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You pick up the scroll labeled “floofeh,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
sgs8(sgs8)Adult (m)1,77247996
WzNG(WzNG)Adult (m)1,29859261
8yyC(8yyC)Adult (f)7,29551729
MzBl(MzBl)Adult (m)76856434
Ohud(Ohud)Adult (f)71946340
W4al(W4al)Adult (f)78738626
eEVh(eEVh)Adult (m)8,5541,20971
jzGP(jzGP)Adult (f)2,88540940
oN38(oN38)Adult (f)1,32173153
ce7Z(ce7Z)Adult (m)3,241632100
rtuP(rtuP)Adult (m)1,48947652
z3wU(z3wU)Adult (f)1,07965350
nMyM(nMyM)Adult (f)69244731
RFvz(RFvz)Adult (m)74946520
XK0q(XK0q)Adult (f)69236133
4A0N(4A0N)Adult (f)69849421
HwmE(HwmE)Adult (f)74847038
eaZ3(eaZ3)Adult (f)55037640
i23C(i23C)Adult (m)98058332
VMfL(VMfL)Adult (m)1,06264430
bzAD(bzAD)Adult (f)76446636
7307(7307)Adult (f)78648650
RZXE(RZXE)Adult (m)76348932
9b3P(9b3P)Adult (m)3,821615113
pleT(pleT)Adult (f)3,842612113
buJJ(buJJ)Adult (m)3,20650464
eVaI(eVaI)Adult (f)1,34675256
YPTe(YPTe)Adult (m)8,5941,21068
ZBBr(ZBBr)Adult (m)94855028
Uubk(Uubk)Adult (f)3,762607117
XiuK(XiuK)Adult (m)92146546
84GE(84GE)Adult (m)1,33677267
AcDe(AcDe)Adult (m)1,76448799
s3bL(s3bL)Adult (f)1,12356956
tHiv(tHiv)Adult (m)1,10358052
1YnV(1YnV)Adult (f)1,72747790
TBNI(TBNI)Adult (f)83151534
y2Sz(y2Sz)Adult (f)81050928
Hiu8(Hiu8)Adult (m)56936037
2rxF(2rxF)Adult (f)8,5181,21073
QSA9(QSA9)Adult (f)3,780608105
mnd3(mnd3)Adult (m)1,75147997
ylI8(ylI8)Adult (f)1,07456953
4UfC(4UfC)Adult (m)1,08458957
UqOJ(UqOJ)Adult (f)72443632
qkJe(qkJe)Adult (m)79559231
635G(635G)Adult (f)88468434
lNgC(lNgC)Adult (m)63137038
6qTf(6qTf)Adult (f)1,35776931
jsgQ(jsgQ)Adult (f)1,31076754
PpBN(PpBN)Adult (f)1,51549331
O5Ex(O5Ex)Adult (f)82652841
7Yhh(7Yhh)Adult (f)1,06755537
AyGi(AyGi)Adult (m)8,5871,21273
PNM9(PNM9)Adult (m)1,32645645
UmBH(UmBH)Adult (f)3,327692109
QK1R(QK1R)Adult (m)69349844
clNF(clNF)Adult (m)67246137
7MHy(7MHy)Adult (m)63844628
i3Tb(i3Tb)Adult (f)69448235
K1Pa(K1Pa)Adult (m)70945640
xyzm(xyzm)Adult (f)74046130
67sF(67sF)Adult (m)78759836
MTl7(MTl7)Adult (f)81960735
gGVp(gGVp)Adult (f)1,04160841
qDDw(qDDw)Adult (f)1,04860050
2lbq(2lbq)Adult (f)70950025
mCYt(mCYt)Adult (f)70646322
KuPC(KuPC)Adult (f)74646142
wjOE(wjOE)Adult (f)3,483756115
XQXV(XQXV)Adult (m)1,00056259
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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