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You pick up the scroll labeled “kigyptnee,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
4LpGXRain BootsAdult1,8257532
ilMoUCozy BootsHatchling (F)1,7077033
KLVJ0Kigy BootsAdult2,4267563
Z8Dxx(Z8Dxx)Adult (m)4,9328561
hh1jIBaron To-Be-Named FeuAdult (m)4,6809255
A9g01Baron Cendre FeuAdult (m)5,8849752
AfR02AfR0 ManawyrmAdult (f)5,6436414
7zP7zMolten ManawyrmAdult (f)6,6465582
CYKz7Scorch ManawyrmAdult (f)8,8946180
XTgHHPyro ManawyrmAdult (m)4,9167582
DlNh2Phyrelord ManawyrmAdult (m)4,5936382
HattdDuc Corentin BeaumontAdult (m)4,0887034
rAnOSPrince Charles Ranos BabineauxAdult (m)4,8641,0194
HHHwDDuc Judicael FoudreAdult (m)4,5968065
J9y1r(J9y1r)Adult (f)5,0595672
59Ar8Lightning ManawyrmAdult (m)5,6445782
gtd9PBugsy ManawyrmAdult (m)4,0637581
LI3ERLI3ER ManawyrmAdult (m)6,8065821
KqM3SAstra ManawyrmAdult (f)4,9446791
SFYvISkyedancer ManawyrmAdult (f)4,5706481
evNWmEve ManawyrmHatchling (F)2,9423763
tWkEm(tWkEm)Adult (f)3,4676842
ukQaQ(ukQaQ)Adult (m)4,5837304
qTeLtVicomtesse Sylvaine BeaumontAdult (f)5,7519869
ydiEqVicomtesse Anastasie BeaumontAdult (f)4,8088114
cvGSPGai ManawyrmAdult (m)7,5287434
K1emC(K1emC)Adult (f)7,2311,6662
6h8Wi(6h8Wi)Adult (m)7,5405183
gDiak(gDiak)Adult (m)5,9105423
pOA5lRelaeh ManawyrmAdult (f)4,2897870
AbBxt(AbBxt)Adult (m)6,7681,0444
ehheZComte Sablier ChronocineseAdult (m)4,5116845
oWfHzOminous FutureAdult (f)6,8927664
MyyJ3Thyme MystlewyrmAdult (m)5,9886231
zQPp5(zQPp5)Adult (m)6,3334792
Jy69bTimesning ManawyrmAdult (m)5,7465373
Zikdz(Zikdz)Adult (f)6,3656362
J4bzZJazzel ManawyrmAdult (m)4,6146101
bdifuNorton ManawyrmAdult (m)8,8786271
SUDrESudre ManawyrmAdult (m)6,3286284
6VhuKOmniscient SningAdult (f)6,0936801
uoS1tSorciere Maelys BeaumontAdult (f)3,2057655
Ona56Sorciere Ona MagiqueAdult (f)6,6351,23610
FbcWlSorcier Ambroise MagiqueAdult (m)6,3207612
oXU7DSorcier Sortilege MagiqueAdult (m)6,3599062
Xrwi6Z'apdonique ManawyrmAdult (f)7,2155014
4eUps(4eUps)Adult (f)7,0784913
u0UDeXenoma GeiaAdult (m)5,0715203
tVRlaGelidus Desert ManawyrmAdult (m)5,8036002
uBl3vMystik ManawyrmAdult (f)3,7947753
UaFCdArua ManawyrmAdult (m)4,6966371
98qIl(98qIl)Hatchling (F)1,5042686
mljOz(mljOz)Adult (m)4,3389844
IVv7wMarquise Genevieve BeaumontAdult (f)4,4647843
xYCrgMarquis To-Be-Named BeaumontAdult (m)4,1357104
udgp7Nes SieAdult (f)5,9285332
HD91OThala ManawyrmAdult (m)5,5886456
4buqhAgla ManawyrmAdult (f)5,4985805
DnBPs(DnBPs)Adult (f)3,7945792
sWnTaRipplewave ManawyrmAdult (f)6,5045822
BsP10Kon-El ManawyrmAdult (m)4,5667441
Jf9rLWaveglider ManawyrmAdult (f)4,3256571
TdajNTadajinHatchling (m, F)2,0737661
qAe5e(qAe5e)Adult (f)3,2607143
fUsL1(fUsL1)Adult (f)3,6696431
8dxQM(8dxQM)Adult (m)6,3575272
XGtHu(XGtHu)Adult (m)7,0085131
nzDUq(nzDUq)Adult (f)7,0044952
1Vpy8(1Vpy8)Adult (m)6,0695121
BF1Fn(BF1Fn)Adult (f)5,9235211
Opy7q(Opy7q)Adult (f)5,9245201
pskbq(pskbq)Adult (f)5,9475171
8Z5F1(8Z5F1)Adult (m)6,0595551
pmcmL(pmcmL)Adult (f)5,1275194
Zqu6e(Zqu6e)Adult (f)5,1695643
sZMl5(sZMl5)Adult (f)7,1625431
pYWDn(pYWDn)Adult (f)6,3965102
L52zKMaya YuleBrightAdult (f)2,1784453
vqMLK(vqMLK)Adult (f)5,4578732
33wsz(33wsz)Adult (m)3,8495153
0phje(0phje)Adult (m)7,5575641
n7Noi(n7Noi)Adult (m)6,2014931
8C1Z6(8C1Z6)Adult (f)6,5567933
x2hms(x2hms)Adult (f)5,1357123
BV9aySnowflake HymnAdult (m)4,9995424
4HLOf(4HLOf)Adult (m)5,1355424
6p6acKysz of Golden BlyszAdult (m)5,1107294
vP8fBMs YuleAdult (f)5,1167204
ai0dbLady Isabelle SnowAdult (f)5,2467343
SzY3UHealing Yuletide KissAdult (m)5,1367463
5ZIdi(5ZIdi)Adult (m)5,0156191
nFH1f(nFH1f)Adult (f)3,28922010
r28oY(r28oY)Adult (m)4,8875962
0CJjx(0CJjx)Adult (f)5,1105792
6nGxX(6nGxX)Adult (f)4,8415946
YHYLDM'lady Mystik Hylde DuskaegisAdult (f)5,0056303
9P0WqWicked Sugar KissesAdult (f)5,5626223
UIH8m4th gen white x goldAdult (f)4,9098586
vvr5IFloofy HulkAdult (m)5,4006130
Ivoe3Floofy Mister HydeAdult (f)5,6975691
OYamM(OYamM)Adult (m)6,6166783
mQ15a(mQ15a)Adult (f)5,7986142
M1WZfOnce in every showAdult (m)6,3287280
euKLFAura of RestorationAdult (m)6,1406359
d0CKP(d0CKP)Adult (f)4,3139481
86IG5Boot to  the HeadAdult (f)4,9121,1963
6haTO(6haTO)Adult (m)5,8721,1342
6dJQKThat's the troubleAdult (f)6,3291,0713
LZYC2Elysii'Nee - MageAdult (m)5,4651,0744
SyOtUDoctor Who WHITE-REDAdult (m)5,0331,0623
wwZeTPerfectly DreamyAdult (f)5,0711,0473
Zw1ICOh where is the songAdult (f)2,8276463
NjszNMe TimeAdult (f)3,3385860
f1S2ZThey all will hum alongAdult (f)1,8906533
SlnJISin'Nee - White WitchAdult (f)3,3307589
Z6uGeA sentimental songAdult (m)2,3696302
kHlQfThat goes like thisAdult (f)1,6846480
yl5MmSir FeathersAdult (m)2,4298191
pkElIKei'Nee - White WizardAdult (m)3,3459296
UxYUqAuraez'Nee - White WizardAdult (m)2,3357112
v3y7Ithere comes a song like thisAdult (m)2,3446432
w85xV2nd gen white x goldAdult (f)1,6946622
2vHNLTheratis CupshighAdult (f)1,3305305
oTFsrRithxen BronzeclampAdult (m)6,4341,3856
M3fe9Thersaadi OgrescrushAdult (f)1,7265892
GafwhMarella MagesbloodAdult (f)1,7426483
9BRk3Victumal HazelglowAdult (m)1,8966554
0oa7tNot a SpareAdult (f)1,5986315
jHFadGwen CleodAdult (f)2,8226234
7z6DHEl'druinAdult (f)1,7066822
A5u5eUrefit Compelled CaptchaAdult (m)2,0667284
BftOcRummoliAdult (f)2,3647642
ZiB5TWrenn LorekeeperAdult (f)2,2796721
bjlnPHignsad Case CaptchaAdult (m)3,1257956
nXLiLSoubriquetAdult (f)2,5186814
iuJVnPhoebe MoonwhisperAdult (f)2,9826442
3tYUvMarrow AngelAdult (m)3,3367294
MYRBsAltruistic MyrnaAdult (f)3,5027942
FCIONMeleAdult (f)4,2567815
URUBbKaukaAdult (f)3,3068085
Jsv5gTundra MirossAdult (f)4,6928585
NJpKMLittle White WhispersAdult (f)3,7886923
rI9sSRiessaAdult (f)3,3287283
iIp7FStripeless Candy CaneAdult (f)3,6236976
lbX7uAngel's BoonAdult (f)2,3037312
BFbmqLuna's LuminescenceAdult (f)1,4835414
V63qgAngelic ShadowAdult (m)2,7857543
p8NVfRadiant WhisperAdult (f)4,0368605
F19s3Dangerously SilkyAdult (f)3,6078294
G8soCMarshmallow Knight of S'moresAdult (m)2,8787222
OuJESWizard S'moresAdult (f)2,2717192
7AO4RCupid's Golden ArrowAdult (m)2,1367174
6P5bTWhite IcingAdult (m)2,2676031
PosK8Immortal BlessingAdult (m)2,7357542
CKDpqDew Whitewing RosenknightAdult (m)6,4709784
HheVqAlthosAdult (m)2,2587972
qQAZlQuaziAdult (m)2,3477912
AFsTLAzryenAdult (m)3,3958902
AkrrSJicamaAdult (f)3,9298882
Wl5ZZChiwiiAdult (f)2,1038221
dhZgTNonlethal LassAdult (f)5,1411,1214
WKMJWWhite Knight of ThunderAdult (m)2,5689415
WsB6sAlabaster SoulAdult (m)2,7131,0414
KSfD6White FireMawAdult (f)1,8187471
vtsKmMoonstrideAdult (f)2,9377355
6Zq2CWhite MageAdult (m)2,0586652
nvMj2OriahAdult (m)2,2006052
fco0Sukari MalaikaAdult (m)2,6976765
y6TBzThat casts a magic spellHatchling (F)1,4222923
s2EtK9414XYAdult (f)2,0675890
dnTib(dnTib)Adult (m)2,1215831
FvWFr6aIaxyAdult (m)1,9985423
6RHXT6alaxyAdult (f)2,0835930
k4jXlThyme TravelerAdult (m)2,0775952
386yYWibbily Wobbly Thymey WimeyAdult (f)2,4785703
41eft(41eft)Adult (m)2,6517453
EpCIP(EpCIP)Adult (m)1,7915962
Kqyqt(Kqyqt)Adult (f)2,3566474
xmCwoLight Speed is too SlowAdult (f)1,5346632
2VBQzKevster AshghostAdult (m)1,8956013
mA6b1Palkir SoundframeAdult (m)1,6206753
6VZ04In Pursuit of HappinessAdult (f)3,7767658
VOVBFEcstatic OneAdult (m)3,2017277
UF5nnEnergetic OneAdult (m)6,8571,1601
ejHFaSwagger MuffinAdult (m)2,6195104
slAWN(slAWN)Adult (f)4,9726151
9lt66(9lt66)Adult (f)5,3066612
QTAh2And ends up with a kissAdult (f)6,2029661
OIHuEIt starts off soft and lowAdult (f)2,8496803
vBVYeOolagwen LegendbloodAdult (f)1,9855581
dKooMKoomAdult (m)3,5437733
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