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    You pick up the scroll labeled “kakapoo,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    JSOk(JSOk)Adult (f)5,4751,28064
    Se8G(Se8G)Adult (m)2,23592354
    SOJd(SOJd)Adult (f)2,6981,29253
    VEGT(VEGT)Adult (m)2,5771,35528
    9xLI(9xLI)Adult (f)3,6311,93632
    535J(535J)Adult (f)3,5841,92831
    uUmn(uUmn)Adult (f)3,9851,99436
    6WVu(6WVu)Adult (f)3,9511,96035
    lo1h(lo1h)Adult (f)2,6911,36933
    R5Hz(R5Hz)Adult (m)2,6731,36434
    Ksb1(Ksb1)Adult (f)2,2651,40125
    yaZl(yaZl)Adult (m)2,7701,36920
    Q9i8(Q9i8)Adult (m)2,9511,39624
    gkff(gkff)Adult (f)2,5681,43321
    923b(923b)Adult (f)2,4261,40028
    QHUJ(QHUJ)Adult (f)2,3671,42922
    I3Ic(I3Ic)Adult (f)2,3751,43021
    dyup(dyup)Adult (f)3,5751,81444
    yFoN(yFoN)Adult (f)1,0987624
    vOY8(vOY8)Adult (f)1,0517201
    cvdE(cvdE)Adult (m)8605813
    DNon(DNon)Adult (f)1,6361,2785
    6sEB(6sEB)Adult (f)1,4441,1532
    mr1P(mr1P)Adult (f)1,0357353
    KFFh(KFFh)Adult (m)1,0377333
    39GI(39GI)Adult (m)1,0268542
    R65p(R65p)Adult (f)1,0178462
    Sto3(Sto3)Adult (f)9978274
    4zqr(4zqr)Adult (m)9918235
    17qp(17qp)Adult (m)1,47673718
    5ZFc(5ZFc)Adult (f)1,44473715
    0dFK(0dFK)Adult (m)1,8644587
    0qrD(0qrD)Adult (f)1,6244594
    hvha(hvha)Adult (m)1,5974506
    t2ZQ(t2ZQ)Adult (m)1,6924566
    6aME(6aME)Adult (f)1,2615682
    cTpt(cTpt)Adult (m)1,2335603
    VEVY(VEVY)Adult (m)1,3125901
    bVBd(bVBd)Adult (m)2,9906374
    dUQi(dUQi)Adult (m)1,7788373
    arWO(arWO)Adult (m)2,5475624
    HH3o(HH3o)Adult (f)9025383
    LO7H(LO7H)Adult (m)9075411
    cZE6(cZE6)Adult (m)9395553
    Mv9S(Mv9S)Adult (f)9785774
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    If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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