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    You pick up the scroll labeled “enigma,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    doZ7(doZ7)Adult (f)1,2236304
    S2Ce(S2Ce)Adult (f)1,2849485
    OaKo(OaKo)Adult (f)1,1758296
    K8pF(K8pF)Adult (m)1,1178392
    Xup5(Xup5)Adult (f)7756094
    KyFQ(KyFQ)Adult (f)66015721
    wSAq(wSAq)Adult (f)1,1027543
    g4y0(g4y0)Adult (m)7604944
    eIRR(eIRR)Adult (f)9636385
    HNqc(HNqc)Adult (m)9507452
    DjeV(DjeV)Adult (m)9347403
    dxhP(dxhP)Adult (f)1,2948734
    9uR3(9uR3)Adult (m)1,1297982
    lJVN(lJVN)Adult (f)1,0767862
    apeX(apeX)Adult (f)1,76954512
    PohD(PohD)Adult (m)1,0447864
    h9nV(h9nV)Adult (m)7425788
    OkVF(OkVF)Adult (f)75858110
    ZIyZ(ZIyZ)Adult (m)1,8411,05414
    ZvxK(ZvxK)Adult (f)89451611
    HEqK(HEqK)Adult (f)1,12955314
    pona(pona)Adult (f)92872017
    P836(P836)Adult (f)91571418
    e8CM(e8CM)Adult (m)1,48490733
    8iD8(8iD8)Adult (f)2,12894734
    CMZy(CMZy)Adult (m)2,9721,20323
    UVB1(UVB1)Adult (f)2,13548838
    Peeo(Peeo)Adult (m)1,15669813
    JoLb(JoLb)Adult (f)1,16070314
    k6IH(k6IH)Adult (f)2,02791219
    nZml(nZml)Adult (m)1,93055518
    5Ir6(5Ir6)Adult (f)3,0571,48435
    eEO5(eEO5)Adult (f)2,2941,14644
    2ikI(2ikI)Adult (m)2,09859725
    maeZ(maeZ)Adult (f)2,38372215
    I3Gh(I3Gh)Adult (f)3,18094915
    XiO6(XiO6)Adult (f)2,23256217
    iB2U(iB2U)Adult (m)2,34959116
    6AoC(6AoC)Adult (f)4,4411,27522
    3F5c(3F5c)Adult (f)2,74479132
    qyE6(qyE6)Adult (m)3,7651,17019
    oiUF(oiUF)Adult (f)2,66991021
    4AvE(4AvE)Adult (m)2,28680722
    cf7d(cf7d)Adult (f)2,38885221
    Zy39(Zy39)Adult (m)2,23276038
    K7WE(K7WE)Adult (m)2,43586745
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    If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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