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You pick up the scroll labeled “empressdonna,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
W7frWiley SandcomberAdult (m)1,89973910
YiWsEttore StrongshieldAdult (m)1,8517029
LqARAureole SkydrifterAdult (f)2,42789512
dI8JIantha SkydancerAdult (f)2,50087412
NdOgFlamingo SwiftwingAdult (f)5,7491,38123
NeOvBruadair SweetdreamerAdult (m)2,76990520
G2DhLachtna SparklehealerAdult (m)1,67263724
iOhHJocasta SpecialwingsAdult (f)2,34454025
UeArYue SlightchangerAdult (m)2,07754122
ofcYHorse SoftwalkerAdult (m)1,74253231
XWloYolanda StripebackAdult (f)1,50261521
uZliAutumn SwiftchangerAdult (f)1,26467639
HNofYahto SkywingAdult (m)1,53352312
k0UfKali SweetmarrowAdult (f)1,59561518
eBeSMeri SeadiverAdult (f)87044421
WWEgRen SpeedswimmerAdult (f)1,35355627
m49iHai SeasleeperAdult (m)1,26253920
IKQiArlen SuperswimmerAdult (m)80345228
9q8VChristmas SpecialtimeAdult (f)80946326
LD1JWinter SnowflurryAdult (f)1,32748423
EfZkAbellio SapdrinkerAdult (m)1,95983121
KKGVMatt SmoothsailerAdult (m)84643725
QfShAlbino StretchlingAdult (m)76740638
oMr2Sunsong SweetsingerAdult (m)1,57155426
BhHGBSpring GreenwingAdult (f)3,92543615
dnVhoSom GoldenfruitAdult (f)1,32757719
KKtZsZap GoldenglowAdult (m)2,86648221
bLIbUAdam GrowingfireAdult (m)3,97988412
kcvmcFluffy GentlebounceAdult (f)3,70096220
jTlbJSummer Thuwed GreenleavesAdult (m)1,85081315
RDvlgSunny GoldenlightAdult (f)1,60484513
iIV0bMartha SoftlightAdult (f)1,61584921
Em56FFluff GoodpillowAdult (m)3,18452828
eIKFZJade GreenwingsAdult (m)4,78846024
laZrRRust GoldenwingAdult (f)3,71243110
LpZU2Mist GreatestflightAdult (m)3,65544610
7YYe7Matilda GoodwingAdult (f)3,94061935
U7uFzAnna GlossywingAdult (f)4,08362229
GuO82Serene GentlescentAdult (f)4,24677335
qfAcmMirelle GorgeouswingAdult (f)4,29178636
gzIWqOscar GlitterwingAdult (m)3,86983130
MwbaKRin SpecialwingsAdult (m)3,88981334
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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