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  • 2012 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “calicookie,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Y4FK9(Y4FK9)Adult (f)1,7116657
81Ckr(81Ckr)Adult (f)2,0026755
KlNpm(KlNpm)Adult (m)2,6858087
vMvLN(vMvLN)Adult (f)1,7356275
DjIAU(DjIAU)Adult (m)2,9926177
XVPHF(XVPHF)Adult (f)2,7445884
UqfXC(UqfXC)Adult (f)2,3385633
paVAr(paVAr)Adult (m)1,9935433
0rANi(0rANi)Adult (f)2,1807915
NpdsD(NpdsD)Adult (m)2,1547697
7ZvDQ(7ZvDQ)Adult (f)2,3247785
JaTjO(JaTjO)Adult (m)2,1878146
8Yb81(8Yb81)Adult (m)2,9321,0502
qPL74(qPL74)Adult (f)2,8691,0154
qMNG0(qMNG0)Adult (m)2,9491,0662
WSmAt(WSmAt)Adult (f)2,8731,0143
vjrHn(vjrHn)Adult (m)2,5279502
OAaA8(OAaA8)Adult (f)2,9421,0381
bAv3T(bAv3T)Adult (f)2,8681,0542
GR0mL(GR0mL)Adult (f)2,8321,0381
b5naH(b5naH)Adult (f)2,8711,0961
33dbm(33dbm)Adult (m)2,5701,0710
O3m1g(O3m1g)Adult (m)2,4751,0611
vlF3M(vlF3M)Adult (f)2,4111,0401
UEYaT(UEYaT)Adult (m)2,6311,0601
IV3Eb(IV3Eb)Adult (m)2,3099382
BRpqJ(BRpqJ)Adult (m)2,4699591
5Euc8(5Euc8)Adult (f)2,3608970
tECe8(tECe8)Adult (f)2,3938992
GW6ba(GW6ba)Adult (f)2,4959641
fo1GK(fo1GK)Adult (m)2,3926495
JCJJY(JCJJY)Adult (f)4,4281,2645
iZQI4(iZQI4)Adult (f)2,7499694
bA7ca(bA7ca)Adult (m)2,2458382
OLU2j(OLU2j)Adult (m)2,2398561
DptuF(DptuF)Adult (m)2,2528471
dCkN8(dCkN8)Adult (f)2,8479302
q3ZDp(q3ZDp)Adult (m)2,2948051
GTOTI(GTOTI)Adult (m)4,2791,1342
OPrZm(OPrZm)Adult (f)2,2708040
PiAIR(PiAIR)Adult (f)2,4448541
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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