Dragon Cave

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Yukiko_The_Fenrir,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameStageViewsUnique ViewsClicks
 Dead Egg111
 Dead Egg000
 Dead Egg222
CB IlaansHatchling5,5626963
CB SekyrHatchling4,1713901
CB PebittHatchling (m)9,3281,3085
CB SekmadHatchling (f)7,5271,0053
CB BecmloHatchling (m)6,5748736
CB AwfutHatchling (m)7,0861,0165
CB FesrauHatchling5,3544031
CB FiuutHatchling (f)7,5509704
CB PehurpHatchling (m)9,4061,2784
CB VesdasHatchling (f)7,5239344
CB ZiggixHatchling (f)8,0059751
CB JukulHatchling3,2005601
CB YritaxHatchling (m)10,2601,3051
AnmuugHatchling (m)7,5419284
CB PitqilHatchling (m)8,6541,0852
CB Thal AonyiHatchling (f)6,9681,0265
CB King DragonwarriorAdult (m)10,3371,51616
CB Queen DragonwarriorAdult (f)10,5171,53111
CB Princess blue DiamondeAdult (f)2,3375083
CB Prince blue DiamondAdult (m)6,1381,4738
CB Prince CharmingAdult (m)8,6161,2277
CB Detective PrinceAdult (m)6,3301,3629
CB Detective PrincessAdult (f)8,1201,4624
CB Princess CharmingAdult (f)8,4541,4893
CB Mister BluesphereAdult (m)5,5291,0534
CB Miss BluesphereAdult (f)5,8331,0674
CB VapuroAdult (m)8,7361,2428
CB VapuraAdult (f)5,6211,0973
CB cress PrinceAdult (m)4,8799524
CB InnieyenAdult (m)6,8279862
CB cress PrincessAdult (f)6,9709872
CB InnieyanAdult (f)6,9281,0182
CB UjizzoAdult (m)7,4171,1213
CB UjizzaAdult (f)7,1601,0856
CB JilakkoAdult (m)7,4721,1091
CB JilakkaAdult (f)7,8781,1023
CB UkeembaAdult (f)6,5241,2031
CB VeceemboAdult (m)7,0641,1133
CB UkeemboAdult (m)6,7491,1022
CB LawiaAdult (f)6,8851,2163
CB VeceembaAdult (f)7,5291,5354
CB LiwioAdult (m)7,3631,4772
CB Princess Blue OpalAdult (f)4,3121,3284
CB Prince Blue OpalAdult (m)4,1771,2726
CB Blue ThanatosAdult (m)6,5261,5184
CB Blue ThanatisAdult (f)5,8171,3654
CB King blue CruxisAdult (m)5,2871,3798
CB Queen blue CruxisAdult (f)6,4051,4434
CB King Blue OpalAdult (m)5,3411,3528
CB Princess blue StarAdult (f)7,8711,2464
CB Queen Blue OpalAdult (f)4,4451,2875
CB Prince blue TakaruAdult (m)5,8501,1964
CB Prince blue StarAdult (m)5,1481,3788
CB Princess blue TakaraAdult (f)4,3941,2424
CB Sir blue KaspixAdult (m)4,3221,2283
CB Madame blue KaspixAdult (f)5,2221,3253
CB Prince blue OniAdult (m)5,6111,3435
CB Princess blue OniAdult (f)6,4611,2563
CB Blue TriumphaAdult (f)4,5841,4473
CB blue XarpaAdult (f)5,6791,3802
CB blue XarpoAdult (m)5,7931,3487
CB blue ZamburraAdult (f)5,8941,3985
CB blue IsocaAdult (f)5,9951,3973
CB blue ZamburroAdult (m)5,3631,3673
CB blue JaleilaAdult (f)5,4151,3822
CB blue FunukaAdult (f)6,4231,4342
CB blue KrygiaAdult (f)5,9271,4314
CB blue IglifaAdult (f)5,3011,4005
CB Blue TriumphoAdult (m)7,7761,3573
CB blue YoliaAdult (f)7,1181,3353
CB blue YolioAdult (m)3,8059373
CB blue VatoboAdult (m)5,7141,0636
CB blue CixizoAdult (m)5,7521,0724
CB blue CixizaAdult (f)5,8321,0694
CB blue FunukoAdult (m)5,9231,1043
CB blue FulupoAdult (m)5,0389946
CB blue VufunoAdult (m)7,6601,1694
CB blue KuzutaAdult (f)7,6251,1165
CB blue FulupaAdult (f)6,3241,0695
CB Prince Green OpalAdult (m)4,2311,3223
CB Queen green CruxisAdult (f)3,9311,2774
CB Green ThanatosAdult (m)6,7221,4713
CB King Green OpalAdult (m)4,0691,1693
CB King green CruxisAdult (m)4,6931,2123
CB Prince green StarAdult (m)5,8961,3815
CB Prince green OniAdult (m)5,9711,4919
CB green XarpoAdult (m)4,2791,0154
CB green XarpaAdult (f)4,4921,0194
CB Green TriumphoAdult (m)4,9531,3903
CB Green TriumphaAdult (f)4,7811,3643
CB Prince green TakaruAdult (m)4,2781,3245
CB Sir green KaspixAdult (m)4,8181,3743
CB Princess green TakaraAdult (f)4,9271,3733
CB green ZamburroAdult (m)4,5451,3282
CB green JaleilaAdult (f)5,2821,4465
CB green ZamburraAdult (f)4,5541,4833
CB Madame green KaspixAdult (f)4,6091,5182
CB green IglifaAdult (f)5,9671,5345
CB green KrygiaAdult (f)6,2171,4996
CB green FunukaAdult (f)6,2211,5546
CB green JaleiloAdult (m)6,2441,4563
CB green KrygioAdult (m)5,6761,5794
CB green YoliaAdult (f)4,63662126
CB green FunukoAdult (m)5,8241,0886
CB green VatobaAdult (f)5,8299484
CB green VatoboAdult (m)5,1631,3064
CB green YolioAdult (m)2,4011,0316
CB green CixizaAdult (f)5,7461,0773
CB green BabivaAdult (f)5,6331,0946
CB green BabivoAdult (m)5,7531,0794
CB green VufunoAdult (m)5,5157773
CB green KuzutaAdult (f)5,1879072
CB green KuzutoAdult (m)5,1709081
CB green VufunaAdult (f)6,6681,1795
CB green FulupoAdult (m)7,5141,2323
CB green FulupaAdult (f)4,7401,0405
CB FigildAdult (m)5,9301,2532
CB NijuudiAdult (f)5,0681,2063
CB WekaimAdult (f)6,7571,2482
CB WiddokAdult (m)6,7911,2794
CB AypyuAdult (f)6,8841,2882
CB KennebbAdult (m)4,3469451
CB VimiijAdult (m)4,4889432
CB HeloobAdult (f)4,6281,0132
CB HequoyAdult (m)4,6959933
CB LephibAdult (m)6,2601,1702
CB OmleoAdult (m)6,7991,1711
CB YximixAdult (f)6,8841,1801
CB SpimivAdult (m)6,7181,1681
CB NirbusAdult (f)6,8631,1272
CB NehfafAdult (m)6,8221,1463
CB VipeskAdult (m)7,5781,1066
CB SoprurAdult (m)7,1061,1452
CB VinnurAdult (f)6,9671,1181
CB HejiooAdult (f)7,9141,0871
CB FynnieAdult (f)7,9251,2144
CB NenethAdult (m)7,9201,1612
CB CaeelAdult (m)8,0841,1903
CB GixiaAdult (f)8,3211,1894
CB Albino InoAdult (m)2,1314345
CB TrohaAdult (f)8,5731,2796
CB CafeakAdult (f)10,5502,1189
CB SekukAdult (m)10,2201,93413
CB CheatAdult (m)10,5671,82914
CB PamkewAdult (m)10,7741,7988
CB SawwyAdult (m)10,7851,7677
CB LamoqAdult (f)9,7841,81810
CB NamassAdult (m)7,0081,3267
CB IumekAdult (m)8,2701,3085
CB OexalAdult (f)6,9241,3407
CB KudaviAdult (f)9,9961,3973
CB TuakelAdult (m)7,6721,0567
CB AuonanaAdult (f)6,9991,2924
CB VirabdAdult (m)7,2381,3006
CB TalcyAdult (f)8,2921,15310
CB TyorebAdult (f)8,8991,2536
CB OcaruAdult (f)8,1351,2495
CB GihuhAdult (m)9,4981,1894
CB BobazAdult (f)8,9541,2115
CB ChasaAdult (m)4,2009774
CB MamugAdult (m)10,5801,3375
CB GangasoAdult (f)8,9091,20111
CB IhayAdult (f)8,5761,2458
CB GavozAdult (f)7,7651,19710
CB LapoxAdult (f)8,4651,1846
CB EquicAdult (f)7,9771,39716
CB LafoxAdult (f)7,6201,1346
CB SerrvAdult (m)7,4151,1277
CB ApkooAdult (f)6,3881,0629
CB IspacAdult (m)6,0951,1939
CB GnosazAdult (f)5,4801,0874
CB WahaamAdult (m)7,4021,1027
CB SuhiraAdult (f)3,9776134
CB ViunacAdult (f)4,8791,1544
CB WawahniAdult (f)8,4651,18812
CB AinitaAdult (f)1,7615914
CB FaerapAdult (m)8,9581,3368
CB IdaczAdult (m)8,2341,1894
CB ObaaniAdult (m)5,6171,0864
CB RafdezAdult (m)4,8851,0928
CB UozaanAdult (m)4,8591,1582
CB FutahlAdult (m)3,4473542
CB JargobAdult (m)5,1438602
CB PouniAdult (f)3,8901,0921
CB IlozelAdult (f)6,9967702
CB NadvoxAdult (m)4,6341,3353
CB BameoAdult (m)5,7851,3522
CB YarifyAdult (f)7,3511,2393
CB LeneaxAdult (m)7,4771,2882
CB UbrigaAdult (f)6,4281,0203
CB WomuvoAdult (m)6,0138541
CB TuixaAdult (f)6,1531,3848
CB KebusAdult (m)7,7501,1596

If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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