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    You pick up the scroll labeled “cinki,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    jUuM(jUuM)Adult (m)2,77376775
    WpwD(WpwD)Adult (f)2,62385777
    6cXe(6cXe)Adult (f)2,40183650
    jjaJ(jjaJ)Adult (f)2,1311,12976
    Mi6z(Mi6z)Adult (f)3,0711,11649
    4Vnz(4Vnz)Adult (f)2,9581,11959
    J2Kj(J2Kj)Adult (m)2,5781,31848
    9Jdl(9Jdl)Adult (f)2,5981,34141
    twHr(twHr)Adult (f)4,2471,85558
    Kq1m(Kq1m)Adult (f)2,8461,22740
    sNTR(sNTR)Adult (m)4,2851,99933
    ibGG(ibGG)Adult (f)3,7821,88134
    5OPx(5OPx)Adult (f)3,7631,88430
    2uh5(2uh5)Adult (f)3,4771,70343
    pu8p(pu8p)Adult (m)3,4591,70029
    ejOL(ejOL)Adult (m)2,7831,68211
    kifB(kifB)Adult (m)2,7781,68111
    twUi(twUi)Adult (f)2,7821,67813
    DXzn(DXzn)Adult (f)1,7261,04710
    ZU73(ZU73)Adult (m)1,7281,0399
    YTI5(YTI5)Adult (m)1,6411,01316
    uQhh(uQhh)Adult (m)1,2407978
    ZGxd(ZGxd)Adult (m)1,1178388
    sPUJ(sPUJ)Adult (m)1,11483716
    JedU(JedU)Adult (f)1,19685410
    ZyhN(ZyhN)Adult (f)1,35486910
    IENS(IENS)Adult (f)1,36687117
    nWIH(nWIH)Adult (m)1,8251,1257
    AZ3o(AZ3o)Adult (m)1,6611,02610
    D63v(D63v)Adult (m)1,8201,12410
    uZlv(uZlv)Adult (f)2,4141,48511
    SCkN(SCkN)Adult (f)2,3411,43111
    tQRM(tQRM)Adult (f)1,36193910
    HmzT(HmzT)Adult (f)1,6131,07310
    rWT6(rWT6)Adult (f)1,6071,07210
    X4j4(X4j4)Adult (f)1,6061,07112
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    If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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