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    You pick up the scroll labeled “kozemaru,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    XHk7(XHk7)Adult (f)8265807
    2e6G(2e6G)Adult (m)1,0898006
    LYpn(LYpn)Adult (f)1,4001,0554
    c3eg(c3eg)Adult (f)8876711
    uzyN(uzyN)Adult (f)2,26273328
    hZpR(hZpR)Adult (f)7225383
    a53q(a53q)Adult (m)1,4399156
    Ngnn(Ngnn)Adult (m)1,65254238
    6uug(6uug)Adult (m)1,15676710
    OqbC(OqbC)Adult (m)85158811
    nllF(nllF)Adult (m)1,1457689
    uE7d(uE7d)Adult (f)2,00729660
    sn4K(sn4K)Adult (m)8296155
    sePv(sePv)Adult (f)1,1487677
    3rKs(3rKs)Adult (f)1,97829664
    sx3Q(sx3Q)Adult (m)1,15576711
    qB3o(qB3o)Adult (f)85458714
    M9PT(M9PT)Adult (f)2,06889043
    nWDj(nWDj)Adult (m)2,6141,11146
    8ukV(8ukV)Adult (m)2,00986537
    VHts(VHts)Adult (f)1,8148289
    9Yiv(9Yiv)Adult (f)1,69054043
    oF5j(oF5j)Adult (f)2,6491,10537
    jE28(jE28)Adult (f)2,6751,10437
    hYBh(hYBh)Adult (f)2,5351,27731
    FF6M(FF6M)Adult (m)2,6441,10834
    2yIF(2yIF)Adult (m)2,01786336
    N7xc(N7xc)Adult (f)3,2181,29293
    rz3t(rz3t)Adult (f)85959110
    49bE(49bE)Adult (f)2,5451,27931
    EQka(EQka)Adult (m)1,02842516
    qqpK(qqpK)Adult (f)2,03786743
    GIb3(GIb3)Adult (m)2,4441,23430
    Sjof(Sjof)Adult (f)2,5091,27036
    odU2(odU2)Adult (f)1,64453940
    KzPE(KzPE)Adult (f)1,1607717
    c4Y1(c4Y1)Adult (m)99071430
    PyYH(PyYH)Adult (f)2,02629160
    ssoA(ssoA)Adult (f)7205362
    gvJx(gvJx)Adult (m)1,4379108
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    If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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