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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “black-shado,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
pxZ6tBlack Shadow NamekikoAdult (f)4,5228902
Mb0LRMibliar namekiko 4G LNAdult (f)8,1531,0432
2ZrLgTigialer namekiko 2G LNAdult (m)11,0771,9480
JK3RoJinnro namekiko CBAdult (m)10,4991,7641
TQKQzTakkini namekiko CBAdult (m)10,7711,7342
ZtUpG(ZtUpG)Adult (m)5,0758952
tE4Sa(tE4Sa)Adult (f)5,0218961
ks77U(ks77U)Adult (m)5,2829080
qWvID(qWvID)Adult (m)5,2539020
LYexD(LYexD)Adult (m)4,3458500
tlL0g(tlL0g)Adult (m)4,9371,1340
CoRdF(CoRdF)Adult (m)4,8161,1100
mlu3E(mlu3E)Adult (m)4,8381,1550
pTLSo(pTLSo)Adult (f)4,9921,1710
LldrU(LldrU)Adult (f)5,7621,2991
hFhVj(hFhVj)Adult (m)4,8531,1170
lfYKX(lfYKX)Adult (f)4,9111,1150
rO9sH(rO9sH)Adult (f)4,9571,1670
GXk9O(GXk9O)Adult (f)5,0281,1450
Ebvn7(Ebvn7)Adult (m)5,0381,1510
JjGjL(JjGjL)Adult (f)5,1921,1900
3MqgD(3MqgD)Adult (f)4,6326780
VNc2d(VNc2d)Adult (f)5,3117531
mD8wn(mD8wn)Adult (m)6,7631,0581
NYOvY(NYOvY)Adult (f)7,2968940
XHrrK(XHrrK)Adult (m)7,3499490
7MkUT(7MkUT)Adult (f)7,2759560
X8O74(X8O74)Adult (m)7,4079131
v5y6L(v5y6L)Adult (m)7,2219380
vYT8Z(vYT8Z)Adult (m)7,3389280
5ltpO(5ltpO)Adult (f)7,2999000
ZSIPLZinna namekiko CBAdult (f)5,5616701
dFO5R(dFO5R)Adult (m)5,7937201
zwpWu(zwpWu)Adult (f)7,0798390
BsDLr(BsDLr)Adult (f)7,0568580
Vnswe(Vnswe)Adult (f)7,1228690
vgjdl(vgjdl)Adult (f)7,1308120
Dkfyd(Dkfyd)Adult (f)7,0548772
k36cZ(k36cZ)Adult (f)4,3318162
DE3ec(DE3ec)Adult (f)4,4808593
GfhTC(GfhTC)Adult (m)4,3988434
y88ul(y88ul)Adult (f)4,7108921
9Ai13(9Ai13)Adult (f)4,9839003
Gc2KK(Gc2KK)Adult (f)5,0639230
ph9eX(ph9eX)Adult (m)4,9388733
zTt9Q(zTt9Q)Adult (f)4,9601,1150
VwxVo(VwxVo)Adult (m)4,9861,1330
yebFN(yebFN)Adult (f)4,9981,1320
ggtxy(ggtxy)Adult (f)3,8199660
tURrK(tURrK)Adult (m)3,8469590
21bFNForever Valintar CBAdult (m)3,7419860
Kh84U(Kh84U)Adult (m)3,7419680
J4mmU(J4mmU)Adult (f)5,2421,2221
iHMlG(iHMlG)Adult (f)5,4011,2131
2FDRK(2FDRK)Adult (m)5,3091,2570
dBIuD(dBIuD)Adult (m)4,4169011
Gu9kh(Gu9kh)Adult (f)4,5129232
zqIMw(zqIMw)Adult (f)4,7369392
eJyyJ(eJyyJ)Adult (m)4,7109742
FIAyF(FIAyF)Adult (m)4,7259691
D0pgG(D0pgG)Adult (m)4,6549211
czQm7(czQm7)Adult (f)4,7019790
yVOru(yVOru)Adult (m)5,2871,0382
GBDO8(GBDO8)Adult (m)3,3367602
VqhZR(VqhZR)Adult (m)4,1178911
mLc72(mLc72)Adult (f)4,3579570
b4E7o(b4E7o)Adult (f)4,2598901
IvRQF(IvRQF)Adult (f)4,2799250
CDcE0(CDcE0)Adult (m)5,1379640
2nPeT(2nPeT)Adult (m)5,3051,0042
txdS8(txdS8)Adult (f)5,4179830
ZTVLX(ZTVLX)Adult (f)5,3489970
N3dmG(N3dmG)Adult (f)5,4411,0230
DN1Qi(DN1Qi)Adult (f)5,2619750
kc3jN(kc3jN)Adult (f)5,3891,0001
t2NPT(t2NPT)Adult (f)4,3307485
3yasG(3yasG)Adult (m)3,9827075
3Fr13(3Fr13)Adult (m)4,4427482
eLafe(eLafe)Adult (m)4,5077160
gYWhP(gYWhP)Adult (m)4,4397621
Qc4Qm(Qc4Qm)Adult (m)4,6067501
H8Be4(H8Be4)Adult (f)4,1727402
mBLR7(mBLR7)Adult (m)4,9161,0650
0M97S(0M97S)Adult (f)4,8681,0540
F9XCp(F9XCp)Adult (m)5,0531,0811
WUpla(WUpla)Adult (m)5,0151,0832
xI1tN(xI1tN)Adult (m)5,0691,0720
tbkjm(tbkjm)Adult (m)5,0131,0590
ercjS(ercjS)Adult (m)5,0621,0943
Cw5Ro(Cw5Ro)Adult (m)3,5007730
7QHKY(7QHKY)Adult (m)5,1249361
Bkxy6(Bkxy6)Adult (f)5,0579500
Qkly0(Qkly0)Adult (f)5,1009450
ixIfe(ixIfe)Adult (f)5,0379520
hdt3EHalzdot namekiko CBAdult (f)6,2107321
YJ80B(YJ80B)Adult (m)7,2128532
NY7nwNygia namekiko 2GAdult (f)6,8528411
Bovv3(Bovv3)Adult (m)7,2928472
wSpgC(wSpgC)Adult (m)6,7569840
8Z448(8Z448)Adult (m)6,7419640
2hIrJ(2hIrJ)Adult (m)6,7989630
5AUQUMiche namekiko CBAdult (f)6,6989810
RiF6M(RiF6M)Adult (f)7,8091,0300
tGeBB(tGeBB)Adult (f)7,8101,0150
1Qola(1Qola)Adult (f)7,6901,0510
8lxcSIlieax namekiko CBAdult (m)5,5207052
gDeeeGdee namekiko CBAdult (m)5,6937120
EcIquEqual namekiko CBAdult (m)5,5717132
9R9ARGaia namekiko CBAdult (m)6,6577821
bclMsBici namekiko CBAdult (m)5,7097320
gTq4QGiti namekiko 2GAdult (f)6,0551,04518
2wvElEliven namekiko 3G LNAdult (m)6,8485291
wHn0VWhin namekiko 2GAdult (m)6,1265491
qg9IQQugi namekiko 2GAdult (f)6,0945481
P6JUjxX'black-shado on the forums'XxHatchling (F)1,9494202
UfumZxX'''Welcome to my scroll'''XxHatchling (F)1,7512521
BGk3yxX'''Gifts'''XxHatchling (F)1,3943221
S8vv6Olive's are hereHatchling (f, F)9,0571,3904
p4cufMurky olive namekiko CBAdult (f)7,7861,12538
Q6wj9Quea of the OlivesAdult (m)3,1384612
gyAaHOlivine namekiko CBAdult (f)4,1726800
F10e3Fenly of the OlivesAdult (f)6,0321,0320
3yShwShea for Olive UsAdult (m)6,1071,0380
QzyvFWhat a Quiz for Olive UsAdult (f)6,3271,0670
y4wORStay away from Olive usAdult (m)3,5484963
n0LpOLo OliveAdult (m)3,7397181
zEvU0Evo OliveAdult (f)3,8057100
iwzHXIwo OliveAdult (f)3,9487591
SKUZGSuzuki the kindest of Olive usAdult (f)4,6127971
pyUfPOlive us are venomousAdult (f)2,6025391
NzEt1The first of Olive usAdult (f)6,2051,0631
E6jcpAenr namekiko 2GAdult (m)3,2617032
BCly7Timeskeeper namekiko 3G LNAdult (f)5,8371,0934
6LFw5Timeseer namekiko 2GAdult (m)2,6165321
908IuTimechanger namekiko CBAdult (f)4,7397411
ZAPdOZappaa namekiko CBAdult (m)5,03784510
7H0fbFilak namekiko CBAdult (m)3,4777971
3H9a0Alan namekiko CBAdult (f)5,8605792
784CZIxilaxaz namekiko CBAdult (m)4,20975924
bQNTGBiot namekiko CBAdult (m)6,5096010
HzsMQMyarni namekiko CBAdult (f)5,8361,0840
AoHwoAho namekiko CBAdult (m)5,9191,09019
1GYROGyro namekiko CBAdult (f)5,6691,1081
ezD5VAnnika namekiko CBAdult (f)5,7391,09122
dsivxSunshine namekiko 2GAdult (f)4,3007125
9SBO6Sissy namekiko CBAdult (f)5,5861,10030
xrcRVNenavara namekiko CBAdult (f)6,1771,06122
UbGfUUbaraka namekiko CBAdult (m)5,00593311
pdXt0Arkabr namekiko CBAdult (m)2,9335922
pf42ZShifting sand namekiko 2GAdult (f)6,22698028
4FMvBFilm namekiko CBAdult (f)6,4281,1159
CKuymCkuym namekiko CBAdult (m)6,8061,16329
A69KpAgiam namekiko CBAdult (m)5,9811,2851
6QosqJalarm namekiko 4GAdult (f)4,8146011
YQafeSaphra bjartskuler 3G LNAdult (f)6,3661,11613
B4aDvSaphra Brightscales CBAdult (f)6,1051,26114
zKY3NCasa namekiko CBAdult (f)5,2076550
Ca3PkCasper namekiko CBAdult (m)6,0371,1322
ukxj7Pryanka namekiko 2GAdult (m)6,3951,15625
1H0OIOld namekiko 2GAdult (f)4,1171,0332
cWfSyAzure namekiko CBAdult (m)3,6389651
9ETY8Petty namekiko 2GAdult (f)6,5321,0152
Fw2sNBluet namekiko CBAdult (m)4,6411,1021
km95SKema namekiko CBAdult (m)7,2886150
GOmCVBaloony namekiko CBAdult (m)5,8981,26113
qqneUFloetie namekiko CBAdult (f)2,9036753
dQ96CDolores namekiko CBAdult (m)7,9911,09635
6cs4CCsi and Calib namekiko CBAdult (m)5,9026901
bw8QUBauta and Batman namekiko CBAdult (m)4,7317519
aEWnCKliler namekiko 2GAdult (m)2,80179212
p8bAjkrenia namekiko CBAdult (f)2,5448674
kBiY2Kimby namekiko CBAdult (m)5,2529331
8oXebJiem namekiko 3G LNAdult (f)5,9245882
0tspYNam0ik Cizxk Thuwed namekiko 3GAdult (f)6,9209093
O3tLqOtter namekiko 2GAdult (f)5,5061,1866
yYCPuNici namekiko CBAdult (m)4,99484410
HKSKYSky namekiko CBAdult (m)7,2421,06324
y9Wa6Yowas namekiko CBAdult (m)5,5341,07045
Gh415Ghast namekiko CBAdult (f)5,0181,0338
5NYxrKittra namekiko CBAdult (f)8,1591,26349
aTMsEAtemse namekiko CBAdult (f)7,1791,3054
OJiSPOaela namekiko CBAdult (f)5,6571,1887
xFyvCFyvrn namekikoHatchling (f, F)4,7436322
N4Y8oCardinal namekiko CBAdult (f)2,4266773
JxM7HJmxsa namekiko CBAdult (f)3,3198333
z4O6XZonar namekiko CBAdult (m)8,4781,33614
s0R58Orang namekiko CBHatchling (f, F)5,0479650
OHS8yShea namekiko CBAdult (f)5,2209751
OATa5Bassalt namekiko CBAdult (f)5,7391,0611
hum7SHumm namekiko 5G LNAdult (f)5,6871,0663
9ktxyKitxey namekiko 2GAdult (f)2,3547513
wxcjlWxcjli namekiko CBAdult (m)3,5808153
agxaxAgxax namekiko CBAdult (m)5,5416470
dpuI0Asra namekiko 2G PBAdult (f)4,5357963
ZgubRAngela namekiko CBAdult (f)3,6119023
9jKkLAngil namekiko CBAdult (m)5,0311,2153
JNNgmJolt namekiko CBAdult (m)6,9581,2594
2NYiQBolted namekikoAdult (m)6,1431,1451
4BtWNLightning namekikoAdult (f)5,3971,14225
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