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You pick up the scroll labeled “alyelle,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
CFpnIPlanked AsEgg (F)
aOxYd(aOxYd)Adult (f)2,6598855
0LzqB(0LzqB)Adult (f)4,1516722
lAINv(lAINv)Adult (f)3,9518998
UCBo3(UCBo3)Adult (m)3,8848571
znpOG(znpOG)Adult (f)3,1726499
nPuyW(nPuyW)Adult (f)3,1548451
nfZOhLily's SiabhraAdult (f)3,2607970
26zyyLily's Fairy KingAdult (f)3,1288273
VCNTQ(VCNTQ)Adult (f)2,7267841
tOpFKLily's Sweet NedenthaAdult (m)3,0138922
3YGixLily's Sir PlushAdult (m)3,1888451
sREL5(sREL5)Adult (m)2,5618042
pUccELily's NightbloomerAdult (f)3,1578831
wsoyALily's Frosted RoseAdult (f)3,1048862
Vu5ItLily's WonderlandAdult (f)3,6218413
Kd4NrLily's Frosted AppleHatchling (F)2,4286902
yjdY8(yjdY8)Adult (f)3,2159062
FhulM(FhulM)Adult (f)3,1749112
klaSuLily's Silent MagicAdult (m)3,2818921
LxFMzLily's SilorquiasAdult (m)3,1968921
si2W1Lily's Prince of PurityAdult (m)3,7468753
2EInz(2EInz)Adult (m)2,8148282
FI1LdLily's Soul GardenAdult (f)3,6448636
uDJruLily's KolofaeAdult (m)3,7529153
t37yn(t37yn)Adult (f)3,6131,1522
IS3p0(IS3p0)Adult (f)3,6351,1182
aQai3Lily's CharisteriaAdult (m)5,0978326
R7aG2Lily's SophrosyneAdult (f)8,6628966
KhSh2Lily's RemembranceAdult (f)7,2581,1373
QT57WLily's Shining LavenderAdult (m)3,9277605
QVZmrLily's Mazel TovAdult (m)4,8707761
zJQKrLily's Graceful RomanceAdult (f)5,4777842
uxhWuLily's Lavender RomanceAdult (f)6,1868025
dcp51Lily's Copper FusionAdult (f)7,1099349
EPjLdLily's Violet AngelAdult (f)7,5051,0059
guxhkLily's Lucky LavenderHatchling (m, F)5,3316874
eGimBLily's Burning FlowerHatchling (F)6,4155023
mjjVLLily's Graceful LightAdult (m)6,4981,1305
CLdSVLily's Sugar MagicAdult (m)6,55484712
qr1tULily's EideticAdult (m)8,0488844
Snk8OLily's Song of GraceAdult (m)4,9871,0713
kyUNvLily's Adventure TimeAdult (m)8,4488844
whsz6Lily's Child of LightAdult (m)4,8531,0101
uMX1mLily's Eternal GraceAdult (f)3,4888904
ZHQXvLily's Princess of WisdomAdult (f)5,9061,1246
4fFcWLily's RadianceAdult (f)6,9409945
KuizzLily's RegalAdult (f)6,8391,0186
u9LghLily's Theme SongHatchling (m, F)8,2797954
ZBeVqLily's Memory of GraceHatchling (f, F)4,3278037
DmaMILily's GracewingHatchling (f, F)6,12392914
Vr6qDLily's Crowned PeachHatchling (F)6,6425383
t3mhsLily's Magnitude OneHatchling (F)3,2643767
LfJoCThey Used To Call ItAdult (m)3,7631,1681
kpUX2The Shining WorldAdult (f)4,7911,3831
FTHBVOf The Seven SystemsAdult (m)1,7657372
KkCbFAnd On TheAdult (f)5,2211,2982
rNEZ8Continent Of WildAdult (m)1,6327603
Ld7EDEndeavour In The MountainsAdult (f)1,9598484
2PaGNOf Solace And SolitudeAdult (m)2,5778725
Wui4AThere Stood The CitadelAdult (f)4,0329673
7GF4EOf The Time LordsAdult (m)4,6441,2613
tqAVTThe Oldest And Most MightyAdult (f)2,7869113
Oj5d0Race In The UniverseAdult (m)2,6328961
Qp7KgLooking Down On TheAdult (f)2,4857432
nN6W5Galaxies BelowAdult (m)3,1388884
u5GR7Sworn Never  To InterfereAdult (f)2,4939051
OJTGPOnly  To  WatchAdult (m)4,0828422
tULnqOnly  To WatchAdult (f)3,5569172
DP0OhHe Was Taken For InitiationAdult (m)2,7926803
jsmW7He Stood In FrontAdult (f)5,3321,3432
DuShhOf The Untempered SchismAdult (m)2,8357003
ufkRpIt's A GapAdult (f)2,9591,0214
hKOjFIn The Fabric Of RealityAdult (m)2,8206702
PRPmmThrough Which Could Be SeenAdult (f)2,8161,0162
ivnTXThe Whole Of The VortexAdult (m)2,1586544
XSFLfWe Stand ThereAdult (f)2,8106591
bjhImEight Years OldAdult (m)5,9621,0803
3hjYGStaring At The RawAdult (f)2,0336942
cHSstPower Of Time And SpaceAdult (m)2,1486770
S2EPSJust A ChildAdult (f)3,6179101
jFN9GSome Would Be InspiredAdult (m)2,3585762
bhSO5Some Would Run AwayAdult (f)2,4485672
UAFGaAnd Some Would Go MadAdult (f)2,7235611
9gMD7There Are WorldsAdult (m)3,7848401
Wo5sPOut There Where TheAdult (f)3,7686482
0WZrnSky Is BurningAdult (m)4,2289031
85aguWhere The Sea IsAdult (f)4,8297771
KOTWLAsleep AndAdult (m)4,4986453
1FxahThe Rivers DreamAdult (f)5,0508322
iCXhkPeople Made OfAdult (m)4,4196653
caiFJSmoke And CitiesAdult (f)4,1038362
EFa5WMade Of SongAdult (m)3,8616802
g910LSomewhere There'sAdult (f)4,4718481
3T6WVDanger SomewhereAdult (m)3,4677753
b5hcUThere's InjusticeAdult (f)5,9269771
LxYM3Never Be CruelAdult (m)5,6316651
legHkAnd Never Eat PearsAdult (m)3,9207792
Lw4DlDistrict 1 - PyrrhusAdult (m)2,6026646
Okg9xDistrict 1 - Pyrrhus IIAdult (m)2,2787092
7mLOzDistrict 1 - Pyrrhus IIIAdult (m)2,2505982
Gs50FDistrict 1 - Pyrrhus IVAdult (m)2,9756383
S0icLDistrict 1 - SiennaAdult (f)6,7851,3773
Sz44CDistrict 2 - RaineAdult (m)2,1886231
tYB1kDistrict 2 - SoleilAdult (f)4,4029083
7zrU4District 2 - Soleil IIAdult (f)2,2546972
lgsaDistrict 3 - TaikaAdult (m)2,1911,0227
ikOXlDistrict 3 - Taika IIAdult (m)2,2177071
uKIFSDistrict 3 - AuraAdult (f)2,3547791
mGublDistrict 4 - AescAdult (m)2,8157791
hhc9oDistrict 4 - AltaAdult (f)2,9326574
obc3VDistrict 4 - Alta IIAdult (f)2,6048103
xrgVYDistrict 4 - Alta IIIAdult (f)2,4496844
abEb8District 5 - IgnatiusAdult (m)2,7168291
fzaZbDistrict 5 - Ignatius IIAdult (m)2,4746261
lrWKDDistrict 5 - Ignatius IIIAdult (m)3,2996004
6NINADistrict 5 - EuriaAdult (f)1,6516372
jYtqQDistrict 6 - AgrippaAdult (m)2,8216551
JDrhpDistrict 6 - AislingAdult (f)2,7416781
TFsAfDistrict 6 - Aisling IIAdult (f)2,5276733
1T8UcDistrict 7 - PontiusAdult (m)3,1376544
ofxCHDistrict 7 - Pontius IIAdult (m)2,9676104
KUwxgDistrict 7 - MarisAdult (f)2,5528075
x4lGFDistrict 8 - CharitonAdult (m)3,5458162
PvS6ADistrict 8 - EponaAdult (f)2,2515955
nyzh5District 8 - Epona IIAdult (f)3,2375782
0gjGCDistrict 8 - Epona IIIAdult (f)4,1006404
WCiniDistrict 8 - Epona IVAdult (f)4,1535591
VqnRHLily's VanquishedAdult (f)3,0578011
YCC3BLily's Epona VictoriousAdult (f)6,8911,0925
fiNHlLily's PaperweightAdult1,9965367
tnAULLily's Paper TigerAdult2,7031,0265
cYAQlLily's Paper GhostAdult3,9389751
MOtUgLily's Paper SerpentAdult2,8357125
SBfLLLily's Paper PixieHatchling (F)2,9591,0073
m12fsLily's Paper SpiritHatchling (F)2,6504364
3pDdLily's Flossy the FeatheryAdult (f)5863304
129ujLily's HelgaAdult (f)2,1375393
uvDZLily's Franz the FluffyHatchling (F)1,6305358
hKEjLily's ParmesanAdult5,3461,25513
3AWKULily's MarscaponeAdult2,3988483
06IZwLily's KefalogravieraAdult3,4157982
lRUqHLily's PecorinoAdult7,1861,4515
DOm7Lily's Baby SwissHatchling (F)3,8339925
7WnI9Lily's BabybelHatchling (F)2,5186583
KlJKvLily's Baby BlueHatchling (F)1,9464632
mG2aZLily's BrieHatchling (F)1,9135081
jUVwqLily's Holy ChildAdult (m)7,8511,7044
ArjFcLily's Star of WonderAdult (m)4,5221,2735
eHCLtLily's Longest NightAdult (m)4,0858802
jcZWOLily's Holy ThrillAdult (m)3,4479391
tH0hvLily's Star of the SeaAdult (m)3,6799242
gClLrLily's Plum PuddingAdult (m)2,7067614
ED1aqLily's Holly KissAdult (m)6,6819712
dJ2OWLily's Holly-Day DrinksAdult (m)2,7527705
9UgXzLily's Merry BerryAdult (m)5,5229546
IypQ5Lily's Jingle Bell ThuwedAdult (m)2,9435973
ugJZKLily's Rosy ElfAdult (m)6,0879253
QW85KLily's Jewelled TributeAdult (m)7,9451,2292
SdS6FLily's Sa'zhekAdult (m)8,3271,2512
VjxNCLily's Moonlit BrambleAdult (m)4,2281,0398
iHB7WLily's Kitsune BlossomAdult (m)8,2941,2542
cnR5YLily's Little Match GirlAdult (f)3,2226133
MF0MkLily's Nadolig LlawenAdult (f)3,5107014
qFwd8Lily's Berry SurpriseAdult (f)1,7048433
bwZLYLily's LoveberryAdult (f)2,9371,0371
NvB9TLily's Saint HollyAdult (f)2,7837864
pwmnlLily's RoseberryAdult (f)2,2216792
3kvy9Lily's Celestial PeaceAdult (f)3,6067045
cGGm8Lily's Autumn WreathAdult (f)2,9726124
tW2qFLily's Holy SanarAdult (f)2,0416464
80VloLily's Holy RyelleAdult (f)1,8986133
UoGRwLily's Sacred OfferingHatchling (m, F)4,5507192
IBBhYLily's Peppermint SliceHatchling (m, F)2,4865942
fOZlTLily's FrozitHatchling (f, F)5,0407221
L8q0aLily's Altar RibbonHatchling (f, F)4,5406803
x7xB4Lily's Little RainbowHatchling (F)2,1594194
oR2LMLily's HollyflameHatchling (F)2,6554575
kgDQHLily's Holly BellHatchling (F)1,7344832
PonJPLily's Little YewHatchling (F)1,2293992
uMPNLily's Yuletide JoyAdult (m)1,44233772
uWztLily's Yuletide PeaceAdult (m)1,37534572
1622SLily's Yuletide AlmondAdult (m)1,6658963
xLgCPLily's Creme de MentheAdult (m)3,8448662
zm5PoLily's Master SantaAdult (m)4,0021,0428
nrM40Lily's Yuletide BlossomAdult (m)2,8158741
Lk1oLLily's Yuletide SillinessAdult (m)3,9989233
Gz8QSLily's MenorahAdult (m)3,7347401
6tpMeLily's Moon of YuleAdult (m)3,6308408
V8B0WLily's Creme de JoyeuxAdult (m)4,2391,0162
LANwOLily's Master of RomanceAdult (m)4,2041,0174
4w2O8Lily's PyrexiaAdult (m)2,8328152
IVAUVLily's Candy CaneAdult (m)2,2498071
NIGknLily's Snow-Covered BerriesAdult (m)2,9867821
z0TIfLily's Peppermint DustAdult (m)3,7187111
xr6nFLily's Deerly BelovedAdult (m)2,9666302
PdtQLLily's Midnight RangerAdult (m)3,1884582
vYru1Lily's Juventus LucaniusAdult (m)3,2074562
qaQJPLily's Festive CocktailAdult (m)3,4298651
kx1ihLily's Peppermint GooseAdult (m)3,3497451
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