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    You pick up the scroll labeled “cappygee,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    5xZc(5xZc)Hatchling (m, F)1,48296033
    FYp3(FYp3)Hatchling (F)44423416
    XaKe(XaKe)Adult (f)1,91148228
    a9Qy(a9Qy)Hatchling (m, F)8774415
    Vewn(Vewn)Hatchling (F)5693407
    JiaV(JiaV)Hatchling (F)5663375
    4erc(4erc)Hatchling (m, F)6325194
    LZYn(LZYn)Adult (f)1,5731,01231
    6GCh(6GCh)Adult (f)1,5541,00945
    GVfu(GVfu)Adult (f)1,64399122
    63Tv(63Tv)Adult (m)1,54294528
    8eYZ(8eYZ)Adult (f)1,59998424
    AMl7(AMl7)Hatchling (f, F)2,5721,43233
    qmPC(qmPC)Hatchling (f, F)1,63095826
    mYA6(mYA6)Adult (m)1,39987639
    skyx(skyx)Adult (f)1,00050855
    ApcQ(ApcQ)Adult (f)1,00050236
    WI2M(WI2M)Adult (m)1,02851243
    m96G(m96G)Adult (f)1,00851040
    3jdJ(3jdJ)Adult (f)2,8611,76234
    aLxm(aLxm)Adult (f)3,0811,89338
    yMzv(yMzv)Adult (f)3,2951,60433
    soJN(soJN)Adult (f)2,9371,46936
    C3CD(C3CD)Adult (m)2,7231,29529
    FZGo(FZGo)Adult (f)3,2281,66742
    ZBS4(ZBS4)Adult (f)2,3401,35241
    wKop(wKop)Adult (f)2,3231,35046
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    If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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