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You pick up the scroll labeled “catcatcats,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
88sM(88sM)Adult (m)1,50454329
b2Y6(b2Y6)Adult (f)2,35555430
raHk(raHk)Adult (f)2,27552815
3rsV(3rsV)Adult (m)2,39055317
aEQV(aEQV)Adult (m)2,11956010
Sp9n(Sp9n)Adult (f)2,4725249
EFqc(EFqc)Adult (f)1,0515617
UO9G(UO9G)Adult (f)1,1265854
RJvg(RJvg)Adult (f)1,1776496
Dr4l(Dr4l)Adult (f)1,5456578
HElv(HElv)Adult (m)1,5446725
D3ZV(D3ZV)Adult (m)1,63668010
pW6F(pW6F)Adult (m)1,3076365
osWD(osWD)Adult (m)3,81942713
rrHF(rrHF)Adult (f)6,8411,52512
388N(388N)Adult (m)2,5504418
JSMe(JSMe)Adult (m)3,8751,12421
Am6k(Am6k)Adult (f)2,0703829
QiHg(QiHg)Adult (f)2,7444717
klm2(klm2)Adult (m)2,5454475
SMKD(SMKD)Adult (m)2,9304274
rQeI(rQeI)Adult (f)1,4555678
aBcYC(aBcYC)Adult (m)4,1562782
DuUVR(DuUVR)Adult (m)4,1883546
N4R3a(N4R3a)Adult (f)5,0403365
ZMngJ(ZMngJ)Adult (f)5,1893535
cRYqk(cRYqk)Adult (f)3,7323283
OiIop(OiIop)Adult (m)4,0492766
h9Zsj(h9Zsj)Adult (f)3,1372206
bWtsT(bWtsT)Adult (f)3,5352973
mgJZB(mgJZB)Adult (m)2,6985962
Caub6(Caub6)Adult (m)2,8695981
ZMb8N(ZMb8N)Adult (m)3,1894873
I2kE7(I2kE7)Adult (m)3,2504592
0Abva(0Abva)Adult (f)3,0222447
Qk1fE(Qk1fE)Adult (f)2,5722147
YMbSS(YMbSS)Adult (m)2,7094802
Ss55B(Ss55B)Adult (f)2,24029511
dnMGu(dnMGu)Adult (f)2,2982813
NmgJj(NmgJj)Adult (m)1,9382906
cOmmR(cOmmR)Adult (f)2,3223059
nYJpT(nYJpT)Adult (m)2,1352749
hX2sC(hX2sC)Adult (f)2,3723007
jsTsV(jsTsV)Adult (f)3,4704592
G85q4(G85q4)Adult (f)2,1222816
6BUns(6BUns)Adult (m)2,1022786
MIeaL(MIeaL)Adult (m)1,3223961
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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