Dragon Cave

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You pick up the scroll labeled “amythestice,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameStageViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Raven DreamerAdult (f)2,39476710
Raven FlyerAdult (f)1,47653811
Raven SoarsAdult (f)3,1504894
Ravens DarkeningAdult (m)2,8165555
Ravens WarriorAdult (m)2,1324974
Raven WhisperAdult (f)1,0325235
Ravens PrinclingAdult (m)1,3205324
Ravens Lightning StrikesAdult (m)3,4635912
Lindwurm ThunderAdult (m)3,4211,1041
Lindwurm LightningAdult (m)3,9221,1783
Albino Lightning StrikesAdult (m)1,3877781
Albino Warrior PrinceAdult (m)1,1155473
Albino WhisperAdult (f)1,0676045
Albino FlitterAdult (f)1,2095601
Anagallis WhisperAdult (f)5,4319660
Anagallis SoulpeaceAdult (f)5,2359081
sakura-kaijuuAdult (f)3,72998110
UnnamedAdult (f)4,7497091
UnnamedAdult (f)4,8047131
Bouncing BossAdult (m)1,3415203
Bouncing PrincessAdult (f)1,4415172
Bouncing Boss JrAdult (m)1,6926122
Bouncing BopperAdult (m)1,7275483
Kuroi no HinotoriAdult (m)3,0271,11418
Kuroi no ToriAdult (f)3,0055319
Shiratori IronyAdult (m)2,3925455
Kuroi no HimeAdult (f)1,4415713
Kuroi no YukiAdult (m)1,4286284
Black Tea WarriorAdult (m)3,6137601
Black Tea ThunderAdult (m)4,2761,1671
Black Tea LightningAdult (m)3,8461,2060
Blacktip ThunderAdult (m)3,5311,4073
Blacktip WhisperAdult (f)4,1841,3902
Blacktip LightningAdult (m)3,3578320
Blacktip FlitterAdult (f)3,8221,0750
Bleeding Moon ThunderAdult (m)4,5371,1001
Bleeding Moon WhisperAdult (f)5,3669411
Bleeding Moon FlitterAdult (f)4,2521,1571
Bleeding Moon WarriorAdult (m)4,9621,0430
Bloodscale WhisperAdult (f)2,6347793
Bloodscale ThunderAdult (m)2,3447991
Bloodscale LightningAdult (m)3,6411,0992
Bloodscale FlitterAdult (f)5,1729981
Bloodscale Cloud DrifterAdult (f)3,9541,2110
Bloodscale ThunderboltAdult (m)3,6151,1353
Bloodscale WarriorAdult (m)6,4419971
Bloodscale ThunderclapAdult (m)3,5931,2702
Blue Band ThunderAdult (m)2,7061,0571
Blue Band WarriorAdult (m)2,6971,0522
Blue Band ThuderboltAdult (m)5,0451,0160
Blusang WhisperAdult (f)3,9271,0891
Kondoru no JoAdult (m)3,6584562
Condor JoeAdult (m)3,4256832
Eagle's MateAdult (m)4,4476460
Eagle's WarriorAdult (m)3,8061,2652
Eagle's ProtectorAdult (m)3,7911,2760
Jun the SwanAdult (f)7,3805323
Shiratori no JunAdult (f)4,1277599
Hunting SwanAdult (m)5,8941,0771
Brute Velvet GloveAdult (f)3,4981,1290
Brute Velvet ThunderAdult (m)4,1071,0740
UnnamedAdult (m)4,6667480
Canopy StarAdult (m)1,0765921
Canopy FlitterAdult (m)1,0465812
Canopy FlyerAdult (m)1,4095623
Canopy WarriorAdult (m)1,7514305
Canopy LightningAdult (m)2,0044643
Canopy StarletAdult (f)3,6006242
UnnamedAdult (m)4,2871,0451
Carmine FlyerAdult (f)2,7391,0731
Carmine WhisperAdult (f)2,7171,0891
UnnamedAdult (f)5,0711,0230
Cassare Magic WhisperAdult (f)2,6851,0610
Cassare Magic FlyerAdult (f)2,7001,0841
UnnamedAdult (f)3,3149752
UnnamedAdult (m)3,3209771
UnnamedAdult (f)3,9619921
UnnamedAdult (f)4,0851,1611
Scimitar LightningAdult (f)3,0796122
Scimitar FlightAdult (f)6,3126211
Scimitar ThunderboltAdult (m)4,2811,1690
Scimitar WarriorAdult (m)4,4431,1021
Scimitar Lightning StrikeAdult (m)3,8971,0941
UnnamedAdult (m)3,9871,2102
UnnamedAdult (m)3,9791,2112
Flower HuntressAdult (f)2,9361,10225
Flower Hunting VioletAdult (f)2,8691,09618
Clouds MasterAdult (m)1,8386404
Clouds PrinclingAdult (m)1,4806714
Clouds Master JrAdult (m)1,5035994
Clouds MistressAdult (f)1,3165304
Clouds FlyerAdult (m)1,7406215
UnnamedAdult (f)3,8221,1702
UnnamedAdult (f)5,2339141
UnnamedAdult (m)6,2379611
Seaview HuntressAdult (f)1,3435276
Seaview QueenAdult (f)1,3585446
Dorsy Violet WarriorAdult (m)1,7826202
Dorsy Violet LightingAdult (m)1,3655413
Dorsy Violet WhisperAdult (f)1,8097052
Dorsy Violet PrinceAdult (m)1,6946571
Dorsy Violet HunterAdult (m)1,1606461
Dorsy Scarlet WarriorAdult (m)1,4896062
Dorsy Scarlet WhisperAdult (f)1,0705742
Duotone FlitterAdult (f)4,3011,2012
Duotone WarriorAdult (m)4,7351,1302
Duotone WhisperAdult (f)4,6931,1692
Duotone ThunderAdult (m)4,1071,3290
Duotone ThunderboltAdult (m)3,9091,2061
UnnamedAdult (m)4,2291,4023
Lightning Flash LadyAdult (f)1,1384731
Lightning Flash LadetteAdult (f)8514981
Lightning Flash QueenAdult (f)1,3866011
Volcanos DarklingAdult (m)1,7414603
Volcanos WarriorAdult (m)2,8346262
Volcanos ThunderAdult (m)4,3186330
Volcanos WhisperAdult (f)4,1986141
Falconiform ThunderAdult (m)3,1589791
Falconiform FlitterAdult (f)3,1729831
Falconiform LightningAdult (m)3,1399822
UnnamedAdult (f)4,8401,0370
UnnamedAdult (f)3,9191,1371
Fever FireballAdult (m)3,4211,1110
Fever WhisperAdult (f)3,4001,1020
UnnamedAdult (f)3,4899541
UnnamedAdult (f)3,4829491
Flamingo Claw FlyerAdult (m)3,6566302
Imperial Fleshcrowne ThunderAdult (m)3,8571,0730
Imperial Fleshcrowne LightningAdult (m)4,0991,1550
UnnamedAdult (f)2,56385112
UnnamedAdult (f)2,5938669
UnnamedAdult (m)1,6354135
UnnamedAdult (f)3,3455084
UnnamedAdult (f)1,4105543
UnnamedAdult (f)1,2273863
Frostbite GlimmerAdult (f)3,1659802
Frostbite ThunderAdult (m)3,1439831
Frostbite LightningAdult (m)3,1169871
UnnamedAdult (m)3,5719351
UnnamedAdult (m)3,5571,1642
UnnamedAdult (m)3,4791,1753
Glaucus ThunderAdult (m)3,5429830
Glaucus WhisperAdult (f)3,5489831
Glaucus LightningAdult (m)3,5479872
UnnamedAdult (m)4,8111,0431
Winsome CurlsAdult (m)3,4436692
Winsome WarriorAdult (m)4,7336281
Golden Clouds GliderAdult (f)4,1691,1240
Thunders BiteAdult (m)4,28498921
Thunders FlyerAdult (m)3,30096210
Thunders Bite JrAdult (m)1,3975199
Thunders WarriorAdult (m)3,1564803
Thunders LightningAdult (m)1,7455563
Thunders War HammerAdult (m)1,1284962
Thunders Strike WarningAdult (m)1,2594582
Thunders WhisperAdult (f)2,9385201
Thunders DancerAdult (f)2,8935221
UnnamedAdult (f)5,2199381
UnnamedAdult (m)5,3219311
UnnamedAdult (f)5,9378761
UnnamedAdult (m)4,2611,0260
UnnamedAdult (f)4,5967470
Dragons Quake QueenAdult (f)2,9325763
Queen KnuxAdult (f)3,8674493
Princess KnuxAdult (f)2,9545891
UnnamedAdult (m)5,3729650
Shield Hold QueenAdult (f)3,17593114
Shield Hold HinatoriAdult (f)1,7784587
Pumpkin FlitterAdult (f)4,6111,2292
Black Marrow ThunderAdult (m)4,1831,1881
Shadow Walker WhisperAdult (f)4,1781,1913
Shadow Walker ThunderAdult (m)4,5091,2091
Cavern Lurker ThunderAdult (m)4,5581,1912
Grave Dragons WhisperAdult (f)4,2361,2011
UnnamedAdult (f)3,6281,1652
UnnamedAdult (f)3,6571,1622
UnnamedAdult (m)3,6021,1982
UnnamedAdult (m)3,8091,1752
UnnamedAdult (m)2,6511,0841
UnnamedAdult (f)2,6771,0741
UnnamedAdult (m)2,9229200
Wheat HuntressAdult (f)2,7535891
Wheat HunterAdult (m)4,2575970
Wheat Harvest ThunderAdult (m)4,2431,1650
Crimson Flame FlightAdult (m)4,8173229
Crimson Flame WarriorAdult (m)1,6844364
Crimson ZelmanAdult (m)3,0146132
Hellhorse Crimson WhisperAdult (f)4,1061,0704
Hellhorse Crimson RacerAdult (f)4,5838331
Hellhorse Crimson FlitterAdult (f)3,9471,0143
UnnamedAdult (f)5,2939391
UnnamedAdult (m)5,3109402
UnnamedAdult (m)4,2621,0370
UnnamedAdult (m)5,2178411
UnnamedAdult (f)4,6147480
UnnamedAdult (f)4,5087541
Thunder Hoof WarriorAdult (m)8724954
Thunder Hoof WhisperAdult (f)1,2575751
Thunder Hoof LightningAdult (m)1,2765503
Thunder Hoof ThunderboltAdult (m)3,5411,1282

If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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