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You pick up the scroll labeled “aurora e,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
iBO1DStephan EAdult (m)2,2679782
OpnZTStephs EAdult (m)4,1017790
KH3aBStephanie EAdult (f)2,0958422
jGKR7West EAdult (m)2,1397662
4S3q7Bloom EAdult (f)2,35165110
7aywQGaravina II EAdult (f)2,1867943
VMgdAl EAdult (m)1,5955523
WgqiAlberta EAdult (f)1,1735853
bKeMqElyana EAdult (f)3,7997720
l7evU(l7evU)Adult (f)5,5481,1916
6gs7Angelina EAdult (f)1,4608203
bS0YArthur EAdult (m)1,1176504
gNl4Molly EAdult (f)1,6796525
mhTmEnine X EAdult (f)10,2601,9107
hlH74Kove X EAdult (m)2,3399193
2mj2iOrna IV EAdult (f)10,1911,74112
KXdhTTemple EAdult (f)2,8585885
OBPk4Bloom IV EAdult (f)2,1965194
enf0lJaklyn II EAdult (f)1,6656982
CHvSeHolver EAdult (m)1,5296952
7aBkpHowl EAdult (m)6,2551,0213
zJYUmLevina EAdult (f)1,8426742
1cio2Holst EAdult (m)2,6288942
Fz2EoArmando EAdult (m)2,9905673
VS4PL(VS4PL)Adult (f)5,7741,1141
KgY1Bernardine X EAdult (f)8655458
1R8urCathos EAdult (m)3,3291,2002
UvPbECatherina EAdult (f)2,8651,2464
3klTxCathie II EAdult (f)2,3106043
octAfCarvena EAdult (f)2,2718671
6sb8BFredera EAdult (f)4,4931,4931
LlUb0Igoro EAdult (m)2,8641,2353
b2a9wSpooky SpookAdult (f)5,9567891
4qZ3hFrederik EAdult (m)5,5467820
MV3ZDGorovich II EAdult (f)1,9445501
Dl4Q3Leetle SpookAdult (f)3,4329212
RaYiHOarvisto EAdult (m)2,7379391
hB5uBGregory EAdult (m)3,3209291
tlRMHEvernetta EAdult (f)2,9951,2332
XhWXtNovargus EAdult (m)1,6985892
hLX2oSaurus EAdult (m)2,6937762
6Qv78Ernesto EAdult (m)2,5585672
h2kaKStego EAdult (m)3,3816992
NVqCUSheila II EAdult (f)2,4766071
XtM0fJulienne II EAdult (f)3,1668236
TqMmbKar II EAdult (m)1,7727273
FR3gSInneborne III EAdult (f)5,6686322
9AUQ6Catherine II EAdult (f)1,7516343
l6iaRJohanna III EAdult (f)1,7706311
UrlbYHerald IV EAdult (m)1,9586715
Wqr2OTwist III EAdult (m)1,6406401
A0NhqAkyna IV EAdult (f)2,3128454
3PzVgCeledona EAdult (f)3,9311,4753
a8y6BArdenne EAdult (m)3,8851,5591
EE8YpSilvinova III EAdult (f)3,5241,2037
kEXBLizzie EAdult (f)1,6366871
IgAuBLozon EAdult (m)2,4539203
XqaUdJessica VII EAdult (f)2,2909090
Z2uZEIzzy EAdult (f)1,8707451
X0nSFLisa EAdult (f)5,6931,1344
PliAkConnor EAdult (m)1,6426921
3Td7vKane EAdult (m)5,6411,1152
DgN9PTemplar EAdult (m)5,7741,1172
k1rHZPolk EAdult (f)5,7021,3893
r5ltPEmilia EAdult (f)5,0031,2842
heePvMollie EAdult (f)1,7446521
Dc8RqHaas EAdult (f)2,4178441
el0eLLazarus II EAdult (f)2,7556472
SpRGYSpencer II EAdult (m)1,9156950
OaLNhMontague II EAdult (m)1,7846470
XaLRJJacobson II EAdult (m)1,8426821
pKESOIngersoll II EAdult (f)2,5159231
K1YinCanon EAdult (m)2,4139050
5LV1HBoisa EAdult (f)3,3128774
ilYSEMberna EAdult (f)4,5119223
zpVVUCharles EAdult (m)2,4381,1870
zRAOvFowler EAdult (m)2,7578001
15i6UDu EAdult (m)3,1048454
Dh0G(Dh0G)Adult (m)1,4445423
5qDmO(5qDmO)Adult (m)2,9131,1182
O3a3V(O3a3V)Adult (m)2,6009251
1FsYu(1FsYu)Adult (m)2,6868301
S1hFf(S1hFf)Adult (m)2,7035641
qbQ7r(qbQ7r)Adult (m)2,7365780
cIAKG(cIAKG)Adult (f)2,5645774
2hMK2(2hMK2)Adult (f)1,9415924
8MAtB(8MAtB)Adult (f)2,32292910
UOyJp(UOyJp)Adult (f)5,1271,2894
8oUTl(8oUTl)Adult (f)3,2431,3343
Q4k6a(Q4k6a)Hatchling (m, F)2,64496211
p1XEa(p1XEa)Adult (m)3,7541,41210
EgvU4(EgvU4)Adult (m)1,9498081
8rPio(8rPio)Adult (m)1,6866892
UdPLv(UdPLv)Hatchling (m, F)2,8191,1551
mTvh(mTvh)Adult (f)1,0854792
7FmEd(7FmEd)Adult (f)1,9637601
7X6Zp(7X6Zp)Hatchling (F)7013753
D1iu(D1iu)Adult (f)1,6248481
0bod(0bod)Adult (f)1,4547691
9HlPM(9HlPM)Adult (f)3,3311,2491
XNGYK(XNGYK)Adult (f)3,1551,2812
BiwUX(BiwUX)Adult (f)3,4831,2496
INGjn(INGjn)Hatchling (F)1,2174912
vOteZ(vOteZ)Adult (m)2,2474333
BLPGG(BLPGG)Adult (m)2,0706930
GIwEK(GIwEK)Adult (m)2,6501,1052
z5vo9(z5vo9)Hatchling (F)8224913
OqIlv(OqIlv)Adult (m)1,6207170
2IAts(2IAts)Adult (m)1,5936801
9OkCD(9OkCD)Adult (m)4,2121,5122
xzRlB(xzRlB)Hatchling (F)1,2414676
r71Yx(r71Yx)Adult (f)1,5626660
nUFXqElizabeth EAdult (f)1,6167110
MDPG7(MDPG7)Adult (f)2,6639293
dB7Sg(dB7Sg)Adult (f)2,6819060
XsPA(XsPA)Adult (f)1,6455662
VhEeE(VhEeE)Adult (m)2,4407892
pZXkj(pZXkj)Adult (f)1,9908061
WDxFb(WDxFb)Adult (m)1,9507920
oNeJW(oNeJW)Adult (f)2,9957222
g3Vzb(g3Vzb)Adult (m)3,5651,2155
5uwVp(5uwVp)Adult (f)5,5661,6453
wNTRW(wNTRW)Adult (f)4,6596042
TA8aMarlon X EAdult (m)78641024
dmnvMarge X EAdult (f)1,1646909
IAYu(IAYu)Adult (m)1,9357582
zOuw(zOuw)Adult (m)6684832
Wg17Q(Wg17Q)Adult (m)2,9071,0932
qf9iq(qf9iq)Adult (m)2,9229523
AM9l7(AM9l7)Adult (m)3,7881,15515
qhHcLTrina EAdult (f)5,8331,3184
ZRKDEPicky II EAdult (m)5,7741,1904
Sa35qSierra II EAdult (f)2,9651,0651
LvD5aChase III EAdult (m)1,5737431
pMaOoChomp III EAdult (m)4,0289862
StuquThyme III EAdult (f)2,4829451
gQ1qgElana EAdult (f)1,8977043
HXl9oElyna EAdult (f)2,1115983
lb27HElina EAdult (f)2,2396551
Iw4w7Viscous EAdult (m)2,2266291
pMPtv(pMPtv)Adult (f)5,2341,1423
6cTCy(6cTCy)Adult (f)5,6551,1281
56gy(56gy)Adult (m)1,2457742
8D8U(8D8U)Adult (m)1,0476272
7L7J(7L7J)Adult (f)2,5798494
7qSI9(7qSI9)Adult (f)1,5227261
LFECT(LFECT)Adult (f)1,4776090
DPYV8(DPYV8)Adult (f)4,6235820
KZLxw(KZLxw)Adult (f)2,8286182
atMIv(atMIv)Adult (m)3,0528532
rx5wz(rx5wz)Adult (f)2,0688221
n09dg(n09dg)Adult (f)2,6649222
t9rY(t9rY)Adult (m)2,5179072
0Snn5(0Snn5)Adult (f)2,4469411
8ZIc6(8ZIc6)Adult (f)1,7477250
bkSE2(bkSE2)Adult (m)2,8239250
a8Juw(a8Juw)Adult (m)1,9468050
Dm9m(Dm9m)Adult (f)9705532
3NahB(3NahB)Adult (f)2,7941,0811
K7QHL(K7QHL)Adult (f)3,7721,3601
tlU1B(tlU1B)Adult (f)2,4178912
UR5K(UR5K)Adult (m)2,1667414
k7Bh(k7Bh)Adult (f)2,7689667
T2JEE(T2JEE)Adult (m)2,4738742
2tZ8(2tZ8)Adult (m)1,5994774
EajB(EajB)Adult (f)1,5416601
trCQg(trCQg)Adult (f)3,6164444
uRcje(uRcje)Adult (m)2,5615613
6C4PS(6C4PS)Adult (m)2,4168755
L1EP(L1EP)Adult (m)1,2065932
MqOEb(MqOEb)Adult (f)2,5998852
RlmJH(RlmJH)Adult (f)2,1088451
CjEJX(CjEJX)Adult (m)4,6006172
iMkwE(iMkwE)Adult (m)2,0927112
6zqEH(6zqEH)Adult (f)2,5745485
rTunh(rTunh)Adult (f)2,9536870
wPRhY(wPRhY)Adult (m)2,6395631
78S7(78S7)Adult (m)1,6467314
uvUmt(uvUmt)Adult (m)2,6909692
ia744(ia744)Adult (m)2,6408720
a2qWl(a2qWl)Adult (f)2,6548280
9412Q(9412Q)Adult (f)3,1319110
oJ4Fl(oJ4Fl)Adult (f)2,6627830
lnNh6(lnNh6)Adult (m)2,8519691
4FAh9(4FAh9)Adult (f)2,9089741
uJFmf(uJFmf)Adult (m)2,4987610
ygNI3(ygNI3)Adult (m)2,4328401
bOuLo(bOuLo)Adult (m)2,2678490
3a6O(3a6O)Adult (m)2,0581,0424
Eejek(Eejek)Adult (m)2,8018503
Mr45c(Mr45c)Adult (m)3,8229602
Rc9hw(Rc9hw)Adult (m)5,3391,1462
E5MK2(E5MK2)Adult (m)4,9539734
XULq(XULq)Adult (m)1,3718052
M8KG(M8KG)Adult (f)1,3534417
l2fOY(l2fOY)Adult (f)2,3018131
PfMUM(PfMUM)Adult (f)2,7048211
ESePh(ESePh)Adult (m)3,0615663
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