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You pick up the scroll labeled “jayderose,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
wN44(wN44)Adult (f)2,89732168
E2VL(E2VL)Adult (m)2,86831162
rjJ1(rjJ1)Adult (m)5,05645646
TGsK(TGsK)Adult (f)3,66946538
ueII(ueII)Adult (m)3,96552541
Y9SQ(Y9SQ)Adult (f)3,95852240
Lojb(Lojb)Adult (f)2,82739532
CdWt(CdWt)Adult (f)2,83039530
gBZ2(gBZ2)Adult (m)1,88630932
uuWL(uuWL)Adult (f)1,90831733
zBT7(zBT7)Adult (f)1,75328226
hBef(hBef)Adult (f)1,98437630
dqzC(dqzC)Adult (f)1,84536729
JJDS(JJDS)Adult (f)1,84234833
PmQb(PmQb)Adult (f)1,96435033
IQdi(IQdi)Adult (f)1,81835829
ubtm(ubtm)Adult (f)2,01151132
tO1L(tO1L)Adult (m)1,76244934
zmSw(zmSw)Adult (m)1,98551133
Xz6N(Xz6N)Adult (f)2,65670728
MHm3(MHm3)Adult (m)2,65470728
CzhT(CzhT)Adult (f)1,62556813
ARrQ(ARrQ)Adult (m)2,28132831
iQxe(iQxe)Adult (m)2,27632729
o52T(o52T)Adult (f)2,28932925
li48(li48)Adult (f)2,24433430
qL7S(qL7S)Adult (f)2,8223551
fQ07(fQ07)Adult (f)2,7303501
t3KY(t3KY)Adult (f)2,8573941
bcA8(bcA8)Adult (f)3,1243864
TuE6(TuE6)Adult (m)2,4983795
f0mF(f0mF)Adult (m)2,2163223
K4HQ(K4HQ)Adult (m)2,2553435
5AJO(5AJO)Adult (m)2,8694329
KHrn(KHrn)Adult (m)2,9193303
I7b0(I7b0)Adult (m)2,8393271
1PXE(1PXE)Adult (f)2,7943361
UtjY(UtjY)Adult (f)3,0913961
biq4(biq4)Adult (f)4,9724865
j6kP(j6kP)Adult (m)3,1624395
l3HN(l3HN)Adult (f)2,8214704
1GnB(1GnB)Adult (m)3,1204115
WeH8(WeH8)Adult (f)5,35692613
sBM3(sBM3)Adult (f)7,86970411
QCne(QCne)Adult (f)5,39771212
FoiV(FoiV)Adult (f)4,88882715
UdJZ(UdJZ)Adult (m)3,0894258
DUi1(DUi1)Adult (m)2,8263855
KEcL(KEcL)Adult (f)2,8483704
rcOL(rcOL)Adult (m)2,9573965
02Y2(02Y2)Adult (m)3,1323843
cRlq(cRlq)Adult (f)3,2854287
iGYA(iGYA)Adult (m)2,9236226
SXRh(SXRh)Adult (f)2,8973864
9FTP(9FTP)Adult (m)3,0183879
p3bI(p3bI)Adult (m)2,1513933
8qud(8qud)Adult (m)2,5174268
T863(T863)Adult (m)2,6805332
EXcg(EXcg)Adult (m)2,9154787
W9gP(W9gP)Adult (f)2,81043913
KfHM(KfHM)Adult (m)2,7823473
Xv4h(Xv4h)Adult (f)2,9563683
JtuE(JtuE)Adult (f)3,0913822
nLYP(nLYP)Adult (f)2,6753907
sVCE(sVCE)Adult (m)1,6424542
QRaN(QRaN)Adult (f)1,8985244
Z7lK(Z7lK)Adult (m)1,8475264
KbO7(KbO7)Adult (f)1,9885124
rV2i(rV2i)Adult (m)2,89568211
7SgT(7SgT)Adult (m)2,0334042
obup(obup)Adult (m)2,34945411
QOaL(QOaL)Adult (m)2,4933816
YRaX(YRaX)Adult (m)2,34643711
SbBq(SbBq)Adult (f)2,37645310
n2I6(n2I6)Adult (f)2,4224686
kV4O(kV4O)Adult (m)2,1514375
E9XF(E9XF)Adult (m)2,3364724
ZHkH(ZHkH)Adult (m)2,2464604
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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