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You pick up the scroll labeled “devilindarkness,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
6K2R(6K2R)Adult (m)2,5961,5907
meZN(meZN)Adult (f)3,0301,79127
lpP3(lpP3)Adult (f)3,0321,79122
3CFJ(3CFJ)Adult (m)3,0321,78531
uK34(uK34)Adult (f)2,1311,40723
nrHU(nrHU)Adult (f)1,7421,27014
ks8S(ks8S)Adult (f)1,2719834
Dogh(Dogh)Adult (m)1,2909928
LWhg(LWhg)Adult (f)1,2889915
pvPZ(pvPZ)Adult (f)1,1007768
ae06(ae06)Adult (m)2,2963604
7Ap2(7Ap2)Adult (f)1,7411,19712
NG1n(NG1n)Adult (f)2,3781,6076
SepG(SepG)Adult (f)2,3801,6038
MWlD(MWlD)Adult (f)1,5411,0417
udpq(udpq)Adult (f)9086863
mSt0(mSt0)Adult (f)1,6751,1278
IsQF(IsQF)Adult (f)1,6741,12512
XDmL(XDmL)Adult (m)1,4559706
TpLp(TpLp)Adult (f)9307137
KpY5(KpY5)Adult (f)9106977
VtHm(VtHm)Adult (f)9257119
GkHu(GkHu)Adult (f)1,0437849
oeoL(oeoL)Adult (m)6925594
R9O9(R9O9)Adult (f)1,8521,34811
J8CL(J8CL)Adult (f)2,1771,46118
Ih3k(Ih3k)Adult (f)1,8401,34513
QfHb(QfHb)Adult (m)2,7291,92213
nfTT(nfTT)Adult (f)3,26788823
3eDm(3eDm)Adult (m)2,3261,55215
a3Ft(a3Ft)Adult (f)1,2539877
ksUp(ksUp)Adult (f)1,1517887
Mvhc(Mvhc)Adult (m)1,1457875
q3IG(q3IG)Adult (m)1,1477866
gh5E(gh5E)Adult (f)1,1457845
SmAD(SmAD)Adult (f)1,5918758
9LaC(9LaC)Adult (f)1,7919649
RWHN(RWHN)Adult (f)1,77595910
rBZH(rBZH)Adult (m)9787099
mC6l(mC6l)Adult (f)9717048
OU4O(OU4O)Adult (m)1,1328027
ugO2(ugO2)Adult (f)1,0377559
JASc(JASc)Adult (m)9616295
77gI(77gI)Adult (m)8,6693,83343
Tvds(Tvds)Adult (m)6,4222,58430
RLuk(RLuk)Adult (m)3,3732,0548
aYaV(aYaV)Adult (f)2,8701,7962
NYWu(NYWu)Adult (f)3,3692,0515
fhRu(fhRu)Adult (m)1,6651,0035
3PUZ(3PUZ)Adult (f)2,2471,3124
eaa5(eaa5)Adult (f)2,2431,3105
kDA8(kDA8)Adult (m)1,9541,1485
RenF(RenF)Adult (f)1,5418883
oUUa(oUUa)Adult (f)1,2839912
v6jq(v6jq)Adult (m)1,3028722
Lkr0(Lkr0)Adult (m)1,3078723
6Snr(6Snr)Adult (m)1,6369985
PpQA(PpQA)Adult (f)1,4411,0204
oH68(oH68)Adult (m)2,4021,5636
2adq(2adq)Adult (f)2,1961,4234
YAVr(YAVr)Adult (f)2,1941,4232
63R1(63R1)Adult (m)2,1941,4244
RWsS(RWsS)Adult (m)1,6271,1586
8AOa(8AOa)Adult (f)1,4661,0741
iU6c(iU6c)Adult (f)1,4631,0771
Td5e(Td5e)Adult (m)1,4589132
sBMY(sBMY)Adult (f)1,6831,0212
mFqa(mFqa)Adult (f)1,6821,0231
Eson(Eson)Adult (m)9056975
M3uC(M3uC)Adult (f)9247091
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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