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You pick up the scroll labeled “existed,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
aUJ6NMy FacebookAdult (f)3,0428464
G3TlcExisted4nothingAdult (m)2,8958453
23POMNewBoornAdult (m)1,4086411
FBr7sXooxooXAdult (m)4,5151,3781
Exsu6(Exsu6)Adult (f)5,0181,25115
STaPWYooyooYAdult (m)3,4678763
KshtvVampire DrakiraAdult (f)9,5271,46115
uZ45NGod Cantt Help UsAdult (f)2,84189911
dTkFIHarem KingAdult (m)4,8929598
nBnNZPrincess of Evil LandAdult (f)1,5606975
XphegVamp DrakianaAdult (f)5,3721,1082
8vNMiSmooththoofAdult (m)1,8447357
22X4mVampire DeamonAdult (m)8,1481,65122
5AcHhHellscream 2012Adult (m)1,9886755
Thi1bStarless Queen 2012Adult (f)2,1176783
nrlGOKing of Nothing 2012Adult (m)2,1037503
bRqZDQueen of Nothing 2012Adult (f)1,9446892
eCi7fFerdinando Rodriges 2012Adult (m)2,1427693
CU29uSofia Rodriges 2012Adult (f)2,0167252
mqiYtIkubashi marakito 2012Adult (m)2,0997334
4RpjdKillme first time 2012Adult (f)2,1157413
eTmoVI was there 2012Adult (m)1,9597074
FP4p3(FP4p3)Adult (f)1,8786587
SlNPJ(SlNPJ)Adult (m)2,0517249
ArMZv(ArMZv)Adult (f)2,1697573
IQaHJ(IQaHJ)Adult (m)1,9937274
EXZcs(EXZcs)Adult (f)1,9646494
L7LR9Viktorijos Drake 2012Adult (m)2,3138302
LGi15Nereikejo 2012Adult (f)1,9687114
OdA4PHalloween Midget 2012Hatchling (f, F)1,8866572
fWE3KGhoust Walker 2011Adult (m)4,3211,0933
mqpMoGhoust Walkerian 2011Adult (f)4,3801,1975
knuk0Shadow Walker Shadow 2011Adult (m)4,4021,1783
metk2Shadow Walker Shadowian 2011Adult (f)4,4321,1783
jYlUDDoomed Shadow Walker 2011Adult (m)4,3371,1684
Q7FJXDoomed Shadow Walkerrian 2011Adult (f)4,5191,2576
9pZEQDead Ghoust 2011Adult (m)4,5731,2074
ccG0aDead Ghoustian 2011Adult (f)4,4031,2103
vQkTmLiving Shadow 2011Adult (m)4,5601,2103
4f6fiLiving Shadowian 2011Adult (f)4,6961,2694
oV7IADead in Pebles 2011Adult (m)4,6221,2323
ECBGjDead Lady in Pebles 2011Adult (f)4,5301,2413
CBnd9Shining Ghoust 2011Adult (m)4,6051,2254
QI52UGhoust Master 2011Adult (f)4,3611,1854
bcTTADead King 2011Adult (m)4,5381,2393
ND70FDead Queen 2011Adult (f)4,4801,2074
ajgaMFadless 2011Adult (m)6,3321,3771
HSmbDFadlessian 2011Adult (f)6,8901,3723
PpLOIPhontom Lord 2011Adult (m)4,8351,3312
ITIvBPhontom Queen 2011Adult (f)4,7111,3561
cpj1jMist Master 2011Adult (m)4,8801,3062
VAUcuMist Masters Lady 2011Adult (f)4,9291,3072
q0STUGhoust Without Shadow 2011Adult (m)4,5881,3081
EV1bOGhoust Without Shadow Lady 2011Adult (f)5,0141,3642
Tck7NShadow Stalker Guy 2011Adult (m)4,6231,2991
JEV8pShadow Stalker Lady 2011Adult (f)4,9331,5475
jld7uDark Goust Pasenger 2011Adult (m)4,6561,3012
TGgPYDark Goust Pasenger Lady 2011Adult (f)4,8201,4596
pqplgSpirit Dream Walker 2011Adult (m)4,5891,2881
Sgp8tSpirit Dream Walker Lady 2011Adult (f)3,2621,1691
WLvVBLiucifer's Goust 2011Adult (m)4,5771,2682
2vs0ULiucifer's Lady Goust 2011Adult (f)3,0921,1441
uedrjShadow Walker 2011Adult (m)3,2701,1018
m6CWHShadow Walker Lady 2011Adult (f)3,2231,0888
C8LfsGhoust From Alpes 2011Adult (f)4,6401,2603
pbPDFGhoust From Forest 2011Adult (f)4,2381,0815
d1o5gLittle Shadow Cuty 2011Hatchling (m, F)2,3147876
JZdoSShadow Little Dragon 2011Hatchling (F)2,2247646
aefEgHellowen Skull King 2011Adult (m)8,5101,67210
nXuGNHellowen Skull Queen 2011Adult (f)8,1701,6478
7EkMpHellowen Skull Drake 2011Adult (m)6,7241,77812
kgmLcHellowen Skull Drakira 2011Adult (f)9,2891,9227
CoSNi(CoSNi)Adult (m)4,9941,2393
FaeAhHellowen Skeletton Guy 2011Adult (m)9,0671,9119
1g9js(1g9js)Adult (m)5,0441,2432
fdPikHellowen Skeletton Lady 2011Adult (f)6,9211,74611
oeEL1Little Skull Dragon From 2011Hatchling (f, F)3,3171,0689
9nDpUHellowen Pumkin King 2011Adult (m)4,6121,2967
kYa2BHellowen Pumkin Queen 2011Adult (f)4,6121,3163
68RfnPumkin Dragon Guy 2011Adult (m)6,7901,8147
F2C54Pumkin Dragon Lady 2011Adult (f)6,8941,7975
mzi3v(mzi3v)Adult (m)5,5241,1665
ZMR9y(ZMR9y)Adult (m)5,2491,2524
l5lmMThe Lonely Pumkin Dragon 2011Adult (m)7,0021,7797
u1EdFLittle Pumkin Drake 2011Hatchling (m, F)6,4001,0523
XbxFG(XbxFG)Adult (f)4,4031,0102
sLUBX(sLUBX)Adult (f)4,5521,0132
sDvqsCrismas Special 2012Adult (m)2,0145684
36QWiCrismas Will End 2012Adult (m)2,6866164
fTG4TWinter Drake 2011Adult (m)5,9031,6552
SC6meSpider Winter Dragon 2011Adult (m)5,8891,6954
PqPDTCristmas Candy Spirit 2011Adult (m)2,4788743
cHadCI'm Feel Holiday Much 2011Adult (m)2,4288221
I6ROg(I6ROg)Adult (m)4,5381,0391
i4tRq(i4tRq)Adult (m)5,5831,0332
2FBA7Look Its Holiday Spirit 2011Adult (f)2,4578082
bUqtHCristmas Spirit 2011Adult (f)2,6528923
ITpg8Dragon With Cristmas Spirit 2011Adult (f)2,3718132
vKpXbPerfect Cristmas Spirit 2011Adult (f)2,6618311
8mN8dHappy Valentine 2014Adult (m)4,1041,0971
uynYLValentine Drake form 2014Adult (m)4,3301,1161
HuhpE(HuhpE)Adult (f)3,1418482
ZPCcN(ZPCcN)Adult (f)3,1378483
VTSGOValentine Spirit 2012Adult (m)5,3411,5971
1kNSOValentine Passenger 2012Adult (m)4,6881,5289
Oh3DQChoco Love Maker 2012Adult (m)1,8687796
HIG1qChoco Lover 2012Adult (m)1,7497736
VSXfcRoselia 2012Adult (f)5,8921,82810
9Fl5PMake Me Happy 2012Adult (f)4,9501,5275
4EKqoLovetronia 2012Adult (f)4,6551,5577
4appEFeral Lover 2012Adult (f)4,6581,3455
eRGmFThe Flame GodAdult (m)6,9911,3126
Vi7rJThe Flame GoddessAdult (f)3,6411,23626
G5D5iLava JrAdult (m)4,8911,5749
Y94hRLave Jr BrotherAdult (m)5,0031,1707
O27uvThe Ice GodAdult (m)6,2612,07130
TcioeThe Ice GoddessAdult (f)8,2871,38713
ktrQUIce JrAdult (m)4,7371,4813
bmKWUIce Lega LadyAdult (f)3,1106225
I0GgtBombolejoAdult (m)1,4806678
vLpM6The Thunder GodAdult (m)4,7471,34120
vjWAvThe Thunder GoddessAdult (f)4,5611,3316
5bXDXThunder  JrAdult (m)4,6601,4945
uWptpGolden King DrakeAdult (m)4,5861,38124
u2tQqGolden King DrakiraAdult (f)7,4371,08311
UOFY6Golden Drake KingAdult (m)6,1261,66113
kkQs0Golden Drake QueenAdult (f)6,1781,64118
IKbOMGolden Monster DracoAdult (m)9,4908442
QosPI(QosPI)Adult (m)6,4989162
iQXKVMidget DMN You RightHatchling (m, F)6,4399051
bnSeiSilver King DrakeAdult (m)6,1991,4015
Lg1cUSilver King DrakiraAdult (f)8,6661,4972
NN3LUSilver Drake KingAdult (m)6,1321,63920
huOdkSilver Drake QueenAdult (f)6,0861,61916
7qVbX(7qVbX)Adult (m)6,0849063
3HJ6X(3HJ6X)Adult (f)6,8499962
XM6VA(XM6VA)Adult (m)7,4857758
KQ4pCBronze King DrakeAdult (m)6,2091,63122
BeHasBronze King DrakiraAdult (f)8,8291,0246
XkUVvBronze King SlaveAdult (m)9,9478143
kOKQdBronze King SlaveianAdult (f)11,4351,5585
0PVqD(0PVqD)Adult (m)6,5929584
VItn7Bronze Monster DrakiraAdult (f)8,1439703
M4j0j(M4j0j)Adult (m)6,2531,5001
0oC9V(0oC9V)Adult (f)5,9291,2202
BlFNk(BlFNk)Adult (m)6,0441,2503
Bn8g1Peiper DemonAdult3,6821,19827
Y53mjPeiper AngelAdult5,7971,55817
WcbHOPeiper MasterAdult2,5417422
MB0DjThe Best Cheese EverAdult5,6961,84236
AfmcsPurple with shoseAdult8,1701,5946
hjuE0The Miss ChickenAdult (f)7,0172,02833
8oRiCLittle ChiskenHatchling (F)9092150
4UUBr(4UUBr)Adult (m)1,5576461
iJ0E5(iJ0E5)Adult (f)2,6954061
cd6yh(cd6yh)Adult (m)4,5881,3412
wTxep(wTxep)Adult (m)4,7131,3611
2Mq40(2Mq40)Adult (m)3,6098731
6kA4v(6kA4v)Adult (m)4,4571,3771
k9WrR(k9WrR)Adult (m)3,6038712
uO4Vy(uO4Vy)Adult (m)4,6631,3291
uCjs2(uCjs2)Adult (m)3,5468352
5PBBj(5PBBj)Adult (f)3,5278531
dAJFe(dAJFe)Adult (f)3,5019133
LQmTL(LQmTL)Adult (f)3,3838661
naMWb(naMWb)Adult (m)4,3828960
VWXFjJust a warlockAdult (f)5,3391,51116
nue1YTrade with meAdult (m)2,3168884
elLYhMagic HatterAdult (m)3,3811,12333
bpNSqFocusPocusAdult (m)5,0601,49822
OchZEDark Magic ArtisantAdult (m)5,7241,1634
8p8gECan i help youAdult (f)2,08684814
Tht9aYour gold is welcome hereAdult (f)5,0721,2933
8ojeiYou Win In LoteryAdult (f)2,0205533
gq0b3Sheveral MageAdult (f)4,0751,1755
JfaioFamilion TraderAdult (f)1,94680712
arkTAFishstickAdult (m)3,4521,0812
4uWWFSea ManAdult (m)3,2351,1004
l7Of9Fishi FishiAdult (m)3,9121,0703
ENOfUFish DrakeAdult (m)3,8554711
MTJgsSea MageAdult (m)5,6799171
jXOtGLiving with FisheesAdult (m)8,3481,5874
n14hYFrankenkugelisAdult (m)6,3281,4164
E7IuWSea DrikiarianAdult (f)4,0433681
Wm3YYGerionianAdult (f)3,3754073
g8KjWFish Stick LadyAdult (f)6,8831,1852
8kRMeLady SplasherAdult (f)10,5301,8071
g8h6XLoving SmilerAdult (m)5,7621,71820
GTNn1Loving smileAdult (f)5,6221,62432
0QDJrLoving KisserAdult (m)2,9401,17725
dLCr5Loving KisseriaAdult (f)2,5719542
pSTV2Loving HugAdult (m)3,5531,1102
JkbFRLoving HugianAdult (f)6,2531,5883
0VgKrLoving FaceAdult (m)4,0201,2222
Wef7VLoving FaceianAdult (f)4,2363482
M5poWPink DevilianAdult (m)4,7741,37623
v9b7APink DevilianaAdult (f)3,6761,57924
8VWfPPinkfolionAdult (m)3,6941,13025
QH2ZnLittle Pink DevilianaAdult (f)5,7941,54824
uRjlpPinky DemonAdult (m)3,7421,0935
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