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    You pick up the scroll labeled “jettRink,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    T3FP(T3FP)Adult (f)2,2659735
    rG3M(rG3M)Adult (f)2,9295480
    3phE(3phE)Adult (m)2,11742247
    LLPW(LLPW)Adult (m)1,98438647
    CpNr(CpNr)Adult (f)1,49698618
    0I87(0I87)Adult (m)1,4119618
    H74m(H74m)Adult (m)4,5465064
    U0Ep(U0Ep)Adult (m)2,71463212
    nQFr(nQFr)Adult (m)2,8166184
    aFjO(aFjO)Adult (m)9256745
    6bQS(6bQS)Adult (m)1,9911,17322
    far0(far0)Adult (m)2,71463315
    OrUJ(OrUJ)Adult (f)1,46159423
    rLOl(rLOl)Adult (f)1,0407495
    4eoM(4eoM)Adult (m)2,73198257
    dbMY(dbMY)Adult (f)8596571
    QjUS(QjUS)Adult (f)1,75329470
    O3vX(O3vX)Adult (f)2,7916456
    k9WZ(k9WZ)Adult (m)1,8431,06620
    cqbv(cqbv)Adult (m)1,9861,2074
    0pwL(0pwL)Adult (f)1,0417952
    Jnrq(Jnrq)Adult (f)2,7386398
    KsNf(KsNf)Adult (m)4,2475355
    AMnP(AMnP)Adult (f)3,06348110
    1uwm(1uwm)Adult (m)1,0647634
    JnRC(JnRC)Adult (f)1,9911,2114
    b1DR(b1DR)Adult (f)2,56656758
    8StT(8StT)Adult (m)1,0377971
    iHQi(iHQi)Adult (f)3,0051,04057
    4Mu9(4Mu9)Adult (f)3,26163481
    6IYp(6IYp)Adult (m)1,8201,06126
    AyEa(AyEa)Adult (f)2,2411,13421
    aXcS(aXcS)Adult (f)2,2471,31037
    faic(faic)Adult (f)1,0077246
    q7Yk(q7Yk)Adult (m)3,3526774
    ks71(ks71)Adult (m)2,8116134
    3psq(3psq)Adult (m)1,4531,00513
    LhVL(LhVL)Adult (f)1,8911,09622
    IQRO(IQRO)Hatchling (F)5464234
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    If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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