ(ggHEJ)Adult (f)4,7949453
jg3NP(jg3NP)Adult (f)7,6621,0813
3G4zN(3G4zN)Adult (f)7,2181,1093
1papl(1papl)Adult (f)8,1801,1043
Xw93M(Xw93M)Adult (m)7,8961,0673
BQ8JL(BQ8JL)Adult (m)7,6541,0692
zyOoU(zyOoU)Adult (f)8,1891,0762
D0FCC(D0FCC)Adult (f)7,9711,0691
rPIsC(rPIsC)Adult (f)7,1911,0505
5aw0W(5aw0W)Adult (f)5,1511,0345
KMzYr(KMzYr)Adult (f)5,5461,0468
TPIEq(TPIEq)Adult (f)5,5421,0357
YgV3E(YgV3E)Adult (m)5,1011,0363
XE8MQ(XE8MQ)Adult (f)5,0361,0584
Z04SW(Z04SW)Adult (m)5,7561,0498
Buv5J(Buv5J)Adult (m)5,9521,0409
aJYCW(aJYCW)Adult (f)5,6101,0287
WOQ2YPlease Stop Doing ThatAdult (f)4,9449592
rvAXNot Accepting AidAdult (m)24,9971,98910
M5tGUIs There For A ReasonAdult (f)3,5541,0381
vmNx0(vmNx0)Adult (m)3,2647892
AHGJx(AHGJx)Adult (f)3,1807741
ZKr6w(ZKr6w)Adult (m)3,3597741
6685F(6685F)Adult (f)3,3537781
pnhNO(pnhNO)Adult (m)3,3457860
vVcCS(vVcCS)Adult (m)3,1978050
NbdAF(NbdAF)Adult (f)3,3508001
IMPoW(IMPoW)Adult (f)3,3118092
W86iR(W86iR)Adult (m)2,3795783
ZlXkE(ZlXkE)Adult (f)2,2455464
KWFN1(KWFN1)Adult (m)2,9015843
TM5T3(TM5T3)Adult (f)2,9906053
VDjC8(VDjC8)Adult (m)2,5295632
k0q5k(k0q5k)Adult (f)2,5805763
9EaQU(9EaQU)Adult (m)4,6211,0604
PNEvF(PNEvF)Adult (f)4,5381,0773
Hg2kAluriel SilvermoonAdult (f)2,2981,155500
EOnqA Wish Under MoonlightAdult (f)2,4521,225427
hmSACKing Louen LeoncoeurAdult (m)2,7791,244419
LyzarBanner of the LadyAdult (m)2,6741,222452
SctWVLord of the Golden MoonAdult (m)3,46299010
DZplmThe Princess' BannerAdult (f)3,51993312
su9tBBanner of the QueenAdult (f)3,09469910
8e4pRTreasured Golden WishAdult (m)3,27690710
3AkmLHeiress of MysteryAdult (f)3,3361,0193
JPPRePrince of the Golden MoonAdult (m)3,2786947
vqq11Golden Prize of the LadyAdult (m)4,01667615
DqMigTreasured HeiressAdult (f)4,6471,2444
6w48zBeloved Son of BretonniaAdult (m)2,78976113
m5JlbKnight's Immortal GloryAdult (m)2,73776211
rAMVgA Golden OathAdult (m)3,8548696
Q2MVuAxanthic DesireAdult (m)2,4861,01327
vdd1bProphetess of the LadyAdult (f)4,38590410
eV4gvThe Argent MoonAdult (m)3,9551,03714
Ra6S4Repanse de LyonesseAdult (f)2,9511,13020
FpSI4Questing KnightAdult (m)2,7608993
oeWApAlarielleAdult (f)3,04398224
uKZuQLong Awaited TreasureAdult (f)3,8869868
3vFCpArgent CurseAdult (m)2,28152417
6ZjjxWinter's Silver StarAdult (m)4,1485247
k2n0kAluriel's NocturneAdult (f)6,07194910
H5LM9The King's Moonlight WishAdult (m)6,1959548
eLhBUArgent Nocturne RoyaleAdult (m)6,5261,0742
7IDJmOmen of the Rising SunAdult (m)6,2371,0435
j9ZKaOmen of Dark TwilightAdult (m)7,8331,0005
NLLdZOmen of the Dying SunAdult (f)8,4139726
viGHTUnsweet Tea DisasterAdult (f)5,8541,0844
FOquuHalf Lemonade Tea is GrossAdult (m)5,8611,0751
C0Mu4Silvermoon's MysteryAdult (f)6,3661,0556
okpkeThe General's WishAdult (m)5,5561,0306
SGynrI Will Be Queen ForeverAdult (f)5,9921,0593
DUcv6Lyzar's Black MagicAdult (m)6,0861,0573
gU90YGolden Lunar AshAdult (m)4,36491414
nmsNrGolden Lunar SandsAdult (f)2,75072411
bxl9TMoonsands of GoldAdult (m)2,8417758
gUW7GPrince of the Golden DunesAdult (m)2,87478910
qqGq7Moonlight Crater of GoldAdult (m)2,95277610
luI8mLunar LavaeAdult (f)4,2109495
6q492Moonlit Sands of GoldAdult (f)4,1739371
llFxbGolden Desert MoonlightAdult (m)4,3439863
SRTurThe Desert's CallAdult (f)3,9429582
PIkc2Lord of the Sand MoonAdult (m)7,4131,1062
LRuE2(LRuE2)Adult (f)4,5709233
P4xe2Argent Desert LordAdult (m)2,8775884
pgKDnArgent Desert KingAdult (m)2,4275982
onakGArgent Desert TsarAdult (m)2,5216191
EumLqArgent Desert LadyAdult (f)2,7345723
30GjhArgent Desert SireAdult (m)2,4695103
0lNXTArgent Desert QueenAdult (f)2,6955832
TLmtyArgent Desert PrinceAdult (m)2,6525502
pcxysArgent Mountain LordAdult (m)2,7635169
7bijZArgent SummitAdult (f)3,5397913
kunqAThe Moons of HellAdult (m)2,8672335
JpSH4Bronzed Desert KingAdult (m)4,2699444
oEuLWBronzed Desert QueenAdult (f)4,2569477
9y0BJBronzed Desert LadyAdult (f)3,8599823
W3dD1Bronzed Mountain KingAdult (m)3,8019185
jqZUPBronzed Desert RaniAdult (f)5,0018081
uYYH8Bronzed Sand PrincessAdult (f)5,4887965
6YFaEBronzed Queen of SandAdult (f)2,2725092
GiPgOBronzed Ashen QueenAdult (f)2,3804982
YFoI5Bronzed Ashen LadyAdult (f)2,8846123
5kjddBronzed Ashen LordAdult (m)2,2955211
41NbnBronzed Ashen KingAdult (m)2,4385460
nBCOYMoonlit SandstormAdult (f)2,93747611
Wi4U1(Wi4U1)Adult (m)7,1891,0983
Ghs4XLunar VolcanusAdult (f)2,5036480
FHRMlSapphire Lunar CraterAdult (m)3,5516662
IobfFAzure Lunar AshAdult (f)3,4296311
JIvBCLunar Volcanic AshAdult (f)2,5566851
ZLmvIBlue Moon SandsAdult (m)3,4986441
8K1JPMidnight Desert KingAdult (m)3,6739506
Kk5EvMidnight Desert LordAdult (m)3,7379734
RCxwdMidnight Desert QueenAdult (f)3,7001,0041
WyKlkMidnight Desert TsarAdult (m)3,8609720
tKXKYMidnight Desert LadyAdult (f)4,0219442
AQLYuMidnight Desert RaniAdult (f)3,8869681
3xj2S(3xj2S)Adult (f)4,5099295
PEmXh(PEmXh)Adult (f)9,8301,1061
esH9zUnder An Indigo MoonAdult (m)5,0868253
F43pdZoltun KulleAdult3,13758212
2OBmdForgotten FairytalesAdult (f)5,22691323
tUsIpThe Shards of NarsilAdult4,08570320
rc2pvThe Blade That Was BrokenAdult (m)4,02464926
fKi7AAthacriat the EternalAdult (m)11,9361,5786
Hkd73KalgalanosAdult (m)4,2521,37711
kqr37The Elemental LegendAdult (f)4,3921,17319
LDrvpEmbrace the InevitableAdult (f)4,3721,0077
8qqWwTear Down CreationAdult (m)4,27589410
D66B9Imagine EternityAdult (f)4,4311,0046
bpl4e(bpl4e)Adult (f)4,50281111
75g7T(75g7T)Adult (m)6,4199603
lXSaqAria of LegendsAdult (f)8,1305428
xteFkAn Everlasting WishAdult (m)8,7381,2545
8rouj(8rouj)Adult (f)11,0831,1422
L8kqeStinky Toe FungusAdult (m)6,6671,0938
vjI3VThe Age of GoldAdult (m)4,5911,20611
cpiK4Lady Z's Crown JewelAdult (f)5,10294121
kx83tDazzling Azure WatersAdult (f)4,2581,01312
RrG1qMystical Age of BronzeAdult (f)4,6541,15511
LU5I3The Age of BronzeAdult (f)4,1731,12410
NbpYfBronze PillowcaseAdult (f)6,3899319
gBUb3Azure Star of the EastAdult (f)4,9321,04014
g30EVBob Lost A Contact LensAdult (f)5,8621,08812
WhS4RFire The BlamethrowerAdult (f)4,8911,06114
p5bmIPineapple PopsiclesAdult (m)4,9371,18716
LinRXFrozen Heart of ApolloAdult (m)7,5397444
5pm98Eternal GoldAdult (f)5,14086721
YG8l3Gold Skies At SunsetAdult (f)4,9011,23211
ZYEgnGolden YikesAdult (f)5,1581,03717
PfVaAbby's Christmas StarAdult (f)6,05097894
oWa9tWhite Gold BeautyAdult (f)5,3321,22118
oaCkkLord DawnweaverAdult (m)8,4676678
pgGAvOrion's Silver StarAdult (f)3,9981,24614
3QVgrThe Argent DawnAdult (f)4,6001,26416
FkFYdAlchemical Silver TenebraeAdult (f)4,9231,16117
qgLvCMad Scientist TenebraeAdult (m)6,7031,0744
vsoSFNebulous StormAdult (f)4,8911,06213
Ju4IQFiery Silver DawnAdult (f)4,0291,08418
Fvjd0The Four Winds of the EarthAdult (f)4,7841,14119
5SIP4LadyA's Penk PantherAdult (m)5,01894313
8EDLaMidnight SilvergraceAdult (m)6,1061,08512
f12OJThe Dreaded Influence FailAdult (f)4,2521,16215
qTpZiPeekabooo I See YouAdult (f)5,8211,33312
GdoG3A Silvery MessAdult (m)3,6791,03612
cIljHMithril InfinityAdult (m)4,3651,07512
vjcpeSilver Tomb CandleAdult (f)5,1471,2699
GqXhcMountains of SilverAdult (m)5,9161,1539
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