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You pick up the scroll labeled “crazyLUNAgirl,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Rpeug(Rpeug)Adult (m)1,6996770
yXJXl(yXJXl)Adult (m)1,7136910
aQ0dL(aQ0dL)Adult (f)1,7726910
SaHBW(SaHBW)Adult (f)1,6916820
r9glf(r9glf)Adult (f)1,7676980
wNEph(wNEph)Hatchling (m, F)1,6216572
Z9ghV(Z9ghV)Hatchling (F)1,8025411
trvE7(trvE7)Adult (m)3,1927704
OOd89Olvad Ak'AlmandosAdult (m)2,4566683
AKnGYAkan Ak'SpessartosAdult (m)2,4616832
DG53BDagar PyralosAdult (m)2,9467361
a61m3Ajax PyralosAdult (m)2,8798371
cTZX7(cTZX7)Adult (m)3,0467872
wNB5l(wNB5l)Adult (m)3,0207912
cgp6oMin Pyralos JrHatchling (m, F)2,6257002
Huus1Humin PyralosAdult (f)2,9107742
sySYpSyseri PyralosAdult (f)2,7628420
2ZIonZioni PyralosAdult (f)2,7587332
wQp8y(wQp8y)Adult (f)3,1647674
dvw8AFen Pyralos JrHatchling (f, F)2,6847301
XyIlT(XyIlT)Hatchling (F)1,8295062
oivlX(oivlX)Adult (f)2,3905458
SqIz6Gulo OndinaAdult (m)2,2016520
kSEu9(kSEu9)Adult (m)2,8777182
z09lr(z09lr)Adult (m)3,3488262
AqSgxAquiti OndinaAdult (m)2,0946900
F9hZm(F9hZm)Hatchling (m, F)2,3515274
9Gq8IBecken OndinaAdult (f)1,9866600
49JOZCillata OndinaAdult (f)2,3196422
IGeNx(IGeNx)Adult (f)2,7957232
DJCB8(DJCB8)Adult (f)2,8757772
eUVrX(eUVrX)Adult (f)3,8361,2054
XrmN7Krimiga CarminicAdult (m)1,9536490
bLAPtAlum CarminicAdult (m)2,0327740
t1riP(t1riP)Adult (m)2,9325857
bCh6S(bCh6S)Adult (m)2,5736522
SKhRjMin Carminic JrHatchling (m, F)2,2016820
hHQLv(hHQLv)Adult (f)2,6386823
sA3P3Cinna CarminicAdult (f)2,0818030
mL498Zapote CarminicAdult (f)1,9996730
Pzntp(Pzntp)Adult (f)2,7125393
C6zJvFen Carminic JrHatchling (f, F)2,1376751
KPZeqCarminic JrHatchling (F)1,3083991
Ery9DErydd BingulataAdult (m)2,0818160
eV5ktApidae BingulataAdult (m)2,0317921
S2n0rLavan BingulataAdult (m)2,0626900
rpHA7Min Bingulata JrHatchling (m, F)2,1276061
O2VM4Amegilla BingulataAdult (f)2,0728141
UaGHLLabertia BingulataAdult (f)2,1756340
IQY3RSalvia BingulataAdult (f)2,4847500
8zWEzFen Bingulata JrHatchling (f, F)2,1136853
DKxjWBingulata JrHatchling (F)1,2283730
1pFrbDaptrius FalconidaeAdult (m)2,4618332
TribXIbycter FalconidaeAdult (m)1,8057000
t6v42(t6v42)Adult (m)2,9367820
N4A1x(N4A1x)Adult (m)2,9307652
RVwT1(RVwT1)Hatchling (m, F)2,1115901
KrbKLKarra FalconidaeAdult (f)2,1257374
S5DBxLutosa FalconidaeAdult (f)2,5136843
X0ef1(X0ef1)Adult (f)2,5306301
IoZvdFen Falconidae JrHatchling (f, F)2,1896631
YneNr(YneNr)Hatchling (F)1,5984560
t0H3rTohber NugatoriAdult (m)2,0407932
DDMP6Dedum NugatoriAdult (m)2,3566700
2OJXl(2OJXl)Adult (m)2,8707420
8pVRI(8pVRI)Adult (f)5,1906311
oBPCAMin Nugatori JrHatchling (m, F)3,4746421
qrl6NQurine NugatoriAdult (f)1,9686770
XHy4HXahara NugatoriAdult (f)2,0367930
bYkwQYakuw NugatoriAdult (f)3,6816871
YfgahFen Nugatori JrHatchling (f, F)3,5136621
ngivqNugatori JrHatchling (F)1,2904040
UCYNLCryo HoarimeAdult (m)2,2396520
FUOlMMoroz HoarimeAdult (m)1,7987132
YJeb5Jokull HoarimeAdult (m)2,5476862
UkELJVrosti HoarimeAdult (m)2,5536750
P0N7FMin Hoarime JrHatchling (m, F)1,5026201
EHbpfPruina HoarimeAdult (f)2,2376130
60BMzYukimari HoarimeAdult (f)1,8756720
H72wwOyuki HoarimeAdult (f)1,9297112
LDSrOCrystal HoarimeAdult (f)2,5477150
KM39T(KM39T)Adult (f)2,4577021
TgF86Fen Hoarime JrHatchling (f, F)2,5526822
KetCqHoarime JrHatchling (F)1,3362322
GLPPvGuariba AlouettaAdult (m)1,7877051
aESa1Nigeri AlouettaAdult (m)3,6986921
hu0yQMaccon AlouettaAdult (m)1,7437150
4ws82Puruen AlouettaAdult (m)1,7697030
61iW0Min Alouetta JrHatchling (m, F)1,5326191
nSRQUSareni AlouettaAdult (f)1,8177320
kOuUaCaraya AlouettaAdult (f)1,7787090
Ix7M6Juara AlouettaAdult (f)1,6986730
MqeOKFen Alouetta JrHatchling (f, F)1,5266201
HZo7iAlouetta JrHatchling (F)7773320
rUkrnPerito GlacialAdult (m)1,7647171
EKQq6Aletsch GlacialAdult (m)1,8136990
7LHxEBaltoro GlacialAdult (m)2,1146970
ybhVJMin Glacial JrHatchling (m, F)1,7286851
m08nVQuelcaya GlacialAdult (f)1,8127161
sil6JSerac GlacialAdult (f)1,7557261
qevUqFjordi GlacialAdult (f)2,3906680
RWDwiFen Glacial JrHatchling (f, F)1,7526980
TWhnw(TWhnw)Hatchling (F)1,1673601
r8bMZNeutro FebrileAdult (m)2,3786620
ewBJfTyphoi FebrileAdult (m)2,2108241
XNO9fBrucell FebrileAdult (m)2,0917911
ct3OfMin Febrile JrHatchling (m, F)1,8266441
VWI0WThermia FebrileAdult (f)2,1938381
wgAtMPyrexia FebrileAdult (f)2,4108971
xyC4aSeptice FebrileAdult (f)1,6176400
T3NftFen Febrile JrHatchling (f, F)1,8506262
UiVxQFebrile JrHatchling (F)1,7515390
hv37ZChamoi OremosAdult (m)2,3418761
Dv9lxBezor OremosAdult (m)2,2147651
7Tkj5Markhor OremosAdult (m)1,9906770
bTrCxMin Oremos JrHatchling (m, F)1,7946271
prVBRCaprina OremosAdult (f)2,3038600
BW3WeIbexi OremosAdult (f)2,1287351
NkkZITursica OremosAdult (f)2,0137180
K9RwmMuskan OremosAdult (f)1,6046360
scdojFen Oremos JrHatchling (f, F)1,8456531
XK8ELOremos JrHatchling (F)1,2243580
pWwxsEurus TronadaAdult (m)2,9128741
yskj5Ahio TronadaAdult (m)2,6478591
LpO8nCiro Ak'TicanaAdult (m)3,9721,0534
aASBUAnemoi TronadaAdult (m)2,4318601
uinJXMin Tronada JrHatchling (m, F)2,4187841
EeZGt(EeZGt)Adult (f)3,3831,0223
Q76YcMasumi TronadaAdult (f)2,7628942
fKNozLewana TronadaAdult (f)2,9029170
pkkWKTadewi TronadaAdult (f)3,2971,0635
nhzTXNotus TronadaAdult (f)2,9419082
19Hq5Fen Tronada JrHatchling (f, F)2,5708385
6nqreTronada JrHatchling (F)1,0303732
PiJT4Cichlid TicanaAdult (m)3,5049004
0cpRZBichir TicanaAdult (m)3,3818604
ZeuycDanios TicanaAdult (m)2,8169022
HU0l5Guppi TicanaAdult (m)1,9007510
gZRljMin Ak'Bettas JrHatchling (m, F)2,1918172
dlV6bKilli TicanaAdult (f)3,0009006
tmgDcBettas TicanaAdult (f)2,8789403
9WjctTetra TicanaAdult (f)2,9136524
qLEp8Mollie TicanaAdult (f)1,8447431
NV78nFen Ticana JrHatchling (f, F)2,7105783
N6CrWTicana JrHatchling (F)8563701
Ule5uRhebok AntiochAdult (m)1,7566971
ZzmmbImpala AntiochAdult (m)1,7756910
PL6gXGemsbok AntiochAdult (m)4,8187413
OvFctOryx AntiochAdult (m)2,8138692
aVCWgSaiga AntiochAdult (m)2,5139311
W9LPcMin Antioch JrHatchling (m, F)2,2357153
Tz7KdGazel AntiochAdult (f)2,6699041
GYbsZEland AntiochAdult (f)1,9177000
Aj7XeChinkara AntiochAdult (f)2,4058251
bzwxJNilgai AntiochAdult (f)1,8247081
BJxw3Lechwe AntiochAdult (f)4,6596874
rGhncFen Antioch JrHatchling (f, F)2,2117273
cy8hmAntioch JrHatchling (F)2,0575723
p3oQVSahadeva Bifrons-jiAdult (m)2,1454022
eOaLQKaikias Bifrons-jiAdult (m)2,2357001
eYaP5Divanno Ak'CernunnosAdult (m)2,2218740
iL6ZITimerus Ak'BifronsAdult (m)2,5919021
jRepjMin Bifrons-ji JrHatchling (m, F)3,1191,0871
PqIUJNasatya Bifrons-jiAdult (f)3,1505842
mnK2yDasra Bifrons-jiAdult (f)4,4031,2691
IoXw4Auster Bifrons-jiAdult (f)2,8208521
NuusRCernunnos De'BifronsAdult (f)2,5809110
MThexFen Bifrons-ji JrHatchling (f, F)3,1451,0841
T4X6mPater BifronsAdult (m)5,4121,1055
bFq4UGemini BifronsAdult (m)1,7396724
PNUnOJanus Ak'BifronsAdult (m)2,6278960
jeHKMNakula Ak'Bifrons-jiAdult (m)2,6039110
JpPGIClusivi BifronsAdult (f)1,8816871
2GvpcQuiri BifronsAdult (f)1,9376831
64nFqPollox De'BifronsAdult (f)2,1014074
vmNrVCuria De'BifronsAdult (f)2,0776943
4kIWLAmphion IbejiAdult (m)2,1627902
HTrT6Romulus IbejiAdult (m)4,8351,0482
bURJeZethus Ak'IbejiAdult (m)2,2347444
f1DAuMin Ibeji JrHatchling (m, F)1,4827712
uEpipRemus IbejiAdult (f)2,3047931
1wQ3uAshvin IbejiAdult (f)2,5067862
bx6CZMarassa IbejiAdult (f)3,9829862
45gE9Fen Ibeji JrHatchling (f, F)2,8659332
uA9EGIbeji JrHatchling (F)6344021
VH0zCConoto NevrotoxAdult (m)3,0358341
uRPJqTetrodo NevrotoxAdult (m)1,8026430
6oPJ4Arsenic NevrotoxAdult (m)2,7048651
0QyofOuabain NevrotoxAdult (m)3,1839931
ZZZop(ZZZop)Adult (m)2,3816811
BBspEMin Nevrotox JrHatchling (m, F)3,4007631
TXLUiTetanus NevrotoxAdult (f)3,0109962
Eqyz4Curare NevrotoxAdult (f)1,8386641
bbzrxAconite NevrotoxAdult (f)4,3341,2740
TpNv3Glutama De'NevrotoxAdult (f)1,9976835
hZIR8Fen Nevrotox JrHatchling (f, F)2,1286293
VZ00eNevrotox JrHatchling (F)3,0106372
g9PNjAgamid CiliatusAdult (m)1,7656720
2tzcvGecko CiliatusAdult (m)2,1477370
j5CtMTern CiliatusAdult (m)2,0097360
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