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You pick up the scroll labeled “iarsma,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
MffNThe Muffin Mod is RetiredAdult (f)2,2461,192195
CGqC(CGqC)Egg (F)
VrRkThis Is The Song That Never EndsAdult (f)12,2445,544191
A14sYes It Goes On And On My FriendsAdult (m)10,5505,069101
WQItSome People Started Singing ItAdult (f)8,0933,54781
5HhCNot Knowing What It WasAdult (m)6,0762,70795
4daTAnd They'll Continue Singing ItAdult (f)10,2894,66777
gYq8Forever Just BecauseAdult (m)1,7571,04987
R7NfMake It StopAdult (f)99558137
mxeYKeep SingingHatchling (f, F)89955747
5014I HAS THE DUMBAdult (f)2,50348781
PGZPOMG CALL HAZMATAdult (m)3,0371,357187
TN1kWBRAIN CELLS STOP THATAdult (f)3,00245756
P0a3How Is Babby FormedAdult (m)1,68160761
DgLhHow Girl Get PragnentAdult (f)1,40459626
aJH3OMG ZOMBIESAdult (m)2,64971236
lOnYGET YOUR GUNAdult (f)7,83297824
Mn0pBurninating the PEASANTSAdult (f)1,9301,140219
2oDvAnd Their Thatched-Roof CottagesAdult (m)1,253822135
mreGAI've Got Some Icing For That BunAdult (f)1,44175810
ch3IbCupcakes the Fireman MuffinAdult (m)1,6398089
GMTKThis Used To Be A FunhouseAdult (f)3,5861,596153
oiMUBut Now It's Full of Evil ClownsAdult (m)3,0461,39784
QjoPNon-Lethal Foul-Tasting CyanideAdult (m)2,330942169
fuv2IT'S IN THE BLUEBERRIESAdult (f)2,1121,212125
1UnfMIGRATORY KILASAdult (f)1,9401,14567
fHDRAFRICAN OR EUROPEANAdult (m)4,0321,12360
bZ9mCloning MuffinsAdult (m)2,1531,24876
7lQKPlaying BakerAdult (f)2,3301,314121
kejiEmo PinataAdult (m)29,17813,533133
2XeOConfetti MistressAdult (f)1,8711,060114
ZAFeIz It Zecret - Iz It ZafeAdult (f)2,0451,18673
JHY5DOOM OF DEATHAdult (m)2,1651,211107
iM4lDERP IT UPAdult (m)1,31862535
pU8NKilamariAdult (f)1,5801,04872
tquvCOCKTAIL SAUCEAdult (m)1,9001,16493
c3UjYOU BROKE THE BLOODY SHIPAdult (m)1,657924103
B3baBut It Was So Pretty D8Adult (f)1,25661738
cQR7I'M TOO HOT FOR THE LAMEAdult (m)1,36560733
homghomg I'm a MagiAdult (f)1,9121,16488
1AR5GTwo Wrogs Don't Make A RiteAdult (f)3,64650912
DDsLDEATH OF DOOMAdult (f)1,06068168
BskdXOH GOD ZOMBIE DEMONSAdult (f)2,22264116
P0dNKILARSQUID THE TYRANTAdult (f)1,412749105
69CSBI KNOW NAME PROWLAdult (f)1,40285928
E0pyqDREAM OF DERPING KERRIAdult (m)1,217510206
8rpnFASTERFASTERFASTERAdult (m)2,0081,218136
49Z2Summon the Birthday DragonAdult (f)1,9621,010370
FQra8Vaqqap Hocas ThuwedAdult (f)2,01863011
fgLMDeoc Hrive ThuwedAdult (f)1,5781,015110
VsEoJaroslav ThuwedAdult (m)1,503893106
Ku9OThuwed TlalocAdult (m)46,85019,971125
ts3PSugarfeather Muffin ThuwedAdult (f)2,874913171
EqcqCelyn ThuwedAdult (f)1,405738245
Vo8PNoel ThuwedAdult (m)1,5881,023152
yewkAHM A ZEBRUH GRYPHON 8DAdult (m)22,82510,53045
v4mjKalliopetaAdult (f)1,7161,07955
OhFMNevangelineAdult (f)1,9421,19359
pma4Lyzar Muffin TassletailAdult (f)1,21477737
f0vkMinty Muffin TassletailAdult (f)96861140
EFj6JWinter Gilded MuffinAdult (m)1,19272228
qCBgbSaphacryAdult (m)1,14069820
6LiESestilziAdult (f)13,2196,32892
vZZMSweetling MuffinAdult (m)1,8521,08885
u9mkNakase Rose MuffinAdult (f)87872037
b3qcRosesong MuffinAdult (f)87171332
7YYfEHeartseeker MuffinAdult (m)1,07065012
7HNKWLyzheart MuffinAdult (m)1,09265715
TnYmFachtnahAdult (m)31,27214,348180
goXZGoxozoAdult (m)1,5691,007154
MAjaMajarajahAdult (m)3,1021,064168
skf0MerrikhAdult (m)2,8301,17065
nHVINihillistAdult (m)1,9391,04822
N0rcNorckAdult (m)2,1651,29773
uoHGUrriolAdult (m)2,3301,240103
16t0CufolaAdult (f)2,8381,105169
3RURDamadeaAdult (f)31,42014,391209
IgRWHechliaAdult (f)2,1201,231104
v095I Tried The MuffinsAdult (f)2,0911,20694
HcJEMepia PennaAdult (f)2,0261,164101
9M7RMorahnaAdult (f)2,3071,29498
cWfXRuru ThuwedAdult (f)2,034955141
u8PFUrolokeAdult (f)1,8971,05077
73eOA Moose Once Bit My SisterAdult (m)1,70581380
JVi1The Holy Hand Grenade of AntiochAdult (f)1,64078181
C6qiMarrow MuffinAdult (m)83055243
0XfeOxfeo MuffinAdult (m)87157924
sscHThe Honahable MoofinAdult (f)85956623
k1p1Seiss MuffinAdult (f)84555928
bgOZiGhost MuffinAdult (m)1,32176612
KYeEBKyeeb MuffinAdult (f)1,30277015
4OAYcOacci MuffinAdult (m)1,29877213
pqrSoFiona MuffinAdult (f)1,29777211
oGQ6DNakase Fire MuffinAdult (m)1,29477018
Hn1CoTricksy MuffinAdult (f)1,31177319
gUXvAurelienAdult (m)51,93321,705448
ron2FeranorAdult (m)39,12517,804195
hAGZGazhenAdult (m)35,06816,439134
845nOrphirAdult (m)41,76318,524185
XWpaXylereAdult (m)14,4796,812118
XJTMZharquinAdult (m)13,2175,93463
tgKuImmortal GildingAdult (f)28,76413,20147
L3MqOrannaAdult (f)22,43810,14081
B4GpI Fail At BreedingAdult (f)47,67520,467226
6j1wIsilmeurrAdult (m)47,35720,349197
z4Y6VellekAdult (m)33,95816,039171
EYHuImmortalliaAdult (f)34,16816,062123
C4QKRuru MuffinAdult (f)2,61575669
YF2tUlariaAdult (f)49,41320,796318
ZXL5VShiny FizzixAdult (f)5,2501,05611
aI3plStubborn DerplingAdult (m)1,77099381
cC5nV(cC5nV)Adult (m)1,16370017
q7uiW(q7uiW)Adult (m)1,17671220
eAiKD(eAiKD)Adult (m)1,37983713
7P1eCaptain Spangle McFreedomwingsAdult (m)97460633
mQj0Flaming MuffinAdult (m)1,73753024
bdZLSherlock SnakeAdult (m)8,7651,28619
lWE4LahwranAdult (m)1,658981122
EjBuW(EjBuW)Adult (f)6,7001,77411
GE2IVaileanAdult (m)2,6671,0845
znixZinnixAdult (m)19,4168,90571
FtgAAkanneAdult (f)45,62619,622157
VLlgD(VLlgD)Adult (m)1,2787648
U6ifb(U6ifb)Adult (f)1,31678614
FZbU3(FZbU3)Adult (m)1,3197978
kOOtkOOt MuffinAdult (f)1,68195574
VhbYRubinaliAdult (f)1,659994163
l3RTFlunking With StyleAdult (f)1,7981,09652
Uc2AKevvorAdult (m)1,75088046
ANxBKudronAdult (m)1,3251,10613
f5jBLaliaraAdult (f)2,8301,28646
qMfxLivvianaAdult (f)1,38564029
EOpHWinning With StyleAdult (f)2,5961,47282
QLIbSmoldering MuffinAdult (m)94261232
rS3bEmber MuffinAdult (f)71546344
HpXTMagmamanAdult (m)1,9791,21065
GbqJMerovianAdult (m)1,644985132
DPOTPaelliiaAdult (f)2,0591,202162
Cdt3Idiot MuffinAdult (m)1,79155431
k7buMulbiam MuffinAdult (m)1,15170948
Jmt8Rozha MuffinAdult (m)1,09164357
RDMZTearlach ThuwedAdult (m)1,7241,04868
8E5VZhavreAdult (m)19,6999,07849
ni1THSherlock MuffinAdult (f)1,38784413
mGLvDiane MuffinAdult (f)1,18356023
Nqu6Fizzix MuffinAdult (f)2,8031,10223
UFPsMagick MuffinAdult (f)1,17565641
BhrCMarizaAdult (f)45,63419,631155
ppPFPenelope MuffinAdult (f)93557445
6P4CSipaciaAdult (f)2,0981,19170
A7MjMarri MuffinAdult (f)1,73593994
bbeWvY NameAdult (f)3,74592036
WeRjjZ NameAdult (m)9,05360547
a56qJendarrAdult (m)1,19443627
M5Z5Jazzle DazzleAdult (f)1,516966216
0k5sPazarriaAdult (f)5,157859183
sOcLSoclatesAdult (m)1,52499988
RKZ2WilariaAdult (f)1,23040733
6HkjZharriaAdult (f)1,53778851
meX6sPillow MuffinAdult (m)2,21764116
8oj3Athamas MuffinAdult (m)1,43559814
7Oe4NECK STRAIN MUFFINAdult (m)1,29157414
5mCPVerilidaine MuffinAdult (m)1,49947434
Gw5FAuvelynnAdult (f)26,15412,188110
aBtxViverraeAdult (f)25,98812,06234
Tgg5wut r namesAdult (m)1,66296987
EDL6Complexity of SpecificityAdult (m)1,13948218
QKGmOscileraAdult (f)1,33936727
PBqcOleanaAdult (f)1,9891,15367
ovL5Harvest MuffinAdult (m)93960832
WauAIsis MuffinAdult (f)99961838
j0ojSoraya MuffinAdult (f)93062042
k799Electrica MuffinAdult (f)2,05093840
PlDDPiddantisAdult (m)1,8551,04371
h5MuThe Muffin OracleAdult (m)85754456
uebDAyalinaAdult (f)1,29287459
TILRDraconna MuffinAdult (f)1,27280419
5c2qKadiirAdult (m)3,9281,70345
2v47VassantAdult (m)3,1271,40337
99EgVessnaAdult (f)3,1311,41372
iew2BehiarAdult (m)44,14418,845213
2pAfPatufAdult (m)43,03118,666128
b66jSuveraAdult (f)44,00318,832161
SGW3UdaeraAdult (f)42,97618,589138
B4oPIn b4 OpsAdult (m)2,2111,00629
dr1PDrippy MuffinAdult (f)1,6601,018190
5cotScots McMuffinAdult (f)1,42561916
U9lsKrishoAdult (m)48,54020,664170
sKlhJiggerAdult (m)3,8471,68445
2O9mVicious MuffinAdult (m)1,03154690
BmuNSneaky MuffinAdult (f)2,76943163
sXSHVicky MuffinAdult (f)2,7201,43682
4De2ZivraAdult (f)49,36820,764274
EJhkAngzietyAdult (f)1,8991,178118
6PSsSpeckled MuffinAdult (f)1,53785039
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