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You pick up the scroll labeled “gramma2jaak,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
03Xnc(03Xnc)Adult (m)2,0637051
QYCSgBenjamin and Patrick BinderAdult (m)2,2507591
xgS8k(xgS8k)Adult (f)3,3167262
YcRij(YcRij)Adult (f)2,6127852
UZmnR(UZmnR)Adult (f)2,7318240
fxlkQ(fxlkQ)Adult (m)2,7036722
rgF4aBrian Robin Hood Bedford 1 13 16Adult (m)3,71665818
7cLg1(7cLg1)Adult (f)4,2857192
9i9M5(9i9M5)Adult (m)3,3727493
Hfotr(Hfotr)Adult (m)2,6387041
3LVOP(3LVOP)Adult (f)2,5527011
TAdOd(TAdOd)Adult (m)2,8037042
XMNux(XMNux)Adult (f)2,6667061
uOpWx All Charged Up xAdult (m)1,74144914
O0XBx Alternating Current xAdult (f)5,22990421
KnJLReddy Kilowat of RatlantaAdult (f)3,2795408
NGN5Louie Lightning Bug of RatlantaAdult (m)5,1584412
RR2Rx Power Outage of Ratlanta xAdult (f)2,9544282
uploqUploq of RatlantaAdult (f)2,5085402
fhStFFallen Hero Survivors FoundationAdult (m)2,8155627
p9pO4(p9pO4)Adult (f)3,4345434
Ccc3R(Ccc3R)Adult (f)2,4836651
0zApL(0zApL)Adult (m)2,7056641
JBujN(JBujN)Adult (f)2,7286591
qmJ6Cinders of RatlantaAdult (f)2,9698497
gmSqCoal of RatlantaAdult (m)3,28292310
gu0qGlow of RatlantaAdult (f)4,3264135
BMb4Firebrand of RatlantaAdult (m)3,7935353
QuGiSlag of RatlantaAdult (m)4,4165752
uaVNBrand of RatlantaAdult (m)4,0104792
vLQ4Ash of RatlantaAdult (f)4,1372996
IRKNHot Embers of RatlantaAdult (f)2,9055293
BeW4xX White Cinders XxAdult (f)2,7065414
Q0dKx Hot Bones of Ratlanta xAdult (f)2,5435522
QcGZXx Burning Embers of Ratlanta xAdult (m)2,40152915
Ce33RWeihnachten EmbersAdult (f)2,2487035
oh9shOh 9ish of RatlantaAdult (m)2,1876642
2Z7OuYes of RatlantaAdult (m)2,5315960
KIm1GKim of RatlantaAdult (m)2,9154712
KI7EPIn Memory Of MomAdult (m)2,1585271
rLk4q(rLk4q)Adult (m)2,1665632
Oht7d(Oht7d)Adult (m)2,6505290
t5nqZRatlanta 1Adult (f)1,9335611
HQhRu(HQhRu)Adult (f)1,6935534
ouMTJ(ouMTJ)Adult (f)2,29353625
jbhqa(jbhqa)Adult (m)2,6794892
X0Xfa(X0Xfa)Adult (f)2,6614871
yzH0bHobyzAdult (m)2,4165430
xgJ3cCecelia Cichan Flight 255Adult (m)2,2064961
rhP4E(rhP4E)Adult (f)2,1495192
xwYBS(xwYBS)Adult (m)2,1675012
9H8NOPat HarringtonAdult (m)2,7635802
zZ0jf(zZ0jf)Adult (f)2,1015485
tFgKN(tFgKN)Adult (f)2,6626925
yGpP7(yGpP7)Adult (f)1,9385721
y8KuQ(y8KuQ)Adult (f)2,7365741
GUKZ0(GUKZ0)Adult (m)2,3315170
2FTSy(2FTSy)Adult (m)1,6116671
lw6xA(lw6xA)Adult (m)2,1856322
1sX2o(1sX2o)Adult (m)2,2046342
QqX1Q(QqX1Q)Adult (m)2,3646155
2Ou0n(2Ou0n)Adult (f)2,2255866
IwgmQ(IwgmQ)Adult (f)2,3356032
hN5dY(hN5dY)Adult (m)2,2994862
oYdykOy Did You KnowAdult (f)2,4264922
P4853(P4853)Adult (f)1,8495931
QXGjZ(QXGjZ)Adult (f)2,2194727
YWp9p(YWp9p)Adult (m)2,2935054
Ylfc6(Ylfc6)Adult (f)2,3055211
NAt4M(NAt4M)Adult (f)3,1725292
0eicI(0eicI)Adult (f)2,3385801
b5YPi(b5YPi)Adult (m)2,5484661
srtZk(srtZk)Adult (m)3,0837051
5OLmv(5OLmv)Adult (f)3,1374950
RPy9C(RPy9C)Adult (f)2,5435741
tKycD(tKycD)Adult (m)2,4116441
5AGvr(5AGvr)Adult (m)3,43969421
w2pbMBacillus EnebrionisAdult (m)1,5456070
IE4tIBacillus KurstakiAdult (f)1,5915940
qY3vO(qY3vO)Adult (m)1,3986682
dwhOj(dwhOj)Adult (f)2,0536260
dibeV(dibeV)Adult (f)1,7015610
NFMKb(NFMKb)Adult (m)1,7675910
6TmHS(6TmHS)Adult (f)2,1765531
dIMpaI Am LuckyAdult (m)2,6126151
UrSw4(UrSw4)Adult (m)2,4146021
auO4H(auO4H)Adult (f)2,9854755
sjfmD(sjfmD)Adult (f)2,7505030
NaaGdAunt JeannnieAdult (f)2,0455371
N8HpHNate HalphAdult (m)1,9185005
j9JrxAubrey MorrisAdult (m)2,5205074
B9D3ZGrand RapidsAdult (m)2,6445093
SJigOSapphire Blue FiregemAdult (f)3,8876912
YKU2kBlue Sapphire FiregemAdult (m)4,6417642
A8Hm9(A8Hm9)Adult (m)3,2127571
YJ0Dg(YJ0Dg)Adult (f)3,6017270
VCtbR(VCtbR)Adult (m)4,4508002
8v3CT(8v3CT)Adult (f)3,7177530
ebU1D(ebU1D)Adult (f)5,7007321
1Noki(1Noki)Adult (m)4,0117452
6JOYDJoy Joy Joy Joy Joy JoyAdult (f)3,6117801
HeWxEHe WaxAdult (m)4,5198275
Okvt7(Okvt7)Adult (f)3,6198250
4iloT(4iloT)Adult (f)4,3217655
6qLdo(6qLdo)Adult (m)5,5827164
K6j27Emerald Green FiregemAdult (f)3,5458002
0XoHZGreen BirthstoneAdult (m)4,2398203
jIx4kMay's EmeraldAdult (f)3,8957221
uOhYF(uOhYF)Adult (f)4,5217223
MHMj5(MHMj5)Adult (m)4,1667851
0aztU(0aztU)Adult (m)5,5527054
V80GI(V80GI)Adult (f)3,6738084
WrX6w(WrX6w)Adult (m)5,1537371
Q8DgLeg Balancer of RatlantaAdult (f)2,29057011
RuZTMs Ruzt of AtlantaAdult (f)3,9343525
eQaAJames' Flamingo of RatlantaAdult (m)4,8043792
vXtl8Grew Up On A SaturdayAdult (m)2,4784455
OiVKpOi VeyAdult (f)1,9476641
v69jPErnest Borgnine of RatlantaAdult (m)2,6596021
o3YXvMegaTon WarheadAdult (m)3,0085620
Lg8BFShawn CraigAdult (m)2,3405692
pGBCZ(pGBCZ)Adult (f)3,2654236
XdspG(XdspG)Adult (m)1,5476014
Ad21f(Ad21f)Adult (m)2,0975491
kmBR5Kimber 5Adult (m)2,0635495
4MKrSMadeline Casablanca LeBeauAdult (f)1,9495311
ZKyPi(ZKyPi)Adult (m)2,9165076
RkNUB(RkNUB)Adult (f)3,1625701
H9snx S'atus xAdult (m)1,9505399
P478x P'eit xAdult (m)4,53740811
TlTDx Li'Eit  xAdult (f)3,5164633
rIULx My Last Frill xAdult (f)4,1643842
g19x6(g19x6)Adult (f)1,9096322
VgNZB(VgNZB)Adult (m)1,7245451
hXaXqFrozen To The FreezerAdult (m)2,0665571
DsGWL(DsGWL)Adult (f)2,5715721
vI6O0(vI6O0)Adult (m)2,0456001
KqsLY(KqsLY)Adult (f)1,8955721
Ksth9(Ksth9)Adult (m)1,9536703
XXHXM(XXHXM)Adult (f)1,8206381
Lxaa4(Lxaa4)Adult (m)2,54550014
4ej5I(4ej5I)Adult (f)2,33550712
opCdR(opCdR)Adult (m)2,1435335
k7xcb(k7xcb)Adult (f)1,9406180
pm8JI(pm8JI)Adult (m)1,9456310
1HmcO(1HmcO)Adult (m)2,4056451
6plip(6plip)Adult (f)2,4576520
DB5EQ(DB5EQ)Adult (m)2,1415182
PtSeE(PtSeE)Adult (m)2,5845211
5xX6v(5xX6v)Adult (m)2,3975631
yxkzj(yxkzj)Adult (f)1,8436063
bpOu4(bpOu4)Adult (m)3,2994331
ucDLiD'LuciAdult (f)2,5875562
ETOcqEto YoshinskiAdult (m)2,0515330
bCeV2Peggy Fortnum for PaddingtonBearAdult (f)2,7475227
nnp04(nnp04)Adult (f)3,0457062
GnRGG(GnRGG)Adult (f)2,1546083
xGddSJoe Rockford Files SantosAdult (f)2,2015304
tCjMzErik Ackbar BauersfeldAdult (m)2,5365386
oDU1zDavid Big Lebowski HuddlestonAdult (m)2,4245843
Awsrf(Awsrf)Adult (f)2,0035541
YJGvC(YJGvC)Adult (m)2,6855332
9HATNI Wear 9 HatsAdult (f)2,5986572
REqcN(REqcN)Adult (f)2,8494181
vR1yY(vR1yY)Adult (f)4,0886353
xLUvU(xLUvU)Adult (f)2,5997031
ApZX7Flake of AmethystAdult (f)2,4365460
2XOoh(2XOoh)Adult (m)1,7896001
KlaZmKlazamAdult (m)1,9536251
P5j32(P5j32)Adult (f)3,03053024
D5fE2(D5fE2)Adult (f)2,4145785
PhWyr(PhWyr)Adult (m)3,4434971
itpQ2(itpQ2)Adult (f)3,5327023
Wg6Rx Lapis xAdult (m)3,7664006
aqBYI Gather Opals of RatlantaAdult (f)1,7855353
QljAv(QljAv)Adult (m)3,6655136
kphjzKenny R2D2 BakerAdult (m)3,2404853
epG7Y(epG7Y)Adult (f)3,0255762
DX1mr(DX1mr)Adult (m)2,3647042
uKhkQTwoHeads AreBetter ThanOneAdult (m)1,8877441
I1bbT1B 2BAdult (f)1,5816951
XlEArEng and ChingAdult (m)2,4296204
cPIe5Emily and AgathaAdult (f)1,9636120
WmOZhDay of InfamyAdult (m)1,8336000
KmAX9Two Mouths To FeedAdult (m)2,6035420
LMqNX(LMqNX)Adult (m)1,6756401
lD1mT(lD1mT)Adult (f)1,8146161
vnOE5(vnOE5)Adult (m)2,0645035
MhbYs(MhbYs)Adult (m)2,0765501
UI9jU(UI9jU)Adult (f)2,4415711
kZaQj(kZaQj)Adult (m)1,8096432
bmxZiMs George CoeAdult (f)1,8676461
Ne3jPNatalie Cole December 31 2015Adult (m)2,6165902
qrrmj(qrrmj)Adult (m)2,4355215
B9qd0(B9qd0)Adult (m)2,4716551
zKQp0(zKQp0)Adult (m)2,3615992
GyYFB(GyYFB)Adult (f)2,9885813
OHposOh PositiveAdult (f)2,0605981
R7fDe(R7fDe)Adult (m)2,5775601
tmt4R(tmt4R)Adult (m)2,6135532
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