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You pick up the scroll labeled “fari,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
J91k(J91k)Adult (f)4,43937643
uvAQ(uvAQ)Adult (f)6455136
4xxG(4xxG)Adult (m)1,95440229
OhHP(OhHP)Adult (m)1,4894933
flZV(flZV)Adult (m)1,30182535
6hPH(6hPH)Adult (m)2,2076366
eK5b(eK5b)Adult (f)2,0351,18417
jJ4M(jJ4M)Adult (m)6404666
ayvo(ayvo)Adult (m)6454713
GY5K(GY5K)Adult (f)4,5921,4493
jAGM(jAGM)Adult (m)2,5231,04372
rsum(rsum)Adult (m)1,62344213
OcdR(OcdR)Adult (m)1,17671810
bai5(bai5)Adult (f)7786394
1sgM(1sgM)Adult (f)8,1698209
raCQ(raCQ)Adult (f)6525194
e2CN(e2CN)Adult (m)92370816
FeV2(FeV2)Adult (m)8706372
bfHF(bfHF)Adult (m)1,16872822
guWF(guWF)Adult (m)2,1401,28430
g5FE(g5FE)Adult (f)2,3171,38412
WK8I(WK8I)Adult (f)2,77554332
rCBJ(rCBJ)Adult (f)1,37742449
jYLn(jYLn)Adult (f)16,65410,55516
hcCA(hcCA)Adult (m)1,1014434
FDLP(FDLP)Adult (f)1,56870288
DXlk(DXlk)Adult (m)2,5101,12754
ycrK(ycrK)Adult (f)89842970
Ebry(Ebry)Adult (f)2,5821,78511
2eHQB(2eHQB)Adult (m)6,0381,0785
eHto(eHto)Adult (f)8316144
T8k5(T8k5)Adult (f)1,81063243
y2Im(y2Im)Adult (m)5,6953,17440
u8QT(u8QT)Adult (m)3,1871,63343
MuyC(MuyC)Adult (f)1,0227301
8uWI(8uWI)Adult (f)1,3869189
Hgu2(Hgu2)Adult (m)2,24698453
MAA2(MAA2)Adult (f)2,1766742
815b(815b)Adult (f)1,46750810
S5pY(S5pY)Adult (m)4,8661,34025
mjPJ(mjPJ)Adult (f)3,7358833
Bm10(Bm10)Adult (f)1,57964419
ipV7(ipV7)Adult (f)1,2918899
cYK0(cYK0)Adult (f)5,0591,7113
9uqM(9uqM)Adult (f)5,1831,7476
Y0Tj(Y0Tj)Adult (f)2,74175611
hZF5(hZF5)Adult (f)5,8831,2316
dcC1(dcC1)Adult (m)7,3391,8269
8v7OT(8v7OT)Adult (m)2,2875672
99vv(99vv)Adult (f)9934403
cVRX(cVRX)Adult (f)7586245
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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