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You pick up the scroll labeled “herk,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Mfc0uMystical Butterwyvern  2Adult (m)8,2181,3458
OkHUcEthermore Butterwyvern  2Adult (m)5,4051,3704
8XQclSnow Butterwyvern  2Adult (m)6,1141,2812
Aadh0Adhoo Butterwyvern  2Adult (m)5,0491,2024
9NpTAFadrienna Butterwyvern  2Adult (f)5,7141,1185
Gq2m3Goya Butterwyvern  2Adult (f)3,7501,1926
2nYOsWenfiya Butterwyvern  2Adult (f)4,9791,1744
VvXi6Isis Butterwyvern  2Adult (f)7,2671,3529
rhrp0Tautology Butterwyvern  2Adult (f)5,2301,2572
LHuEDHue of Gold Butterwyvern  2Adult (f)5,1851,2282
wnsCWZelda Butterchecker  3Adult (f)6,5721,0021
gI6E6True Hue Butterchecker  3Adult (f)6,1737191
55DNODonda Butterchecker  3cxAdult (f)4,3458004
QBUQEQuebqe Butterchecker  3cAdult (f)5,6308882
J7EzQJelza Butterchecker  4cAdult (f)5,8258191
oI2SRSolra Butterchecker  4cAdult (f)2,9238061
2WgJEWigget Butterchecker  5cxAdult (f)3,1837041
B0FPlVarg Butterwyvern  3Adult (m)4,9121,1184
kt0hXButtered Cuffs Wyvern  3Adult (f)7,3961,3909
X6GDYEl Goyo Butterwyvern  3Adult (m)5,3891,14510
D690YFadrimore Butterwyvern  3Adult (f)5,7081,15710
1Xpf5Snowen Butterwyvern  3Adult (m)3,3677873
TXXFHCircular Argument Butterwyvern 3Adult (f)6,3941,5172
QanfHCelestial Butterwyvern  3xAdult (f)4,7801,1572
2NSCOI'm just an NPC Butterwyvern  4Adult (m)5,7061,2354
7rU4DEl More Butterwyvern  4Adult (f)6,0211,12810
niAnGParadox Butterwyvern  4xxAdult (f)3,1459021
34Af8El NPC Butterwyvern  5xAdult (m)4,2861,2131
YSr7ZEqual Lagg Coalscale  2Adult (f)5,3099535
zWUknFiery Heart Coalscale  2Adult (f)5,7511,1706
SwkL2Aggopa Coalscale  2Adult (f)5,1991,2102
VODzxVodz Coalscale  2Adult (f)5,7896685
AQGWUEmber Heart Coalscale  3cAdult (f)5,1571,1123
1JGHjJeghji Coalscale  3cAdult (f)5,1306362
9kR2BKanga Coalscale  4cxAdult (f)5,0281,1441
kjgx6Ready for Valentine Chocscale  2Adult (f)7,3067733
h8d27Last minute mate Chocscale  2Adult (f)6,8577571
QG3QnHeart of Gold Chocscale  2Adult (f)4,2548971
BqRPmBelle Lionheart Chocscale  2Adult (f)3,8969752
L5mC9Daddy plans Paternicide Choc 3cAdult (f)5,4498005
TBv79Exalted Minute Chocscale  3cAdult (f)6,4088411
l8MQeLost Chocscale  3cAdult (f)5,4108731
I8JHXCupid Chocscale  3cAdult (f)5,1758933
QkNQdTime of Day Chocscale  4cAdult (f)6,9837102
I2EDFIzdefa Chocscale  4cAdult (f)6,2256552
5dVWyEros Chocscale  4cAdult (f)6,7787622
29jGDJogida Chocscale  5cAdult (f)5,9149294
RS6GOGwyvern Royale Crimscale  2Adult (m)4,6201,2745
t4dAdTadah Crimscale  2Adult (m)6,0908101
Ffr2HFriffo Crimscale  2Adult (m)6,0215013
dm3ccDrachme Crimscale  2xAdult (m)3,1068261
CdcacCedac Crimscale  3cAdult (m)6,6546192
PbUe8Pubbe Crimscale  3cxAdult (m)2,9178353
pf8PAPefcas Crimscale  4cxAdult (m)5,4486552
oCFr3Cofre Crimscale  2Adult (f)6,2515003
rvVKMWoodcock Crimscale  2Adult (f)3,1587382
tJSteTjeste Crimscale  3cAdult (f)5,7505631
1OL2HIoleh Crimscale  4cxAdult (f)2,7109182
4f2wyEating the Roadfrill  4xAdult (m)5,5297132
gEBX5Ghost of a Wyvern Ghostscale  2Adult (f)3,8761,0721
Evdw2Evee Ghostscale  2Adult (f)5,7026912
8waqcBwaqu Ghostscale  3cAdult (f)4,2607332
YDDKzMattie Hatter Ghostscale  3cAdult (f)6,1987952
laM4s(laM4s)Adult (f)3,5253649
0GgHiShadow Shine Ghostscale  3cAdult (f)4,3177396
MM5D1Madame Ghostscale  3cxAdult (f)5,2918015
bETnBBet'n'BreakfastAdult (f)3,2508045
uuriKMatilda Ghostscale  4cAdult (f)6,5957493
ef2G9Myss Ghostscale  4cAdult (f)4,6999224
qQpTaP'Taqq Ghostscale  5cxAdult (f)3,0839884
lkt7KHaunted Ghostscale  2Adult (m)5,6626933
TYntGGolden Leviathan Ghostscale  4cAdult (m)6,8641,1093
y5Uf1Sweet Princess Gloscale  2xAdult (f)5,8388665
rUb3QRuby Cube GoNscaleAdult (f)6,2307751
jPR8gPrijic ChangescaleAdult (f)6,7228092
e9JFsAccomplishment Hellscale  2Adult (f)5,3486534
b6sRHRinsie Falling Hellscale  2Adult (f)5,1901,0525
oEWZ2Wozez Hellscale  2Adult (f)5,9739744
epRuERupee Hellscale  3cAdult (f)5,4758053
S3TZXRinsie Hellscale  3cAdult (f)3,2557906
0SuzmSuzie Hellscale  4cAdult (f)5,8988724
x7fqbGolden Past Hollyscale  2xAdult (f)3,3055772
ZZ29MZ'uccero Lurkscale  2Adult (f)3,8017954
DdXPMMaddix Lurkscale  3cxAdult (f)7,2727103
KtX5XKatax Lurkscale  2Adult (m)5,3855880
TpzmGTemin Lurkscale  2Adult (m)3,9508285
Wv3QMQuobem Lurkscake  3cxAdult (m)5,3306683
c9kNQI dream of Jeannie Wishscale  2Adult (f)5,4901,2627
6KgemWishing Cat Wishscale  2Adult (f)5,6938200
ga6ktLiving Gagh Wishscale  3cAdult (f)5,7039282
YTXLBKlingon Cuisine Wishscale  4cAdult (f)5,8068352
wsUW4Suwa Moonscale  2Adult (f)6,3966871
fZpwtFyzpot Moonscale  3cxAdult (f)6,7135931
gfnmMRed Shoes Redscale  2Adult (m)4,2191,1515
AmViLTriumph of Gondor Ribbonscale  2Adult (m)5,7708023
m7GjtLord of Gondor Ribbonscale  3cAdult (m)6,2667883
qORabQuorab Ribbonscale  4cAdult (m)2,6091,3694
pSzyBPyspyc Ribbonscale  4cAdult (m)4,1461,3792
PqSKbPipsqueak Ribbonscale  5cxAdult (m)2,3407145
sFyObFyok Silverscale  4cxAdult (m)5,5137101
eXL46Currency Triscale  2Adult (m)6,0819263
TmfA3Fab Triscale  2Adult (m)7,5629223
IrsSlIris TriscaleAdult (m)4,0539224
9ZtmYTilly Triscale  3cAdult (m)2,1307741
XLT85Lext TriscaleAdult (m)3,1129174
vOxOGVoxog Triscale  4cxAdult (m)2,6128524
5qIUgUfgar VainscaleAdult (m)6,8977221
vlDsKElessar VainscaleAdult (m)5,1686902
xTNbJExploding Vainscale  2Adult (m)5,2826271
nvqBHPorky Vainscale  2Adult (m)5,8455282
4YXlHAyxih VainscaleAdult (m)6,3799354
9Nu7cGnulc Vainscale  3cxAdult (m)2,6467994
1Xu65Xugis Vainscale  4cxAdult (m)4,4829042
oTAP6Otapega  3mAdult (f)4,5737925
nJgYlOxymoron RocketWyvern  4Adult (f)5,9831,2222
RY0kmChris Ribbonshim  4Adult (f)5,2791,1054
pIPCsKing of the Metal Age  5Adult (m)3,8571,2181
8v8svSunflower  CBAdult (m)2,8226590
2YCAT(2YCAT)Adult (f)2,6716502
81t9JFancy SabreAdult (m)4,0778483
PcoHlFancy RapierAdult (f)4,0798672
XQ7VsNOT Asian AmericanAdult (m)7,7941,0503
mCiDdMc IdAdult (f)6,8389559
EUeOUNOT suffering from HepathitisAdult (m)10,6767913
aj4QRLil' Paper ArtistHatchling (m, F)4,4457052
K9WMWAll The WorkAdult (m)4,1551,0871
mduI2No RecognitionAdult (f)4,1251,0651
CvsNoVir  CottoAdult (m)2,5588691
SaAfiUnsung  HeroAdult (f)5,0268983
u8SGnI'm Just An Extra  CBAdult (f)3,2249023
LgsJBSam  GamgeeAdult (f)5,5398193
vOCl9Lil' VocaloidHatchling (F)1,4131870
PPZgELil' GaerbchenHatchling (f, F)1,9137543
nBp5Lil' Buendel DorkfaceHatchling (m, F)2,61756217
Wh44Goldne Garbe  CBAdult (f)6,3341,26820
9XbL1Der Schnitter  CBAdult (m)6,8711,5707
qm2mdGetreide Gertrude  CBAdult (f)5,2601,2813
tZHL6Harvey Harvest  CBAdult (m)4,9091,1004
PHJjPOrlanna Oats  CBAdult (f)5,4457052
vmJgvHarold Harvest  CBAdult (m)1,5936983
MdiL4Beatrice Barley  CBAdult (f)4,7781,1170
r4w3yHans Hops  CBAdult (m)5,5921,1350
Vo5qdAria Amarant  CBAdult (f)5,0338243
sQQQEWill Wheaton  CBAdult (m)5,8316951
OQjpwBetty By-Product  CBAdult (f)6,4436242
T6VcYCornelius Corn  CBAdult (m)5,1576452
Srn6yHarriot Harvest  CBAdult (f)5,4206481
UnMyuHarvey Finevoice  CBAdult (m)5,5366572
T7DppRainbow misgenderAdult (f)4,1111,0851
LPZXgCous Cous Cougar  CBAdult (m)7,7165282
7QFGIGlindera Gluten  CBAdult (f)7,0736124
PURrXCurt Couscous  CBAdult (m)4,3407236
PbSJrRhianna Reispapier  CBAdult (f)2,5907123
yWTA8Whyta Weizen  CBAdult (m)4,3325982
VGSPgDidi Dinkel  CBAdult (m)2,7138363
qCLUwCera Cereal  CBAdult (m)5,5535774
gpWdKGlutenbombe  CBAdult (m)6,0505902
UtyvIHafer Flocke  CBxAdult (m)6,6006792
rAg6fRaggety Rag  CBAdult (m)4,7008182
GYGHgGhyghi Butterscale  4cxAdult (f)3,3205033
A1zMbMazi Cabsscale  2Adult (f)5,4587121
0Get1(0Get1)Adult (f)5,0875853
0wfxrGet Capscale  3cxAdult (f)6,5357621
cQWidRetired Freak Coalscale  2Adult (m)7,6678782
cxkmmWilderbane Coalscale  2xAdult (m)5,7407883
fdQkzSmolding Coalscale  3cxAdult (m)4,9796084
khtFfDimar's Gabe Feverscale  2Adult (f)5,8117311
W8FfPMargherita GoldscaleAdult (f)5,4976734
e6XTwSacred Fate GoldscaleAdult (f)6,3996052
Ci8UtCibut Goldscale  4cAdult (f)7,2326072
fwRqhGerste Goldscale  4cAdult (f)6,1566551
ZQMwIZ'ecure GoNscale  2xAdult (f)5,8415223
wfDbgSchnittige GoNscale  2xAdult (m)5,7166402
PlDNCPicnic Pony Harvest  5cAdult (f)4,0838674
wNvbmBumblebee Joyscale  2xAdult (f)3,3487552
fR14CFria Stiltscale  2Adult (f)2,5077521
KHl3mKhim Terscale  2xAdult (m)3,8458721
uhwAbWahub Stiltscale  2Adult (f)2,7338881
62DBRDebora Stiltscale  3cxAdult (f)3,1719944
UW9SSBienenkotze Terscale  2Adult (f)6,5501,0942
6DpkvTotem Tradition Terscale  2Adult (f)5,9515203
W7aFhWalfa Terscale  2Adult (f)5,6356472
rId7GRidl Thuwed Terscale  3cAdult (f)5,5565744
E2RCJRejc Terscale  3cAdult (f)4,0098174
EKGxZGek Thuwed Terscale  4cxAdult (f)3,5148391
NP9qfKonfuzius Triscale  3cxAdult (f)4,4119052
GESCXScex Triscale  2Adult (f)2,9608733
GhxbtWho did you call a LunaticAdult (m)4,7217171
lz0aZYou - and meAdult (f)4,3987433
KSWIqAren't we all little LunaticsAdult (m)4,4317842
KPbmgI'm saneAdult (f)4,2878111
AU9hFAmy Alliteration Redscale  2Adult (f)5,3855573
vaKurVakur Garlandscale  2xAdult (m)4,3481,0078
no9bQI'm NOT Garlandscale  2xAdult (m)3,1078442
BafcbLoony Toony Slimescale  2xAdult (m)6,7146012
9pNLhLil' Golden SliverHatchling (f, F)5,4981,2114
iSv5kLil' Golden WeaselHatchling (m, F)6,1568601
9TwSHGe'shadaAdult (m)9,4311,3137
bPwsxPawskiAdult (m)6,3681,06210
eOphFAdlerkuecken  2Adult (f)7,3138098
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