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You pick up the scroll labeled “dannyross,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Nrea(Nrea)Adult (m)2,5178485
3CcU(3CcU)Adult (m)1,65752513
6FaC(6FaC)Adult (m)2,7199819
ndle(ndle)Adult (m)3,6811,15023
Omf2(Omf2)Adult (f)2,77896511
eIad(eIad)Adult (f)2,3911,1108
87vF(87vF)Adult (m)1,8991,0608
HpOH(HpOH)Adult (f)1,76292410
5XR4(5XR4)Adult (f)3,22597512
lFOU(lFOU)Adult (f)1,75471610
pEti(pEti)Adult (f)2,7579989
sG2j(sG2j)Adult (m)1,6348277
OYY2(OYY2)Adult (f)2,7551,00110
nTnc(nTnc)Adult (m)2,8181,0827
tWGt(tWGt)Adult (f)1,5216502
2PAP(2PAP)Adult (m)3,9961,24210
XGiN(XGiN)Adult (f)2,9951,08515
I7WE(I7WE)Adult (f)1,9088885
ZPiu(ZPiu)Adult (m)1,4466054
poVr(poVr)Adult (f)1,9856449
F5oL(F5oL)Adult (m)1,5517818
ISUQ(ISUQ)Adult (f)3,24198015
llmd(llmd)Adult (m)2,84271012
Is6P(Is6P)Adult (m)3,2929489
I85G(I85G)Adult (m)2,31876110
qGmO(qGmO)Adult (m)3,6601,0107
rrsV(rrsV)Adult (m)2,0599937
EGeK(EGeK)Adult (f)1,9468237
3PsF(3PsF)Adult (m)1,6075833
BNbT(BNbT)Adult (m)3,66398712
3ojs(3ojs)Adult (m)3,0581,31820
b0KX(b0KX)Adult (m)1,4086111
9jiB(9jiB)Adult (m)3,1391,1229
01HK(01HK)Adult (m)3,27298113
vcD1(vcD1)Adult (m)3,59892911
TXRE(TXRE)Adult (f)1,5428099
SaDj(SaDj)Adult (f)3,7231,30511
MtZs(MtZs)Adult (m)1,6509124
aiFG(aiFG)Adult (f)1,7566536
NnWd(NnWd)Adult (f)2,5831,0688
sajK(sajK)Adult (m)1,2757005
EJEK(EJEK)Adult (f)2,05976911
nYU9(nYU9)Adult (m)2,7771,0646
M1Ed(M1Ed)Adult (m)2,8921,15223
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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