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You pick up the scroll labeled “erasanae,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
oTYirSEMI-INACTIVE YOAdult4,4287236
noTA1TY VERY MUCHAdult7,3629579
xPaHnPahndaAdult (m)3,38176520
GPpKoHungry Hungry Hipto MoonAdult (f)3,2336130
isPFjBrilStone MoonAdult (f)6,0431,1574
WwprRUnderBurdened MoonAdult (m)3,1406064
6kQtN(6kQtN)Adult (m)2,5657732
xCsoTCloventineAdult (m)3,7467351
mEv1hAthena's AngelAdult (m)5,4911,1473
Gmx8pPhienoraAdult (m)6,1141,1408
akfFA(akfFA)Adult (m)2,6447791
NSZnN(NSZnN)Adult (m)2,5238052
UK9puCocoaleafAdult (m)3,6857592
I9FRcSugarrollAdult (m)3,6607442
dSJO2LicoricetulipsAdult (m)4,4969993
45ov4TangPetalsAdult (m)5,3711,1633
KJQJaChocolatePansyAdult (m)5,9911,1585
YgZhOBitterVioletAdult (m)6,0271,1124
Be0OhSweetRosieAdult (m)5,9311,1345
H2pPlFINA-FREAKING-LLYAdult (f)4,3677533
MogAW(MogAW)Adult (f)5,2106533
POV8jPoviAdult (f)5,6896722
74LnHI d j i tHatchling (F)2,5183047
gwbZKAworii SunAdult (m)2,5326472
xPPQlLluim SunAdult (m)2,6487212
eQRNEeqorne SunAdult (f)3,9757171
d9qxMChristali SunAdult (m)4,3737611
iyZ0EForbad SunAdult (f)2,4275671
N73DaAbiden SunAdult (m)2,4125581
JSajfLu Xingmeng MagicAdult (f)5,0317392
DjIhQThor's Buddy MagicAdult (m)3,4686802
scq6cThor's wife MagicAdult (f)5,5091,0514
9Sk1EHubba Bubbs MoonAdult (m)4,0606552
BNBplHubba Nubbs MoonAdult (m)4,2026360
9p1hPRakth MoonAdult (m)3,2896384
lMK0uThe ghost of BobbyHatchling (f, F)3,2555222
MlxnSMichael's vesselAdult (f)2,8306011
Cu8ttRuby's VesselAdult (f)3,1536501
pFQa2Castiel's VesselAdult (m)3,1166450
2Mox6Sam's vessalAdult (f)3,9396821
bUNYaLittle BunyHatchling (F)6591691
XUMD3COCKtaill MagicAdult (f)2,4806964
vfR9OBlue macha MagicAdult (m)3,0026332
kxqtsHopscotch drink MagicAdult (m)4,9258011
iZboiAndreii MagicAdult (f)3,9225870
pNldpLight of Eversong WoodsAdult (m)5,7796400
iUNFMFlight of PloofAdult (f)6,3486600
sxDY9Kaliffa TjenAdult (f)3,4265844
IpJTj(IpJTj)Adult (f)5,8309421
vS4FCPurpley Silver 7GAdult (f)4,3478549
UrQZUSiIver purple 6GAdult (f)4,2888618
PfFf7wait for me in hellAdult (m)6,49297110
QeN6aResting MoonAdult (f)6,6641,0352
dgmSsFrozenDYINGBIRDS MoonAdult (f)3,2766581
cJwwEFrozen Hamburger MoonAdult (f)3,8116620
sxjb4Crystallized Sushi MoonAdult (f)7,6077222
d5SDQI date Silvers too MoonAdult (m)9,9098242
gtEkRSilber Drachen MoonAdult (m)11,7758185
xoZlW(xoZlW)Adult (m)4,9799452
o6EyqPLEASE DO NOT ADD TO HATCHSITESHatchling (F)2,3181692
o4SqrBaleheimAdult (f)6,2518781
KAaRw(KAaRw)Adult (f)4,1337692
cwcjWSabphiAdult (m)3,2626682
ItgjpPanties MoonAdult (f)4,0348571
FEgSXI'm a pretty blue dragonAdult (m)4,0328202
b5qLJBoxers MoonAdult (m)3,8368162
vbgb1Durotar SAAdult (f)5,5121,0781
JnFgS(JnFgS)Adult (m)5,0639670
4AXhwsplendourrAdult (f)3,2008954
msKUrVelavia BeetleAdult (m)3,7075485
wCosJRoyal Crim MoonAdult (f)4,4667545
hwaDkCrimmson MoonAdult (f)5,2817881
oES1QObsession Anxiety WarriorAdult (m)6,6639663
dzZY6Seaa Lee  MoonAdult (m)3,5727767
Fe6tc(Fe6tc)Adult (m)2,7665652
tpa5h(tpa5h)Adult (m)3,0125331
2Wi3aCharlie SkycreatorAdult (f)3,2376262
D9WbuButyla MoonAdult (f)3,4706013
kkunPIstlyla freakyAdult (f)7,6719000
h1rC5Adytae FreakyAdult (m)9,1397636
AoImPAnduin-LotharAdult (m)3,2316003
HEq53I whip my tail side to sideAdult (m)3,2787744
MEQ7Qmy wings up and downAdult (m)3,2657793
dpmGJforth- I whipAdult (f)3,3168313
CR14Fhair back andAdult (m)3,1077874
sPIr4I whip myAdult (m)2,9967752
NFD1qNyetae MoonAdult (m)3,6798433
0PZarOstrya MoonAdult (f)3,5918361
MsYMBMstyl MoonAdult (m)3,5438311
jVW5PEfya MoonAdult (m)3,2538581
87eBtEdyta MoonAdult (f)2,6296586
Ij2n1oeqAdult (m)2,4306201
pWpV0resnAdult (f)5,7307292
2t7aytoucheeAdult (f)6,6241,1611
ewEmcReady MagicAdult (f)3,3576221
uOm5YTepn MagicAdult (m)3,2586061
15haKTesn MagicAdult (m)4,4297130
N5zGiTasn MagicAdult (f)5,1699061
e0qUY(e0qUY)Adult (m)4,9565844
ZtRtdMangoBacca MoonAdult (f)8,2175624
4xV8FCherryBacca MoonAdult (f)5,8437843
xNHWFChewyBacca MoonAdult (m)3,9736900
7zxr6boopiAdult (f)3,1875992
D5eXM(D5eXM)Adult (f)3,4148321
QZa3j(QZa3j)Adult (m)3,4238421
f49Zny esAdult (f)6,20490516
hgwdsI date idk MagicAdult (f)3,9527041
6GN85Yummy Spitfires MagicAdult (f)3,1266530
uGliwWhy no love me silver MagicAdult (m)4,7447502
W4PgDIhopefullydateSilverTinsels MagiAdult (f)4,4367272
xNRvF(xNRvF)Adult (m)4,1419435
uUtLa(uUtLa)Adult (f)5,7129913
yrD8OY o e yAdult (f)7,2287605
fXsyVWtf is Stilas SunAdult (f)6,9918022
5WJ9aS H I M M E R L I N GHatchling (F)5,2454221
Forf1(Forf1)Adult (m)5,2767583
BCeX3light of-EarendilAdult (m)5,4908062
f7sXPLittle grey SunAdult (f)7,3127623
7Ev7cPrecious SilaZAdult (f)10,1658285
8HVb7Golden Shimmer SunAdult (m)7,3359715
g8dh4Bronze GravelerAdult (m)6,5657705
ayFVSay a bonfireAdult (f)6,5309454
AfzNFfootcableAdult (f)5,8069639
y4mmNy4mAdult (f)7,6661,0295
slvjtBashal'AranAdult (f)6,6828125
icOguIco SunAdult (f)7,7879625
BaNGBBang llAdult (m)7,7549028
93yN3N3 SunAdult (f)6,1781,2283
KnVZ2VZ2 SunAdult (m)6,4951,1823
hmFERFeb sunAdult (f)6,6181,1233
RGAWdSolo solist x7 SunAdult (m)5,5788451
whSq0M o l o x6 SunAdult (m)7,7157553
kzp1OD o l o x5 SunAdult (f)7,8337133
YdvW3P o l o x4 SunAdult (f)7,8836812
MeZ8cDOLLA YEAH NAH SunAdult (m)4,9299384
EVylVEvy SunAdult (m)10,5349728
3P0REBlister Foot SunAdult (m)7,0558877
h00YihooyiAdult (f)6,5739162
hAnSgHan-SologAdult (f)5,3548628
VOgq6SilverTin x6 SunAdult (f)5,8938474
e1eh9SilverTin x5 SunAdult (m)6,3938666
3BoS9SilverTin x4 SunAdult (f)6,9158765
Ra7DGS i l v e r L e n s SunAdult (m)9,34467710
WMChGSilver Tonsels SunAdult (f)5,4148320
C4pjCPolo Yes SunAdult (f)10,0018392
zPNkT(zPNkT)Adult (f)7,7959216
4ut6NSe'WestfallAdult (m)8,7958198
r7UKrMoola SunAdult (m)6,3888555
YVv4RGolden Raisin SunAdult (m)6,8478736
FuQBHDol x4 SunAdult (m)6,57477511
qW4vfDolo YES SunAdult (f)9,5767684
VgJeO(VgJeO)Adult (m)6,9471,0348
aZxkjP3 MagicAdult (f)2,9606001
5jUDpP2 MagicAdult (m)2,9526321
RtGfmP1 MagicAdult (f)2,9635921
Wmsj5Pink Catastrophe II MagicAdult (f)3,6306710
chJA6Tap Tap goes my Slippers MagicAdult (f)9,4898042
W9OubSunstroke Of Love MagicAdult (m)11,3491,1022
tWddiLittleCandyFloss MagicAdult (m)4,4908221
j9njDGesondheid SunAdult (f)3,7426672
YJDWAGazuntite SunAdult (m)6,9797605
xDWUXxD WuxAdult (m)3,5385491
3LpZx(3LpZx)Adult (m)3,4116751
OQq4K(OQq4K)Adult (m)3,1335662
Zc0AF(Zc0AF)Adult (f)3,9719541
1DEfG(1DEfG)Adult (m)3,4746360
iZtqpUaski MoonAdult (m)7,1791,12719
aigEG(aigEG)Adult (m)5,0659933
wOXbgEuski MoonAdult (f)6,0211,0786
hFjDHFirefIy chaserAdult (f)3,5188943
Rc2TtOmen of GoIdAdult (m)2,4617053
FHd12Cutiefrog MagicAdult (m)5,8658595
zUssMFlamist MagicAdult (f)10,9657770
ltHHV(ltHHV)Adult (m)5,0438600
xirJr(xirJr)Adult (f)3,9835821
ql1mk(ql1mk)Adult (m)8,0551,2487
4zBdkDire MaulAdult (f)6,44385820
pKlMmSweating MagicAdult (f)4,1776640
x9PPWStevenStove MagicAdult (m)3,9496881
CDFMRBennyBoo MagicAdult (f)7,1477930
CKe3AJacktheCrack MagicAdult (m)6,2866771
VnXSlCitrusll MagicAdult (m)7,2377124
oFCIzNokon TjenAdult (m)4,0776243
3asr8Steraa MoonAdult (f)6,0758873
dUELJD u e l MoonAdult (f)6,1389215
wuJOiGlass breakerAdult (m)3,0944873
AxZt7Ormch MoonAdult (f)7,0369952
M7vQN(M7vQN)Adult (f)4,3537551
RvCnT(RvCnT)Adult (m)3,5687960
wJNZC(wJNZC)Adult (f)3,6548050
Jxd3I(Jxd3I)Adult (f)3,7617890
nnFXSHighperch IIAdult (m)4,6708944
LRnttKitilst MoonAdult (m)3,9936972
cAeEQMyNameisGod MagicAdult (m)10,8737305
GDu2z(GDu2z)Adult (m)8,5197766
4f9pcNacredrop MoonAdult (m)7,6465555
Qh3GWAmericanHomie MoonAdult (m)6,3839083
EyEOXBurst MoonAdult (f)11,6511,1312
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