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You pick up the scroll labeled “emmaline,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
OdRHDaniel Jackson IkkaiAdult (m)6,1272,916221
M9DFMandy IkkaiAdult (f)6,1192,700106
iYXgAizig NikaiAdult (m)4,5032,706257
XuBsXubis NikaiAdult (f)4,1152,613207
VoMNDubstep GodanAdult (f)2,3851,367101
UfALYou Fail NankaiAdult (f)1,8251,12419
n42nLife Universe Everything NankaiAdult (m)1,42189617
kmwhKamweh IkkaiAdult (f)3,0811,87330
dmHeAizag NankaiAdult (f)2,0741,12937
ZZ7vZero NankaiAdult (m)2,3901,24014
JdChJadach NikoHatchling (m, F)3,7582,557226
vnHSVenheisa NikoHatchling (f, F)4,2732,715229
hE7iHedi SenkoHatchling (F)1,0111966
2LISToulouse IkkaiAdult (m)1,3894286
CKbfBeau IkkoHatchling (m, F)1,39541616
3DCLSha're IkkaiAdult (f)6,0362,897108
NHCINihaci NikaiAdult (f)4,1192,645231
83jpPrescience NankaiAdult (f)3,8601,70932
2BO7Tibot SankoHatchling (f, F)3,8452,481171
EYOGEgg IkkaiAdult (f)9497652
QNo4Kinoa IkkaiAdult (f)8866561
GrARSamantha Carter IkkaiAdult (f)6,0122,885113
Y5wDYasha NankaiAdult (f)2,1911,706164
wiz4Wiza NankaiAdult (f)1,5501,24276
ubhvRoisin Dubh NankaiAdult (m)2,5221,412104
OJ4fDivebomb NankaiAdult (f)8,6412,35744
cfYlSanrio SangaiAdult (m)4,7911,1176
oEJOHell Fire NikaiAdult (f)5,8951,65046
RSegqStump SangaiAdult (m)4,5791,0641
Qx2SNiko NikoHatchling (f, F)3,8272,509147
bcyxStyx NankoHatchling (m, F)90940713
vsnwDark Wing NikoHatchling (m, F)65448012
e9BwDrupert NankoHatchling (f, F)6955108
OsTJOtis NankoHatchling (f, F)1,48342044
c3JbCJ NankoHatchling (m, F)91465547
G7sMBlack Rose NankoHatchling (f, F)1,70185217
ujZABiro NankoHatchling (m, F)2,8881,01222
ZcePZaphira NankaiAdult (f)1,8011,199127
xEPcDarkling NankoHatchling (m, F)2,9251,54050
nmRtGallows NankoHatchling (m, F)1,16530727
x5kjGlimmer NankoHatchling (m, F)1,27386120
tLlIlTilly IkkaiAdult (f)3,7976404
t3Qan(t3Qan)Adult (m)2,8945646
WUbXk(WUbXk)Adult (m)2,5096173
5AYRIre SangaiAdult (m)1,0424644
ITZBIts Bee NikaiAdult (f)5,9611,40511
nFDvSangria SangaiAdult (m)4,5731,2743
9o3cNiet IkkaiAdult (m)4,1731,06315
egAGDEgads IkkaiAdult (f)5,3385522
bB2rBaiter IkkaiAdult (m)1,3064534
ZaPNZappin IkkaiAdult (m)1,3254171
AaEbNursery Rhyme IkkoHatchling (m, F)1,2924166
9op7Gee Whiz IkkaiAdult1,9646484
RKGaMac IkkoHatchling (F)5,5229273
Lqc4(Lqc4)Adult (f)4,0062,560154
p8Sg(p8Sg)Hatchling (f, F)2,2141,664104
uV6nVixen IkkaiAdult (m)1,5681,10128
iSkAIska IkkoHatchling (m, F)1,27191520
bHDW(bHDW)Hatchling (f, F)1,2853738
pv8OWhisper IkkaiAdult (f)1,5164188
8hKn(8hKn)Adult (f)3,7268492
hBoT(hBoT)Adult (f)3,7758584
AhrGJ(AhrGJ)Adult (m)2,9837033
WQLn6(WQLn6)Adult (m)2,9786921
MjdCsMajesty IkkaiAdult (m)5,7321,1173
Rl3hVRevel IkkaiAdult (m)6,0331,1484
KKEDKikei IkkaiAdult (f)5,4971,2426
reCHRech IkkaiAdult (m)5,8151,2093
ZUJMZujm IkkaiAdult (m)3,9222,596157
BNG7Bingo NankaiAdult (f)2,9201,52172
Mu27Mutant NikaiAdult (m)1,88045813
E77KIsaac IkkoHatchling (m, F)76534810
NmLX(NmLX)Hatchling (f, F)85540739
3In6Thrix NankoHatchling (f, F)1,36973544
JwOUJuwou NankoHatchling (m, F)1,47541845
2xeMTic Tac NikaiAdult (m)3,7892,513185
GjppGidgit SankoHatchling (f, F)3,0201,976135
3V5nEvan IkkaiAdult (m)9177422
cI7iMeridian SandanAdult (m)3,37253412
9dG9Berem SandanAdult (m)1,1693285
JmQFJammer IkkaiAdult (m)1,6235992
SJNl(SJNl)Hatchling (m, F)1,3724862
Qe6oPurpura IkkaiAdult (f)8836561
8vUrAver IkkoHatchling (f, F)1,0104132
XAtwZephyr NikaiAdult (f)8986782
hM1dHumid NikaiAdult (f)9757003
EYNtEyn NankoHatchling (m, F)1,5526155
hQvOHolo IkkaiAdult (f)1,4274897
EnZBEnzo IkkaiAdult (m)1,3304183
9sPunGates of Hell SangaiAdult (m)3,4924105
MskoHLovelost YonkaiAdult (f)3,6299323
U7IW7Mage IkkaiAdult (f)2,8335052
CjjHUCJ Cherryh GodanAdult (m)3,9654182
TodgSDog Days NikaiAdult (m)6,3031,1064
rpJ5Rip Jive NikaiAdult (f)6,0351,0244
QxVOShrieker IkkaiAdult (m)1,02652616
cYAZCyan IkkaiAdult (f)1,0498039
OtDFOdie IkkaiAdult (m)1,7151,2417
R8zxwen RexieHatchling (f, F)1,0558018
pMsBSubliminal NikaiAdult (m)1,73246331
0BiiObi Wan NikaiAdult (m)7534986
FgfIFitfall NankaiAdult (f)8254893
eoJg(eoJg)Hatchling (f, F)2,2917639
TO8oLyre IkkaiAdult (f)5,0451,0786
Ku9qGemma IkkaiAdult (f)4,0711,1223
nh6VNaia IkkaiAdult (f)4,5351,2033
9fK4YNifty NikaiAdult (m)3,7453824
4UPSQueensent IkkaiAdult (f)6,5002,699129
oXiUMistress IkkaiAdult (f)2,5841,958158
QPIRCooper SandanAdult (m)1,8431,090115
39HcPrincet NankaiAdult (f)2,0601,22788
wtKBWitkoba YondanAdult (f)2,3731,27992
dHCtd'Hecate NankaiAdult (f)2,8931,66137
wtsMWitsam NankaiAdult (f)2,7161,53534
nZYfBilly NankaiAdult (f)1,23587422
8UbfLincoln NankaiAdult (f)1,22385615
BdDJKookaburra NikaiAdult (m)1,69197320
1RDXVerdict SangaiAdult (m)1,55053428
cZAwSawsall SenkaiAdult (m)2,31661329
BxjwBaxter NankaiAdult (m)2,37060831
vVgEVincent Van Gogh SangaiAdult (m)1,54149117
LFCPColgate NankaiAdult (f)4,4641,00815
j4qZWJack Saw NikaiAdult (m)4,9677898
WPOM2Aipom NankaiAdult (m)2,6317073
vfJN(vfJN)Hatchling (m, F)2,4651,61251
8cdpEikelp SangaiAdult (m)4,2289699
4GX24G X2 NikaiAdult (f)4,9031,40311
VFmm2Plash YongaiAdult (f)3,5075325
e2SLDanny IkkaiAdult (m)5,8132,64078
D7iIDe Sil NikaiAdult (f)5,9322,63290
zIthZith SandanAdult (m)4,2732,574191
8RdzEight Roads NikaiAdult (m)4,2202,624189
mCxPMacZip YondanAdult (f)2,68772737
HrflHell's Bells NankaiAdult (m)5,5261,40124
NU0kNLittle Storm SangaiAdult (m)5,7167393
fIYm3Fly Me Away NikaiAdult (f)4,3703580
AqX9Axine NikoHatchling (m, F)3,4442,448127
TVIu(TVIu)Hatchling (f, F)2,6691,63113
HfY5H(HfY5H)Adult (m)2,5155834
E5KlEski IkkaiAdult (m)4,0442,588225
pnvPPanvi IkkaiAdult (f)4,2042,647203
EiC9Aiken NankaiAdult (m)1,9221,29123
jp4CJerrod NankaiAdult (m)3,2551,65734
zJLQZilch IkkaiAdult (m)5,8711,20646
fVUsMishka NankaiAdult (f)1,10878411
z8ZzEar Split SenkaiAdult (m)6524965
UuLdgEulogy NikaiAdult (f)3,5815775
Os5g(Os5g)Hatchling (m, F)3,8582,595205
RIT4(RIT4)Hatchling (f, F)4,8521,15318
LUfUuLove You Me SenkaiAdult (f)3,6674446
WPITFSprite SangaiAdult (f)3,4173511
BzniBazni IkkaiAdult (f)4,2172,620211
O6UkOsaik IkkaiAdult (f)8856571
dWQvmMetalloid IkkaiAdult (m)3,7016831
GOUD5Gouda IkkaiAdult (f)5,8963940
uRhM(uRhM)Hatchling (m, F)3,8272,537210
Tp8hRTai Hao Le IkkaiAdult (f)3,5544362
F3KFjQing NikaiAdult (f)4,0716294
8NV3PSasha SandanAdult (f)6,6531,4963
7563MCalling All SkeletonsAdult (m)7,0341,5373
BvcZEMemento IkkaiAdult (f)3,7028041
HRmrA(HRmrA)Adult (m)3,7738161
eLUGh(eLUGh)Adult (m)3,7168003
KHuO7(KHuO7)Adult (f)3,8308171
RPYhZ(RPYhZ)Adult (m)4,1578561
mFQ1a(mFQ1a)Adult (m)4,1318411
aGDDGolem NikaiAdult (m)5,5211,0104
ioOeIo IkkaiAdult (f)4,5061,1739
2RX6Turret IkkaiAdult (f)4,3021,2756
v1g6Vix NikaiAdult (m)4,5039243
vk6kaViska NikaiAdult (f)4,2943663
6Bt96 Bit SenkaiAdult (m)1,5625612
kqmeKick Me SenkaiAdult (m)1,5595583
mvpVDiabolic Scheme NankaiAdult (f)1,3925852
f2TiMistic Majesty SenkaiAdult (f)1,0933205
9F6ZhDangerous Jewel IkkaiAdult (f)3,5125235
jOkQJoker NikaiAdult (m)5,5491,1828
HuUYHuey SangaiAdult (f)5,2341,52910
UGGQBeelzebub SandanAdult (m)4,2942,594137
mR9twen MerniteAdult (f)4,6052,577161
k4JNwen KajonAdult (m)4,0812,596189
8QLPEikelp NikaiAdult (f)2,4971,55633
GnQOChaotic Good NankaiAdult (m)5,4771,34210
j3ZDSile NankaiAdult (f)1,80338916
ouj4wen OuijaHatchling (m, F)2,2931,77374
POS9vKnives IkkaiAdult (f)7,4354963
qhReQuirrel IkkaiAdult (m)6,7872,61287
jlisJealous IkkaiAdult (m)3,9762,594103
8XX8Eixeit NikaiAdult (m)4,5172,479159
1FxVStrep NankaiAdult (f)2,3201,26076
bUhd(bUhd)Hatchling (m, F)3,4372,431114
4GdhFor Gandhi NankoHatchling (f, F)1,38794719
uuO1Ue IkkaiAdult (m)8,4701,35712
YHnZYawns NikaiAdult (m)3,8761,1364
4nlTFinit NikaiAdult (m)5,7951,2497
uB6HEin IkkaiAdult (m)4,1182,514146
mCFuMcFu NikaiAdult (m)4,4682,472165
afo3Afro SandanAdult (f)1,9531,54580
Dk1DD'Kid NankaiAdult (f)1,8181,18947
sbdDSan Bernardino Dragon NankaiAdult (f)1,6321,08332
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