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  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
  • 2013 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “cdcrocks,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
I8xXChica CBAdult (f)1,33473414
Fcx0Rico PBAdult (m)9707436
s8m9CCassidy MBAdult (m)2,5251,0462
YIcenEvylyn IBAdult (f)4,5031,1632
GBkgChediak IBAdult (f)1,40372314
6YlqCHigashi MBAdult (f)2,7214323
FYoUC(FYoUC)Adult (m)4,1601,5564
Ba3mz(Ba3mz)Adult (f)4,0791,5023
s1KDJessie MBAdult (f)1,55790323
XN6heDirigible MBAdult (f)5,6911,2795
eQORuZeppelin IBAdult (m)2,5608132
L0o01Goodyear CBAdult (m)3,8735961
rR8zAggiano IBAdult (m)1,6761,20928
KENfMuenster IBAdult (m)8724409
AkPJHavarti IBAdult (m)1,5173954
I7XVvBrie MBAdult (f)3,2605626
R5qyrFeta MBAdult (f)3,5663622
9R395Swiss IBAdult (m)2,7905251
1gxPUGouda MBAdult (f)2,5004953
LXHuHGorgonzola MBAdult (f)2,4324780
QMLyOMozzarella IBAdult (f)2,8915030
WGWGjRomano MBAdult (m)2,6004942
H21vVGruyere MBAdult (m)2,2354522
fWkrEMonterey MBAdult (f)4,5921,1092
Ipa0jParmesan MBAdult (f)4,2263923
oo5xfBleu IBAdult (f)2,3245212
LOJTtCabrales MBAdult (f)5,6881,2463
4mc2PRicotta MBAdult (f)5,6891,2413
X3TQP(X3TQP)Adult (m)3,2354282
6PgGjCambozola IBHatchling (f, F)6,0869746
aBNSiCheddar IBHatchling (m, F)1,9825068
9vr2nColby-Jack IBHatchling (F)1,2562951
5YuizPaneer IBAdult (m)2,8674741
ib7oNPiave MBAdult (f)2,5504772
ni3vjTazo MBAdult (f)3,0765251
TbwGeBigelow MBAdult (m)2,7324351
zoWUbTwinings MBAdult (m)3,1718851
T3ZQjSandra PBAdult (f)2,7565533
7hq9jBradley CBAdult (m)1,8386380
K9ML1Wilbert CBAdult (m)2,6765011
SO7yQFleur MBAdult (f)3,1155050
vSHCAForge CBAdult (m)2,9414781
BigzQBigzy CBAdult (m)4,9551,2444
lCjNVMatty CBAdult (m)2,0357400
FhWKoJett CBAdult (m)1,9797270
G4AHiSuki IBAdult (f)4,5137123
Zhu1xLibby MBAdult (f)2,9855011
dcnj3Spitz MBAdult (m)2,5904962
muK20Waive MBAdult (m)2,6598320
XN2EcPho MBAdult (f)2,3047591
lTdZYItzy MBAdult (f)3,3538223
mQdtmCosmo MBAdult (m)3,4055070
W82pPDanielle MBAdult (f)3,0444680
L7cpJBruce CBAdult (m)5,3347483
RriPxBobbie CBAdult (m)5,1016102
pCRZzBullet CBAdult (f)5,6581,3782
EMhqZMarce CBAdult (f)4,2205542
xqf8MWyrd MBAdult (f)3,9364210
XuGY8Tunir MBAdult (m)3,1764601
RfmBGWendy MBAdult (f)2,5934732
sE2VMTheodore CBAdult (m)2,8615062
F3ksFAlwyn CBAdult (m)1,9617100
kK0cwPlumi MBAdult (m)2,7016261
qormlQuirl CBAdult (m)2,4648140
GUJMJProvolone CBAdult5,9611,5957
hoUWTKyle MBAdult (m)3,4676503
lUUTZChristopher MBAdult (m)3,0744870
vFGapFresca CBAdult (f)3,1095011
pyAFzMadeline CBAdult (f)2,6984520
BPvXLSheryl CBAdult (f)3,1369191
MmJElFryies CBAdult (m)6,1671,2213
WFKiJosephine CBAdult (f)9785509
RAeeTBoris IBAdult (m)3,4874792
v4utLPepe CBAdult (m)2,7186191
VyrzMSheila MBAdult (f)2,4604810
xoaLNSloan CBAdult (m)3,3801,0872
ihLgaPhillip CBAdult (m)2,2844912
C42YyPeter IBAdult (m)2,9494981
qFDMsSusie IBAdult (f)3,0105480
CHqxaTaylor MBAdult (m)3,5087341
ADonVFreddie MBAdult (m)2,4934580
At2amRiley PBAdult (m)2,9504901
5hC0QMaria MBAdult (f)3,6424472
KT2p2Artie IBAdult (m)2,2084860
GiKvLErin MBAdult (f)2,7615091
ANlHdMike MBAdult (m)3,2094480
ngPJOGeorgina CBAdult (f)2,8214540
i2bugKatie CBAdult (f)2,9274230
jYAT5Stu MBAdult (f)2,1574692
3Lr0ESteva MBAdult (f)2,7855371
uK8xNChives IBAdult (m)3,0614452
iw0tdOregano MBAdult (m)2,8188500
vZtX9Stevia MBAdult (f)2,8368340
auHSISage MBAdult (m)1,8676211
ac3f9Rosemary MBAdult (f)1,7976111
3MQOVFennel MBAdult (m)3,6675953
nnUZ0Liligan MBAdult (m)2,5414982
Fc0LAaron MBAdult (m)1,42872512
UuaBvBilly MBAdult (m)3,2485201
KztlmTeddy MBAdult (m)3,4935423
p6QC7Angelo MBAdult (m)2,9134721
IVPNVClemens MBAdult (m)2,4889401
cmegdClaire MBAdult (f)2,7504160
MdQ7ELawrence MBAdult (m)3,2846193
zwYyXGerald MBAdult (m)3,0324801
oq3gYDiego IBAdult (m)2,5384551
qqw1KNathan MBAdult (m)3,2384570
X3LhzCthulu MBAdult (f)1,8756130
dD6fJack MBAdult (m)2,48696918
L7GFHarriet MBAdult (f)3,3216235
vTBU4Annie CBAdult (f)1,8546933
3yChXMartin PBAdult (m)3,0665043
rkFlnJulie CBAdult (f)3,0544892
JxecrCarl CBAdult (m)2,6544581
mIiEFRondelle CBAdult (f)2,2464882
6mrOfJane MBAdult (f)3,2885331
23tFpSuzanne PBAdult (f)3,5104981
3KUQVMarina IBAdult (f)2,2135722
B3jveLorenzo CBAdult (m)2,5005532
zA0GEDora CBAdult (f)3,2124590
HdKhWStanley MBAdult (m)2,8644700
Gw9ILRunno PBAdult (m)4,8751,2415
MQ9g5Paislee PBAdult (f)1,9016562
om25iScarlet MBHatchling (F)7462873
kOCAzBrian CBAdult (m)4,1655173
1hzvATessa MBAdult (f)3,7666341
nyIv8Loranne CBAdult (f)3,7276490
hNLoWTom n' Chii PBAdult (m)2,1647251
8ke6IGilligan MBAdult (f)3,0387092
21sO4Sadie CBAdult (f)2,4828013
piXzVWillie CBAdult (m)2,7694801
6VZDVWilla CBHatchling (f, F)4,4981,1343
HFCpKGeorge MBAdult (m)3,2375763
1KY6cPolly CBAdult (f)2,6984752
kv0LCDolly CBAdult (f)3,3925481
CzNRdGracie MBAdult (f)4,5838242
GAPm8Azaria CBAdult (f)5,1039102
tAPRyTapry MBAdult (m)5,0011,2361
QISySElen MBAdult (f)1,8625950
RmtaROrville CBAdult (m)4,3289552
pSCLoFevel PBAdult (m)1,8596441
GtWBCLarry MBAdult (m)3,1177112
Dw3HXEllie CBAdult (f)2,4586331
sxdOVSimon CBAdult (m)3,1879421
BRrTmPablo CBAdult (m)3,5548592
khUvnMickey MBAdult (m)2,6235422
F1wTnShelly MBAdult (f)2,9785270
aehdgGava MBAdult (f)1,7506070
VovifKiera CBAdult (f)3,3369551
CNtLsKrystal CBAdult (f)2,9208573
azJB9Archie CBAdult (m)3,6139794
9fdP8Tella CBAdult (f)2,1938293
txrZiBrullo CBAdult (m)4,9791,2163
DhFmD(DhFmD)Adult (m)2,6125780
KRORs(KRORs)Adult (f)2,5075700
yTlI3(yTlI3)Adult (f)2,6275660
HIQJs(HIQJs)Adult (f)2,4395400
2wpFW(2wpFW)Adult (f)3,7731,4443
JUOob(JUOob)Adult (m)2,5965470
RnZ34(RnZ34)Adult (f)1,4953671
DTI04(DTI04)Adult (m)1,8082843
CxVnc(CxVnc)Adult (m)4,2783971
rhpjfGlinda IBAdult (f)3,3866504
4yAUXTerra MBAdult (f)2,8154520
caAZ8Nigel MBAdult (m)3,2814730
LlkikWanda IBAdult (f)2,8645290
WXetBWekka MBAdult (f)1,8306192
gohDrBright MBAdult (f)2,8267062
RYuysLugi CBAdult (f)5,1751,3403
firl9Perdue CBAdult (m)3,3777180
YBTZkGilmore CBAdult (m)2,4855355
KbIwSAugustus CBAdult (m)2,5405593
0W05aDavid MBAdult (m)3,6277114
yclP2June CBAdult (f)2,0064861
Q5UtsBianca MBAdult (f)2,4655881
KtId5Yumi MBAdult (f)3,8724942
HELc9Johnny MBAdult (m)2,9884490
XEzjFelice MBAdult (f)1,17481219
CnBuJoseph MBAdult (m)1,07177220
m2F0mTravis MBAdult (m)3,4094952
Ybw1YBrew MBAdult (m)1,9726761
GJCPa(GJCPa)Adult (m)2,1772783
AaLpJ(AaLpJ)Adult (m)3,8424182
hYK9Thomas CBAdult (m)95162717
phNjPedro MBAdult (m)4,25569914
blG6qGarrett PBAdult (m)2,6156221
QMo9vBruno MBAdult (m)3,0397191
PCqYOMadison CBAdult (f)2,4345522
sfS3Belle CBAdult (f)2,6891,51933
BJ1LLane MBAdult (m)8304318
0ynS7Benji MBAdult (m)3,4355070
HcNm9Henry IBAdult (m)3,0554930
z2TRnAlanna CBAdult (f)3,3594980
pgafmAleu CBAdult (f)4,0675430
y1hpxLucie CBAdult (f)3,2654922
HyqgAChell MBAdult (f)4,1775441
bR60qElijah MBAdult (m)3,5355410
WDHFBLucas MBAdult (m)2,3805581
WXn5mJason MBAdult (m)2,8344972
ZTAyWGilda IBAdult (f)2,2095030
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