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You pick up the scroll labeled “jsjs1204,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
mtEP(mtEP)Adult (f)3,8671,5599
b7Fa(b7Fa)Adult (f)3,9286414
BhEH(BhEH)Adult (m)1,4676322
TPfG(TPfG)Adult (m)3,0505855
ieXB(ieXB)Adult (f)3,0457502
dYr5(dYr5)Adult (f)1,6526135
v2lu(v2lu)Adult (m)1,2755162
ioJ4(ioJ4)Adult (f)1,2585571
91nK(91nK)Adult (f)1,5095821
gOvT(gOvT)Adult (m)1,4374783
n4bQ(n4bQ)Adult (f)2,0586424
pu4I(pu4I)Adult (f)1,8906054
cWkI(cWkI)Adult (m)2,6837341
0viF(0viF)Adult (m)1,2415493
UKa6(UKa6)Adult (m)1,2925182
aFYN(aFYN)Adult (m)2,3456734
Rf9U(Rf9U)Adult (f)2,2287426
H1A3(H1A3)Adult (m)1,6094782
Cud4(Cud4)Adult (m)1,4374782
htM6(htM6)Adult (f)1,6765934
guiO(guiO)Adult (m)1,5075704
G5a7(G5a7)Adult (f)1,4555191
Xlpt(Xlpt)Adult (m)2,0676574
ESWn(ESWn)Adult (f)1,7525832
BARe(BARe)Adult (m)1,3846253
VYYs(VYYs)Adult (f)1,0965572
ZOZr(ZOZr)Adult (f)1,6195861
6BRg(6BRg)Adult (f)1,6066243
gRvH(gRvH)Adult (m)1,5186153
lXpB(lXpB)Adult (f)1,4515921
1W7s(1W7s)Adult (f)1,2095242
oKth(oKth)Adult (m)1,2495323
UQ93(UQ93)Adult (m)1,4645366
pLs5(pLs5)Adult (f)2,5266132
AbuE(AbuE)Adult (f)1,5706062
8dQd(8dQd)Adult (m)1,2144883
VLQe(VLQe)Adult (m)1,2284991
Hb2s(Hb2s)Adult (m)1,4314921
l0XD(l0XD)Adult (m)1,3825541
NHur(NHur)Adult (f)1,7516043
SGHn(SGHn)Adult (m)1,1134891
WTch(WTch)Adult (f)1,2005153
kTZD(kTZD)Adult (m)1,0524471
Hgta(Hgta)Adult (f)1,3464921
r9q7(r9q7)Adult (f)1,7175375
CrcY(CrcY)Adult (m)1,8297133
sShX(sShX)Adult (m)2,0456461
kEZ2(kEZ2)Adult (f)1,9427161
9HkO(9HkO)Adult (f)1,2135151
vsfp(vsfp)Adult (m)1,2074551
cMj6(cMj6)Adult (f)1,0794611
OluY(OluY)Adult (f)1,0954541
B88F(B88F)Adult (f)1,1684920
5GV0(5GV0)Adult (m)1,1704930
AR6q(AR6q)Adult (m)2,6305154
umX7(umX7)Adult (m)1,3964722
LStf(LStf)Adult (f)1,4224701
Y95B(Y95B)Adult (f)1,1245741
SWQS(SWQS)Adult (f)1,6496324
RuFn(RuFn)Adult (f)1,3874652
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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