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You pick up the scroll labeled “eggy900,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
2mfnDMrs SeriousAdult (f)2,5998154
fYQJpOOOH SpikeyAdult (m)2,5547815
aBS6KGloopitusAdult (f)2,6257885
CWgBX(CWgBX)Adult (f)2,7968295
UTNHhWAINBOWWWAdult (m)3,1719786
gogeZ(gogeZ)Adult (m)2,3217715
6u8rS(6u8rS)Adult (m)2,4017384
qF8Dp(qF8Dp)Adult (f)2,8158903
v2SFn(v2SFn)Adult (m)4,9571,1753
TsEG1(TsEG1)Adult (f)2,5228263
RF3Qq(RF3Qq)Adult (m)2,6748354
06gMi(06gMi)Adult (m)2,6598483
p9tan(p9tan)Adult (m)2,4147701
7riIu(7riIu)Adult (m)2,6008211
qVWJ3ooglawooglawooAdult (f)2,2436039
zsviR(zsviR)Adult (f)2,97763612
lXn4h(lXn4h)Adult (f)2,82764710
0p236(0p236)Adult (m)2,57661412
QWiHc(QWiHc)Adult (m)2,8247346
lZ6hC(lZ6hC)Adult (m)2,3207273
NdKsA(NdKsA)Adult (m)2,5207155
dMPOC(dMPOC)Adult (f)3,1861,01111
YSXwV(YSXwV)Adult (m)2,1606893
NW91Y(NW91Y)Adult (f)3,3111,0325
Q35j4(Q35j4)Adult (m)2,7767754
pjsTV(pjsTV)Adult (f)1,5856073
RgHOW(RgHOW)Adult (f)5,1781,1279
Nthay(Nthay)Adult (f)3,8129541
gN4WK(gN4WK)Adult (f)4,2291,0742
MUYmX(MUYmX)Adult (m)4,3761,1073
4Pd2R(4Pd2R)Adult (m)1,5286392
siEeZ(siEeZ)Adult (f)1,7096762
i7xEo(i7xEo)Adult (m)5,0801,1105
as1Mm(as1Mm)Adult (f)3,0398422
5BI4eThat Sparkly DudeAdult (m)3,5928565
cmXvo(cmXvo)Adult (m)1,3265213
K1JEc(K1JEc)Adult (f)2,1168311
feEoL(feEoL)Adult (f)2,0668532
fcquy(fcquy)Adult (f)2,0737971
DLBv0(DLBv0)Adult (f)2,0948222
hd8pJ(hd8pJ)Adult (f)1,5316822
f34KF(f34KF)Adult (f)2,2288592
L8GeE(L8GeE)Adult (f)2,2038983
KwTEB(KwTEB)Adult (m)1,8298243
Isy0v(Isy0v)Adult (f)2,6901,0843
eIOzP(eIOzP)Adult (m)2,2541,0412
qUz5K(qUz5K)Adult (m)1,0106091
ocSN9(ocSN9)Adult (f)2,8538582
lJBIc(lJBIc)Adult (m)2,6398952
wj023(wj023)Adult (m)4,1216261
JXfiY(JXfiY)Adult (m)4,3576100
YpBy2(YpBy2)Adult (f)5,8034520
5aFhb(5aFhb)Adult (f)2,7308021
8t7KQ(8t7KQ)Adult (m)4,3736590
bWG18(bWG18)Adult (m)2,08249513
SelhO(SelhO)Adult (m)2,5029251
U2qfR(U2qfR)Adult (m)2,0996881
EwGye(EwGye)Adult (f)2,9549234
CIsaG(CIsaG)Adult (m)3,0109651
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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