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You pick up the scroll labeled “akinosora,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
tKINWT'EnkiAdult (f)2,7162882
U70wBEteru Liira cbAdult (f)4,0502701
AxiDaEteru Aiante cbAdult (m)3,9752653
OM6wqEteru Shenna cbAdult (f)2,8734530
nMvVbEteru Shedda cbAdult (f)2,7534371
cPr6fEteru Shaya cbAdult (f)2,9384373
WojqTEteru Reru cbAdult (m)3,0584650
3LrpoEteru Noa cbAdult (m)2,8454181
NAfJYEteru Niru cbAdult (m)2,7194350
WZ6fXEteru Neya cbAdult (f)3,0504741
HpCsUEteru Ilse cbAdult (m)3,8885045
bAevYEteru Lais cbAdult (f)3,8782959
oUfHGEteru Nindis cbAdult (f)3,6472779
0eSlkEteru DariAdult (m)9,41462814
QvV6fEteru Daer cbAdult (f)3,7322664
dlHZLEteru NeniaAdult (f)2,6883087
l6O25Sha'ErinAdult (f)3,5292362
NuT6hEteru BellaAdult (f)3,5952424
n5AIOEteru KyollaAdult (f)2,0366923
8ZdkCEteru DertuAdult (m)3,7582607
UgkDGel Aik'etAdult (f)3,2107366
cevmEteru Kyolli cbAdult (m)2,0085336
CUemBEteru VeldaAdult (f)1,8923303
No2fiEteru Navi cbAdult (f)3,1952656
LQJBEteru NevirAdult (m)3,2382658
b2J6Eteru Vinor cbAdult (m)9,9212,683131
BHpLlEteru Laar cbAdult (m)4,2084304
iOLALEteru Shia cbAdult (f)3,0173334
AbJbEteru EstaAdult (f)1,5343107
AlhafSoul of Frost MagicAdult (f)4,1184103
GpKgOKiss of Ice MagicAdult (f)3,4394003
d1XjlEssi ValentineAdult (f)3,90532011
Z3E52Vi-anAdult (f)3,22130214
BJ3BVEteru NellasAdult (f)4,18838112
OlS7FEteru HaldAdult (m)4,2312916
TuM7hEteru Ilnie cbAdult (f)3,1763078
IvuWEteru VinoraAdult (f)2,8204205
aeFUKEteru So'Hvi cbAdult (f)2,9103408
Se6dhEteru Tei cbAdult (m)2,5323025
bkK4JEteru Satu cbAdult (f)3,7852947
aTEvHTaru LudensAdult (m)3,31575614
jtBEXKior-an-Daar cbAdult (m)3,5994095
3hCiQUla En-Tari cbAdult (f)4,1053787
bqqPmRyann En-Tari cbAdult (f)3,3983605
XYKt8Lilis En-TariAdult (f)3,4572434
1mrOeNiol En-Tari cbAdult (m)4,3083253
iBMssTisa En-Tari cbAdult (f)3,7483231
ClQJFDoriim En-Tari cbAdult (f)4,2693504
PW3pYFiri En-TariAdult (m)3,3652966
RF52WEran En-Tari cbAdult (m)4,21128310
Qqak9Ta-arisAdult (f)4,1963365
VaSGVTa-nariAdult (f)3,7812536
CmICL(CmICL)Adult (f)4,6756273
HJsAb(HJsAb)Adult (m)4,5616315
P0ni5Tai-koHatchling (F)1,4291905
2nQciMiareAdult (m)3,1612989
6YDvlSenia En-Tari cbAdult (f)4,06235710
MqcWlSaor En-Tari cbAdult (m)2,5615623
6DhG8Ruri En-Tari cbAdult (f)3,6912472
GBb0Viel En-TariAdult (f)1,6867124
06rtDanor En-TariAdult (m)5,4074385
svuULador En-TariAdult (m)5,2753675
rrRf2Arani En-Tari cbAdult (f)3,3003455
qHW4Vior En-Tari cbAdult (m)3,4315763
iYbSImma En-TariAdult (m)3,6357617
dKVhAinor En-TariAdult (m)8815632
gl59Fei En-TariAdult (f)4,0703211
5D98Ignis En-TariAdult (f)2,6172617
1jBMNaire En-Tari cbAdult (f)4,8401,41142
VgIjiEteru Siril cbAdult (f)2,3494422
EgLESNevi En-TariAdult (m)3,4723025
UtaTsDarnir En-TariAdult (m)3,7903588
kY8YiSiana En-TariAdult (f)2,3035244
aE9cGIiro En-TariAdult (m)3,8693099
NhJ0PArden En-TariAdult (m)3,8593107
qNoNfLahhi En-TariAdult (f)3,4522616
Wq7AtErid En-TariAdult (m)3,9922674
WjcOpBlair En-TariAdult (m)7,66654415
UuC3Larei En-TariAdult (f)2,7583354
jEQ3kItu En-TariAdult (m)3,1122997
PiqSFLadei En-TariAdult (m)2,6172447
5VsRDVenetia En-TariAdult (f)3,0143167
SrhR8Anta En-TariAdult (f)3,5412724
oRJ6gLaasa En-TariAdult (f)2,5285494
KtFSMirgos En-TariAdult (m)2,4513873
1GSmAoru En-TariAdult (m)4,19073235
i3FJWyrd Ninqe cbAdult (f)3,53767534
a0F22Daruna En-TariAdult (f)3,6493297
c545aSaati En-TariAdult (f)3,4143285
Vn6bdAilish En-TariAdult (f)2,2142753
9VlMKNisibis En-TariAdult (m)2,7144435
esneN'Tor En-TariAdult (m)5,1171,13211
ZXngIssari En-TariAdult (m)5,6101,38426
EDUWdVeira En-TariAdult (f)3,5582455
l5BFFEteru Tarn cbAdult (m)4,5803084
hQGSkEteru ElgaAdult (m)3,1053675
GuObxEteru LertisAdult (f)3,1643663
TKU8FEteru AldarAdult (m)3,0564013
pNOHJEteru NelisAdult (f)3,3564103
5uWT4Eteru Tavi cbAdult (f)4,4324581
HGfj2Eteru Kaine cbAdult (m)4,0764522
rfTKAEteru Ninni cbAdult (f)3,6793361
tOFZHEteru Tiia cbAdult (m)3,9803735
Q3qU3Elta HeldeAdult (f)3,3232817
Wpn48Eteru EaAdult (f)2,9473286
8QErSEteru Neris cbAdult (f)3,9573735
JgjEGEteru Ayo cbAdult (m)3,6323416
YYOOEteru Irs cbAdult (m)3,52239410
AT6WEteru Erta cbAdult (f)2,9405144
VtAsEteru Aste cbAdult (f)2,6315109
k085NelyrAdult (m)2,42363724
1SjRlTinor En-TariAdult (m)3,6502866
t3ooNDalir En-TariAdult (m)4,2603937
68qEKMirim En-TariAdult (f)4,4493399
T7X31Ranel En-Tari cbAdult (f)2,5306587
fLv1ESalga En-TariAdult (m)4,2444028
0Y6q8Miri En-TariAdult (f)2,9043183
eMy5PEteru Kenna cbAdult (f)2,9855220
b1SSBEteru Kora cbAdult (f)3,1855580
8px6o(8px6o)Adult (m)3,5362563
mnKK0Suri En-TariAdult (f)3,9292736
uYGQNalen En-TariAdult (m)2,1155053
5FyTMai En-TariAdult (f)4,65695632
LA9zVinde En-TariAdult (m)8,0071,645117
NFsEEteru IviHatchling (f, F)3,5604232
kGC8Eteru EhhiHatchling (F)1,9781882
RgrNEteru NerisHatchling (m, F)3,3054144
5jJVu(5jJVu)Adult (f)2,7743803
0KiXY(0KiXY)Adult (m)3,0083934
Zbxmf(Zbxmf)Adult (f)2,7583512
IKo0y(IKo0y)Adult (f)3,3113101
m04JMEteru IlsaAdult (f)3,0733391
0oeH5Eteru TanaAdult (f)2,4883379
eOSvgEteru SuulAdult (m)2,64438710
NkhCeEteru ErtaAdult (m)3,1493418
z7StVEteru IerraAdult (m)3,6004421
9m3MqEteru IereAdult (f)2,75194920
NTb3EEteru ErikaAdult (f)3,15741922
eYP79Eteru SarpuAdult (f)2,12658914
PdOUw(PdOUw)Adult (m)2,5266254
5stJSEteru LasaAdult (f)1,93249513
JplVAEteru TarnaAdult (f)1,94349912
iRzal(iRzal)Adult (m)2,0043676
nLTVfEteru ArisaAdult (f)3,95036810
r5XGj(r5XGj)Adult (m)3,9983218
oGh8GEteru TiadaAdult (f)3,3223295
6zN8LDariar En-TariAdult (m)4,5773065
rdMRAEteru EvirraAdult (f)4,4863003
yoEnOSetmar En-TariAdult (m)3,6792925
0bNlpTevir En-TariAdult (m)4,9093285
OjPSHEriv En-TariAdult (m)4,4524235
Ha4GZEris En-TariAdult (m)4,4852994
0FLztEteru EliraAdult (f)4,2784095
UJwzeEteru Dorkface SilAdult (f)4,1064608
mOutoEteru TindaraAdult (f)3,2974304
j8rDhIlor En-TariAdult (m)4,37229313
KfUBuLailen En-TariAdult (m)4,57730912
439SBRunir  En-TariAdult (m)4,11027413
A2gEO'Riv En-TariAdult (m)3,6175108
5U0HEteru HolldoraAdult (f)3,4883504
LDmPAnant En-TariAdult (m)3,5443595
4GamEteru RasilAdult (f)3,5393493
e1rfEteru EretAdult (f)3,5473504
Vn0FEteru Dorkface AlvildaAdult (f)3,0924233
mgEnGrenn En-TariAdult (m)3,0984403
7B1PEteru SonnaAdult (f)2,6473414
Z6R0Estin En-TariAdult (m)2,7913688
3uTpNiaren En-TariAdult (m)2,9823532
7XEnEteru Dorkface LarnaAdult (f)3,37147310
bE0HSha'Elir En-TariAdult (m)2,82338219
JRu2Enel En-TariAdult (m)4,6283358
lPonEteru EdmeAdult (f)2,26337520
wKCHErier En-TariAdult (m)3,6211,06524
Iyf6Eidel RuneAdult (f)3,21696321
7X9bSarpuAdult (f)2,28055219
jDigMAnaren En-TariAdult (m)2,9712876
RjigpNymlas En-TariAdult (f)3,0843153
P588QAdir En-TariAdult (m)4,2912893
O4Sro(O4Sro)Adult (f)2,6318160
uFu6d(uFu6d)Adult (m)2,8278832
QnoNM(QnoNM)Adult (m)2,3356850
dV7bM(dV7bM)Adult (f)1,9876630
H4EjZ(H4EjZ)Adult (f)2,0836522
469b7(469b7)Adult (m)2,1946582
eNBR1Larn IzameAdult (m)3,8313854
0jQCeAlsa En-TariAdult (f)3,1253382
jeKQhEmertAdult (m)3,6133613
dl8bLEnerisAdult (m)4,4873315
6NRGSNordoreAdult (m)3,2024413
GNQBBIer En-TariAdult (f)3,1963677
6msPhShenna En-TariAdult (f)3,1203687
Sf7VMIsa En-Tari cbAdult (f)2,0513752
ILpKCAnalune En-Tari cbAdult (f)2,2223841
gsFuOShade En-Tari cbAdult (m)2,9534192
Xhh2SShai En-Tari cbAdult (m)1,9513713
qdf6LLaar-an-DaarAdult (m)3,4684072
mdlMeErdis En-TariAdult (m)2,8114093
kEwAO(kEwAO)Adult (m)2,9007792
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