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You pick up the scroll labeled “chaoscontrol9,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
iwVL(iwVL)Adult (m)6,8551,29624
8MF2(8MF2)Adult (f)4,5651,07533
5YYk(5YYk)Adult (m)4,24632410
eemo(eemo)Adult (f)8,3931,40537
jzPM(jzPM)Adult (f)2,24947853
iqoK(iqoK)Adult (f)6,30094215
l0Da(l0Da)Adult (f)2,7166985
IIjo(IIjo)Adult (m)3,1188737
OO1T(OO1T)Adult (f)11,4607647
THe4(THe4)Adult (f)4,8433404
fPT9(fPT9)Adult (m)2,85674425
BhPJ(BhPJ)Adult (m)5,1246236
h5W7(h5W7)Adult (m)3,3152877
FLqr(FLqr)Adult (m)4,48654226
udf1(udf1)Adult (f)12,64084610
5EC7(5EC7)Adult (f)6,28994517
ANJS(ANJS)Adult (m)3,68328110
0D9Q(0D9Q)Adult (m)4,8533486
bVkO(bVkO)Adult (f)8,2991,40932
4VMj(4VMj)Adult (m)5,1176256
Wuzh(Wuzh)Adult (m)4,7031,11167
SUpP(SUpP)Adult (m)3,8631,19511
T5Bp(T5Bp)Adult (f)2,2075942
2CHc(2CHc)Adult (m)3,84529911
KdDM(KdDM)Adult (f)2,3486428
P4Ii(P4Ii)Adult (f)8,2901,40135
MfEi(MfEi)Adult (f)3,3859144
bq3c(bq3c)Adult (f)3,6731,15612
uTUY(uTUY)Adult (m)11,95579710
sK6u(sK6u)Adult (m)3,06175534
NTya(NTya)Adult (f)5,0926177
HCO3(HCO3)Adult (m)8,4331,41644
U84b(U84b)Adult (f)2,31374843
VBfR(VBfR)Adult (m)3,4922897
IoxA(IoxA)Adult (m)4,5721,08228
WQM2(WQM2)Adult (f)4,2972856
2DRk(2DRk)Adult (f)6,8461,30125
MgM7(MgM7)Adult (f)5,09962413
36FZ(36FZ)Adult (m)2,60452940
ATuY(ATuY)Adult (f)3,7701,22210
ShlQ(ShlQ)Adult (f)4,9396022
VkHJ(VkHJ)Adult (m)4,12131111
Osev(Osev)Adult (f)4,82867126
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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