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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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  • Egg Basket
  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
  • 2018 Holiday Event
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  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
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  • 2017 Halloween Event
  • 2017 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “husky51,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
9EhqiEqhi CBAdult (m)2,2417561
T6EL5Tels CBAdult (f)3,3172371
n7FWxNfwix CBAdult (f)3,4322461
8OubsOubs CBAdult (f)3,3675112
5D4m7Adam CBAdult (m)3,6825011
MdQt7Mad Quarter CBAdult (f)3,8895162
Xwq4DQuad CBAdult (m)3,0654371
iAkuGAku CBAdult (f)3,4854701
397SaSeven Samurai CBAdult (f)3,1794742
NMr2OMr 20 CBAdult (m)3,4324811
IDuzCDukz CBAdult (f)3,1015411
FQSNCFoshe CBAdult (f)4,0624441
b4N5SB4ness CBAdult (m)3,9824472
I4cvMIcvm CBAdult (m)3,7723891
jHKVHJacvh CBAdult (f)4,1344221
p6pLhPlyth PBAdult (f)4,1678972
kxd4Brandilo CBAdult (f)1,52848111
p3qfBrandillion CBAdult (f)2,4113753
2NfNBrantic CBAdult (m)1,3664572
k334NBrandiniron CBAdult (m)3,6393202
nltG4Noltg CBAdult (f)3,8875272
iYEogIyoegyAdult (m)2,3635741
F2QkXKings X CBAdult (m)3,8025022
zxCrMCreamXrai CBAdult (m)1,8717161
wALmhWalm CBAdult (f)2,3345592
H3gOjMorningOJ CBAdult (f)2,9525103
uMiz8Miz-8 CBAdult (m)3,4608171
lJiHuJiHouty CBAdult (f)4,2699141
y1RSuYursu CBAdult (m)4,8871,03614
EXIGiExigi lineAdult (f)3,7633951
N9GGmGunnmann PBAdult (f)3,9499071
bpwD8Pouds CBAdult (m)2,2097541
ar2nBArn-B CBAdult (f)2,6503211
r09hPRoph CBAdult (f)2,4862921
AnwzLAnswel CBAdult (f)5,2927431
GYPMZGyp AP17Adult (m)6,5335572
gkpphGetpph PBAdult (f)4,0169172
bbb2rBBB CBAdult (m)2,2673911
UPUH6UP-UH CBAdult (m)2,0993772
6uQJjO-ji CBAdult (f)2,0323802
d4Z3yDazey CBAdult (f)2,1885101
OSfg6O-sofig CBAdult (f)2,0593921
TJt81T-jit CBAdult (f)2,3233921
X0JaYO-jay CBAdult (m)2,0736171
t6JhAJohanna CBAdult (f)1,8874561
ykBq1Yukbit CBAdult (m)4,5116101
iKP1gKPig 1Adult (f)2,4455153
ec79uEcu CBAdult (m)6,2925911
SLsJlSlissle CBAdult (f)6,5475231
rJoicReJoice CBAdult (m)2,9036191
EKQBEKobe lineAdult (m)2,9974252
PWrGmPowerrGum CBAdult (m)4,9124451
HbRorRohr CBAdult (f)3,9424841
NrPaoSheriff Arpaio CBAdult (f)2,9626290
tM6cjTime Case CBAdult (f)3,2124931
5cLt7Cletus PBAdult (m)3,6426292
j0KwJJO CBAdult (m)3,9054641
fQMc0McOscar CBAdult (m)2,4704971
2lFdsLfemeds CBAdult (f)2,4314911
fWVSJWavesea CBAdult (m)2,6295132
vqxV5Querve CBAdult (f)2,6085111
5rmO5Ramas CBAdult (f)4,8164121
9VDFBda Feeb CBAdult (m)5,9337811
40rxkForxk CBAdult (f)4,6877751
5qEBNEban CBAdult (m)6,4074941
q8UzcQuatal CBAdult (m)4,2294851
jzXCiJazz Excite CBAdult (f)4,1194681
bKcO3Backhoe CBAdult (f)3,8185112
LKVFGLake Forge CBAdult (m)3,9445111
xXsJYXx's CBAdult (m)4,1734662
i1DDGDDG lineAdult (f)4,3074221
LneYTLine lineAdult (m)3,8994171
UWRQOROQ lineAdult (m)3,7774171
tDUZdDuz CBAdult (f)2,7947731
Uv6zvVazy CBAdult (m)2,8247701
SVpNaStvpepnia PBAdult (f)3,9818912
FXdbVFXBee CBAdult (f)3,8904970
y271nYinny CBAdult (f)4,5443791
Ig4anGangi CBAdult (f)3,2894551
PIHXhPixij   CBAdult (m)3,4314191
dhTSWDatesouth CBAdult (m)3,1334993
uChnqU-Ching CBAdult (f)3,5435633
QCoM7Q-Com CBAdult (m)3,1834943
L6H5YLa-Harry CBAdult (m)2,9914873
M9Zv7UmaJay's Year CBAdult (f)2,7595194
RSgTVSgt  CBAdult (m)2,8115173
dBxnwBuxom CBAdult (f)2,9855333
6f1R2FirTree CBAdult (f)3,3815484
L9mNAazyz'r CBAdult (f)1,54743511
gWVjUWavu CBAdult (f)4,8017094
swXbuSwix Bubba CBAdult (m)5,1167161
w91mOWiniMo CBAdult (m)4,3814791
QyDF5Dufus CBAdult (f)4,1224660
ZtSebArsinia Holiday CBAdult (f)2,6986593
RbV4jArsinia Gardenia CBAdult (f)3,3886455
KbfG4Arsinia-JasmineAdult (f)1,9746423
7RuoUTru CBAdult (f)5,1061,1581
gpwIVGiv CBAdult (m)5,0211,1364
pqZn2Zen' CBAdult (f)3,6078502
sZBH8BH's CBAdult (m)3,9934431
zeN0LZeNol CBAdult (f)4,5724052
9SShnSHUUN CBAdult (m)4,3674691
S9i3sIFSDIV93 CBAdult (f)3,6344881
68xGbGrub CBAdult (f)4,2154671
NwgtPGreat P CBAdult (m)3,3064271
DpLMqDiplomac CBAdult (m)3,5054611
byCD4By Cod CBAdult (f)3,8174551
QpxsvOppressive CBAdult (m)3,3294531
7rAukTranked CBAdult (f)3,4034711
IHccLHickle CBAdult (f)3,5234911
3mzbD3-D CBAdult (m)3,2034441
FIbZSFibis CBAdult (f)3,0534921
I2W1sTowist CBAdult (m)5,6363982
kfMWxFwikie CBAdult (f)5,0343961
NQAoJNoaoj CBAdult (f)4,5497751
99e95Agent 99 CBAdult (m)4,7667851
ZwgP4Zwigfor CBAdult (f)5,7315361
E5vSvEsiysiy CBAdult (m)3,4874583
cqBBZBBQ CBAdult (m)3,9184601
jJkNYNew York Joke CBAdult (f)3,7574170
olQEdOl' Ed CBAdult (f)4,9174202
5YyXhYyxh CBAdult (m)5,4696691
fWHYIWHY I CBAdult (f)5,8095531
LiZn8Liz'n CBAdult (f)5,4824871
zyFZDFyzzd CBAdult (m)6,7646441
YT64dYacht 64 CBAdult (m)3,5074793
e6WixWIX CBAdult (m)5,8755391
M1guTM1 Gun  CBAdult (f)5,1706972
RiAbIRiab CBAdult (f)5,6955522
CsWxDCaswix-d CBAdult (m)5,0876461
dVkomDvLkom 5Adult (m)7,1674831
5bA9sBAS9 CBAdult (f)4,1944361
KkAKFloat Belle CBAdult (f)2,6845848
QPA6Flo-ta-tion CBAdult (f)1,7824302
Ps5oFlo-mo-tionAdult (m)2,0364457
X5krvFlo-Mi-Away CBAdult (f)3,3293066
Y253vFlo-Ting-On CBAdult (m)3,5974386
3MBE2EmBee2 CBAdult (m)2,3916693
HuE4CFlo-Hue CBAdult (m)2,6391,0783
854l6416 balloonAdult (f)3,4776032
JdDlOIjdio 417Adult (f)3,4695981
jT774JT774Adult (m)3,4596001
IbGpEBig Peach CBAdult (f)5,8926613
n93LKNiblick CBAdult (m)5,6656573
rklLkRicklic CBAdult (f)5,1386522
A2e51Huskies51 CBAdult (m)5,7086711
LFp0iPoulf CBAdult (f)7,4046051
jBmoYBmoy CBAdult (m)6,5846311
nOyJPNoylp CBAdult (m)3,6424681
RhGEVRH Gravity CBAdult (m)4,6453840
85z4UBlackhat 4U CBAdult (m)4,1657857
PLI6aPlaya Blackhat CBAdult (f)4,5835653
9JMhEBlackhat RenderAdult (m)3,0644581
m8BGnMateBgon CBAdult (m)2,7089942
6TTcxDouble T CBAdult (f)2,7077944
EYIu6Eli's Coming CBAdult (m)3,3986311
jSID7Tinee-Sid CBAdult (m)2,8185382
6RmSqRumSquar CBAdult (m)2,6293964
2e3BXEbex CBAdult (f)3,3889511
6uRikRik CBAdult (m)4,0594831
vmHn8Vmhans CBAdult (f)4,2065641
GZNeyGozney CBAdult (f)1,6325142
MgDZPMachineGun Silly CBAdult (f)3,3655584
2tn5Nauting CBAdult (m)2,20634613
xpVoSweet-tingAdult (f)3,4583224
mu06Rai-lingAdult (m)1,9003784
UddHMach-tingAdult (f)6,1094396
2tc7Search-ingAdult (m)1,8703395
Qjl8Swat-TingAdult (m)1,9255649
TPIqkBee-StingAdult (f)3,7993997
5pPtgNo-Sopa-IngAdult (f)4,9923334
Q6aXiQoaxi-ting CBAdult (m)3,0616226
cIk7hClk-ting CBAdult (f)3,4434262
jZuBbZubub-ing PBAdult (f)2,5574635
tdxQmDQ-ing CBAdult (f)3,3815594
K3aJXAjax-ling CBAdult (f)3,8284083
KdBJlKidd-ing CBAdult (m)3,5305613
OEdMBMiltie-ing CBAdult (f)2,5026243
qMOAeMoa-ingAdult (f)3,3774023
aa28ma-Ming CBAdult (f)3,1975213
xhxdDHex-dingAdult (m)1,6706012
hb1RKRik-Ling CBAdult (f)3,7734503
G7A3pGap-Ting CBAdult (m)3,6105045
X5y1dYodl-ing CBAdult (m)2,4175034
YImJrYim-Ling CBAdult (f)3,6024575
Zb0mYZomingAdult (m)4,1264924
X7nKJXJ7-ning CBAdult (f)4,0145151
Zg7xHZag-ingAdult (f)3,3424282
JAIsXJax-ingAdult (f)4,0904373
n0n0qNonoq-ingAdult (f)3,6766474
zaNz1Zanzl-ingAdult (f)3,2126126
hLEtsHalets CBAdult (m)2,9203604
ypBdbYip-Badd-ingAdult (m)2,6537785
mZdOyMazed-ingAdult (f)2,9865764
qRvj3Reev-ingAdult (f)4,1024184
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