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You pick up the scroll labeled “aussieJJDude,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameStageViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Auz Golden Mother CBHatchling (♀)4,3558013
Auz Kew Gold Hue CBHatchling (♂)4,3417963
Auz -h0j3y- CBHatchling (♀)4,3527983
Auz Lilongo Thuwed 2GAdult (♂)4,8389445
Auz Dual Blue CBAdult (♀)4,7699831
Auz B1 And B2 CBAdult (♂)4,6619570
Auz Double Trouble 2GAdult (♀)4,8419031
Auz U-BED-n Thuwed 3GAdult (♂)3,8261,0353
Auz Charming Twoheaded 3GAdult (♀)5,2289111
Auz Opal Moonlight CBAdult (♂)5,3468271
Auz Misty Haze CBAdult (♀)5,3808571
Auz Swampy Opal CBAdult (♀)5,2668711
Auz Green Opal CBAdult (♀)6,2617991
Auz Al-bin-no CBAdult (♀)5,0619410
Auz Playing the Piano Angrily CBAdult (♂)5,1286941
Auz Yang CBAdult (♀)5,7908961
Auz Coloured Sunshine CBAdult (♂)8,2551,1224
Auz BlueFace CBAdult (♀)6,3601,0684
Auz Gouldian Finch CBAdult (♂)5,9371,1391
Auz Blue Faced CBAdult (♀)6,4215992
Auz Red Faced CBAdult (♂)7,2901,2276
Auz Floating Whisps CBAdult (♂)4,7089205
Auz Jazz Use By CBAdult (♀)6,5361,0586
Auz Dark Shadows CBAdult (♀)5,8327552
Auz XD Thuwed CBAdult (♂)8,3618441
Auz Dark Shadow CBAdult (♂)6,7259050
Body Shaming Has to StopHatchling (♀,❄)3,8206771
Auz Green Tea CBAdult (♀)6,3026691
Auz Dark Waters CBAdult (♂)6,2471,0731
Auz Feline Tea CBAdult (♂)6,5491,15219
Auz Salty Soup CBAdult (♀)4,7859021
Auz Sooty CBAdult (♀)5,3901,0170
Auz White Tips CBAdult (♂)4,7911,0251
Auz Salty Crystals CBAdult (♀)6,9511,3283
Auz Blue Moons CBAdult (♀)5,0616710
Auz Scream CBAdult (♀)4,2811,1043
Auz Bloodcurl CBAdult (♂)4,5819100
Aus 53xy Bloodscale CBAdult (♂)6,6601,0802
Auz Stripes CBAdult (♂)5,4459002
Auz Soyi CBAdult (♀)4,3928982
Auz Blu Bluna 2GAdult (♀)5,3401,0191
Auz Deep Blu CBAdult (♀)4,8318003
Auz Brinestone CBAdult (♂)4,2948593
Auz Salty CBAdult (♀)4,8771,1485
Auz El Blusang 2GAdult (♀)5,1096895
Auz Foamy Waves CBAdult (♂)6,3319783
Auz Breasted CBAdult (♂)5,6499130
Auz Bright Breasted Macaw CBAdult (♀)7,1301,1561
Auz Brime CBAdult (♀)3,1461,3170
Auz Yellow It's Me CBAdult (♂)5,9309530
Auz Sulfur CBAdult (♀)5,1958812
Auz Brute With Force CBAdult (♀)6,0196771
Auz Cute lil Brute CBAdult (♀)7,3871,5084
Auz Unsure of Lineage Name 3GAdult (♂)8,3631,3153
Auz Big Boy CBAdult (♂)6,4088833
Auz Rainbow Dash CBAdult (♂)6,7941,3825
Auz Carmen CBAdult (♀)3,6031,3134
Auz Carmine CBAdult (♂)4,4127851
Auz Magi-All-Gone CBAdult (♂)4,4671,1003
Auz Dead Magi CBAdult (♀)2,5137063
Auz Cheese n' Sprinkles CBAdult5,3468093
Auz False Hope DeadStone 2GAdult (♀)4,6618983
Auz Green Holy 9GAdult (♂)4,3959344
Auz Rare Beauty 4GAdult (♂)3,4439957
Auz Sprit of Noel 7GAdult (♂)4,4798432
Auz Holly Festives 6GAdult (♀)3,0279914
Auz Long Gen Holly 9GAdult (♂)4,5081,1740
Auz DeadStone Holly 2GAdult (♂)4,4621,1951
Auz Lady Brutally Trample 3GAdult (♀)3,5436571
Auz McDuell 2GAdult (♀)3,6606630
Auz Wrapping Paper CBAdult (♂)5,3621,4257
Auz Barry CBAdult (♂)5,5661,4416
Auz Zyzz 2GAdult (♂)4,7681,2005
Auz Bob 2GAdult (♂)4,8108841
Auz Paper Mashe 2GAdult (♂)4,7988841
Auz Double Zavier 3GAdult (♂)2,8988521
Auz Sintara CBAdult (♀)4,1161,4720
Auz Skymaw CBAdult (♀)4,6111,5091
Auz Soft Sintara 2GAdult (♀)2,9128581
Auz Fuzzbutt CBAdult (♀)3,3758081
Auz Mistletoe CBAdult (♀)5,3398142
Auz Foamy-toes 2GAdult (♂)2,9208541
Auz Kudo CBAdult (♂)2,4517672
Auz ZobBI CBAdult (♂)2,4877794
Auz Surf CBAdult (♀)3,3879500
Auz Waven CBAdult (♂)4,8199895
Auz Blue Foam CBAdult (♂)5,2708871
Auz Foamy Sea CBAdult (♂)5,2298871
Auz Colossi CBAdult (♀)5,0661,1192
Auz Clove CBAdult (♀)3,9581,0982
Auz Brutus CBAdult (♂)3,9811,0982
Auz Green Giant CBAdult (♀)3,9391,0692
Auz Gravios horrida 2GAdult (♀)5,1871,2313
Auz Big Plating Brute CBAdult (♀)5,8877631
Auz Giant Dragon CBAdult (♂)5,9217190
Auz Copper Oxide CBAdult (♂)7,1051,0932
Auz Rosebud CBAdult (♀)5,4241,3852
Auz Vinny CBAdult (♂)6,0031,5270
Auz Green shimmer breeder 3GAdult (♀)8,1761,3027
Auz Pothos 2GAdult (♀)8,5511,2934
Auz iCloud CBAdult (♂)4,6349262
Auz Cloudbaby CBAdult (♀)4,9261,0491
Auz Whispering Winds CBAdult (♂)7,2899983
Auz Puff the Magic Dragon CBAdult (♀)4,6858747
Auz GloFish CBAdult (♂)5,6489163
Auz Re-Coil CBAdult (♀)4,2081,0030
Auz Blue Fin CBAdult (♀)6,3739140
Auz Dorsal CBAdult (♂)6,5347621
Auz Balloon Bix Thuwed 3GAdult (♂)5,1511,0416
Auz Prupred CBAdult (♀)5,0861,0272
Auz Double Colours CBAdult (♀)5,1551,0852
Auz Multi-coloured CBAdult (♀)6,4141,0734
Auz Electricfiying CBAdult (♂)4,3341,1786
Auz Pickachu CBAdult (♀)5,7788600
Auz Electrical Charge 3GAdult (♀)6,0041,0061
Auz Sparky CBAdult (♀)7,4421,2733
Auz Orange Glow CBAdult (♀)5,4856803
Auz -zOmbb- CBAdult (♀)5,2308722
Auz Joi Lustful Love 2GAdult (♀)6,6861,2262
Auz Flamingo CBAdult (♀)5,5338811
Auz Salmon Pink CBAdult (♂)4,2267982
Auz Fleshie CBAdult (♀)5,5368680
Auz Impy CBAdult (♀)4,4109020
Auz Dynasty CBAdult (♀)5,8798201
Auz Icy cool CBAdult (♀)4,5509871
Auz Mommy CBAdult (♀)4,6141,0281
Auz Frost CBAdult (♀)2,6883461
Auz Elsa CBAdult (♀)2,3283612
Auz Like A Blizzard CBAdult (♂)4,0379411
Auz Frosty CBAdult (♂)6,5341,1153
Auz Jade CBAdult (♀)4,1751,0882
Auz Green Shard CBAdult (♂)3,9961,0713
Auz Red Gems CBAdult (♂)6,9691,0648
Auz Devil Crimson CBAdult (♀)6,7108461
Auz Sapphire CBAdult (♂)2,9661,1301
Auz Stonebutt 2GAdult (♂)4,3961,0631
Auz Nudibranch CBAdult (♀)5,2451,0981
Auz Blu Stripe CBAdult (♂)3,1851,1721
Auz Sky Blue CBAdult (♂)4,0141,0701
Auz Crabface CBAdult (♂)5,3497500
Auz Blue Waves CBAdult (♀)6,4678001
Auz Filly CBAdult (♀)5,6408980
Auz Summer Time CBAdult (♀)4,2819474
Auz Foolgold 5GAdult (♀)4,8479965
Auz Orange 2GAdult (♀)5,0221,1292
Auz Kuhli 2GAdult (♂)4,8001,0931
Auz Orange Loach 3GAdult (♂)6,1551,31116
Auz See Mandarins 2GAdult (♀)5,0718873
Auz Watery Weights 2GAdult (♂)4,7118974
Auz Grey Skys CBAdult (♀)5,5089261
Auz Cloudy CBAdult (♂)5,7008890
Auz Dotz CBAdult (♀)8,9301,4583
Auz Greater Spots CBAdult (♀)8,0361,4333
Auz Eva CBAdult (♀)4,2628690
Auz Green CBAdult (♂)5,7641,0485
Auz Green Earthquake CBAdult (♂)8,0541,3223
Auz Pandora CBAdult (♂)3,5091,6292
Auz Fleshy Green CBAdult (♀)4,7049221
Auz Green Wings CBAdult (♀)6,2948161
Auz Protector of the Clan CBAdult (♂)3,8151,3392
Auz Guarding Fortress CBAdult (♂)6,2289813
Auz Shield CBAdult (♀)4,8998311
Auz Mr Crinkles CBAdult (♂)5,0179327
Auz Haunted CBAdult (♀)2,4049522
Auz Carnival CBAdult (♀)2,4189522
Auz Scary CBAdult (♂)2,3209662
Auz Spooky CBAdult (♂)2,3779501
Auz Havester CBAdult (♂)4,1001,0542
Auz Yellow Pumpkin CBAdult (♂)5,6335831
Auz Flaming Hell CBAdult (♂)5,8267955
Auz Warm Toes CBAdult (♀)5,4355852
Auz Hooktalon CBAdult (♀)8,3791,3134
Auz All Hooks and No Talons CBAdult (♂)5,7291,1122
Auz Hookatone CBAdult (♀)8,1536562
Auz Saddles CBAdult (♀)5,2938662
Auz Brumby CBAdult (♂)5,3361,0401
Auz Howling Dragon CBAdult (♂)5,0631,1402
Auz Howling Winds CBAdult (♀)5,6656321
First Frozen Egg In DCHatchling (❄)3,5632714
Auz Slushy CBAdult (♂)4,5611,0780
Auz Snowflake CBAdult (♂)5,8766992
Auz Male Fail CBAdult (♂)5,8966902
 Egg (❄)000
Auz Shifu CBAdult (♂)5,8517392
Auz Sea Worm CBAdult (♀)3,1881,1220
Auz Sea Snake CBAdult (♂)5,0401,0001
Auz Nessie CBAdult (♀)6,2327884
Auz Blue Hues CBAdult (♀)5,2301,1583
Auz Eight Lbs CBAdult (♂)7,1901,0643
Auz Luminum CBAdult (♀)4,4491,0550
Auz Metallic Wannabe CBAdult (♂)4,3491,0150
Auz Fake Silver CBAdult (♂)4,8651,0373
Auz O-Ma-God Shiny CBAdult (♂)3,4921,2601
Auz Tin foil CBAdult (♂)3,5441,2621

If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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