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You pick up the scroll labeled “anthasu1,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
yBLY(yBLY)Adult (f)1,62580211
x46S(x46S)Adult (f)4,67480512
vK08(vK08)Adult (f)9025433
v5vE(v5vE)Adult (f)9846054
sD3L(sD3L)Adult (m)1,0435294
piDh(piDh)Adult (m)2,10871421
pXpL(pXpL)Adult (f)3,9781,11916
p2Rj(p2Rj)Adult (m)2,03472221
m0M9(m0M9)Adult (m)1,0265833
inOx(inOx)Adult (f)1,3366324
iKNJ(iKNJ)Adult (f)3,7327549
hU2D(hU2D)Adult (f)6844262
hMta(hMta)Adult (f)7784564
gh0Z(gh0Z)Adult (f)2,4861,00527
gSxr(gSxr)Adult (m)1,76686810
g0nO(g0nO)Adult (m)1,8109548
g0ed(g0ed)Adult (m)5,4781,13411
e3kk(e3kk)Adult (m)1,0615266
d1c1(d1c1)Adult (f)1,2376812
bjqu(bjqu)Adult (m)1,0135742
b4Uz(b4Uz)Adult (m)2,0968308
anJj(anJj)Adult (f)2,5849249
ah6K(ah6K)Adult (f)3,62238828
ZopB(ZopB)Adult (m)1,1006383
YzBh(YzBh)Adult (m)1,1695038
YQg0(YQg0)Adult (f)1,80261514
Y5lA(Y5lA)Adult (m)4,2721,25413
XpvM(XpvM)Adult (f)1,2586893
XWBx(XWBx)Adult (f)3,09256524
XEK3(XEK3)Adult (f)8915484
V0XI(V0XI)Adult (m)1,3027132
UAWL(UAWL)Adult (m)1,2286272
T3JR(T3JR)Adult (f)1,0736194
MgZk(MgZk)Adult (m)1,0395075
LxmV(LxmV)Adult (f)2,35565014
KjRz(KjRz)Adult (f)2,74598813
KYmp(KYmp)Adult (m)1,3266453
Isqg(Isqg)Adult (m)1,1375323
Ijig(Ijig)Adult (f)1,0335835
IiAQ(IiAQ)Adult (m)1,0916183
Ghkt(Ghkt)Adult (m)1,4066593
Fdxl(Fdxl)Adult (f)2,8941,29313
EltH(EltH)Adult (f)1,6833946
E3tC(E3tC)Adult (f)9794128
DQ4b(DQ4b)Adult (f)1,4056433
Bc3A(Bc3A)Adult (f)2,20966517
BJlM(BJlM)Adult (f)8064762
9Bmi(9Bmi)Adult (m)1,0803933
98gW(98gW)Adult (f)1,2336281
8frW(8frW)Adult (m)9684603
7s20(7s20)Adult (f)1,20144517
7a3J(7a3J)Adult (f)1,1605733
72PI(72PI)Adult (m)1,2226231
5INi(5INi)Adult (f)1,79658711
4YhY(4YhY)Adult (m)1,2506422
3tSF(3tSF)Adult (m)7764591
3cqb(3cqb)Adult (m)1,1036182
2ylS(2ylS)Adult (f)1,82884711
1ADG(1ADG)Adult (f)9205443
0EJM(0EJM)Adult (m)9055031
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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