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    You pick up the scroll labeled “bookworm,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    F2wF(F2wF)Adult (f)1,91191353
    r8Wq(r8Wq)Adult (m)1,92291138
    W4eV(W4eV)Adult (f)2,2761,07040
    XrYo(XrYo)Adult (f)3,3451,49743
    7Mhp(7Mhp)Adult (f)3,1871,40633
    Jv2c(Jv2c)Adult (f)4,1601,97136
    WLwQ(WLwQ)Adult (m)4,9892,29328
    YBLQ(YBLQ)Adult (f)7,6033,19234
    1QAF(1QAF)Adult (m)7,6013,19150
    cyjG(cyjG)Adult (f)3,0381,12225
    pZic(pZic)Adult (f)3,0401,11930
    DkqV(DkqV)Adult (m)2,9461,06336
    xpcv(xpcv)Adult (f)2,2501,08119
    l4gr(l4gr)Adult (m)1,76886029
    w6za(w6za)Adult (f)1,50878813
    TVSX(TVSX)Adult (f)1,49878819
    Zgrx(Zgrx)Adult (f)1,49178513
    ApAp(ApAp)Adult (f)4,3061,78211
    2hLJ(2hLJ)Adult (m)4,3091,7835
    r7L6(r7L6)Adult (m)5,5672,4958
    7IIc(7IIc)Adult (f)4,9742,1559
    LwBC(LwBC)Adult (f)9,4835,0957
    vUBh(vUBh)Adult (f)9,4865,1034
    LrSX(LrSX)Adult (m)19,1668,5247
    z8mA(z8mA)Adult (m)1,5889123
    n4IK(n4IK)Adult (m)1,5628952
    SPfX(SPfX)Adult (f)14,2546,3855
    RszD(RszD)Adult (m)14,2216,3737
    Zebc(Zebc)Adult (m)12,0155,0978
    BXBW(BXBW)Adult (m)21,9409,71011
    SpGh(SpGh)Adult (f)3,3241,5905
    Owrq(Owrq)Adult (f)2,7471,2682
    kNuY(kNuY)Adult (f)2,7311,3712
    pbr3(pbr3)Adult (f)2,1611,15516
    38tb(38tb)Adult (f)2,2361,1233
    G6Ba(G6Ba)Adult (m)3,2051,7392
    6NL6(6NL6)Adult (f)4,6592,3963
    RLqp(RLqp)Adult (f)5,1732,5441
    qhkI(qhkI)Adult (m)4,3402,2712
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    If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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