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You pick up the scroll labeled “Ytak,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
jDzrHAdamant TourmalineAdult (f)5,40381124
bUWhuMoldavite ApatiteAdult (m)5,43481426
ejZASRefused possible mateAdult (m)6,10987425
jmixPTurquoise IoliteAdult (f)5,89284428
c61VVSun TourmalineAdult (m)6,54777724
voOBjAdamant MagnetiteAdult (f)6,16582427
csA9vBreeding for 7th gen guard aboveHatchling (F)2,6081,00913
XUS2d(XUS2d)Adult (m)4,46770517
mBGYi(mBGYi)Adult (f)4,27683312
T7Le1(T7Le1)Adult (m)5,5498468
ogzz8(ogzz8)Adult (m)3,39978218
uiEfk(uiEfk)Adult (m)5,36082723
EMUHGEMUHGAdult (f)5,73385115
PmfnGGay Old Time GuardianAdult (f)5,59784614
Vy2GBNice is NaughtyAdult (f)4,61583219
d0nrCAP Guardian 37Adult (f)4,64278218
3wof2Submitted StuffAdult (f)4,31577320
xi2WKYtak yraAdult (f)4,45681320
cybH1(cybH1)Adult (f)5,42482120
NlXFRJeweled YtakAdult (m)3,97577225
DF3AO(DF3AO)Adult (m)4,13378124
IhP3QKing VinyziusAdult (m)5,39581611
pY9LcPlatinum FreakyrozAdult (m)5,70481116
LtwcI(LtwcI)Adult (m)4,11288722
gFFMR(gFFMR)Adult (f)4,09486614
SqwFtPrize GuardianAdult (m)5,02963612
NrpHUGuirielAdult (m)6,07678718
ekykJStained DefenseAdult (f)6,36180113
KNeSK(KNeSK)Adult (m)5,60077719
LLWc9(LLWc9)Adult (m)5,27690926
cz2xyAP Guardian 36Adult (m)5,44776517
QFL9FIzin LeadershipAdult (m)5,64474516
1b6P3Guardian ProudAdult (f)5,93776515
11iaYCerulean BandAdult (f)5,45679816
bPX5S(bPX5S)Egg (F)
vinOCrinkleAdult (f)1,96890153
u6VATFlying the CoopAdult (f)4,84067613
mQodeI consider IOUs-Forum name YtakHatchling (f, F)4,25094412
Oc6KBLineaged dragons start on pg 6Hatchling (F)1,78667620
bYBnrCB guardian hatchi offers lovedHatchling (F)3,1245397
STjNILuv dragon codes containing YtakHatchling (m, F)3,0851,04912
4ytak(4ytak)Adult (m)6,77174417
AYtAk(AYtAk)Adult (f)4,1041,15820
yYTAk(yYTAk)Adult (m)4,1131,10726
Vttak(Vttak)Adult (m)3,10587527
ytk6J(ytk6J)Adult (f)5,14391122
crkwQabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwHatchling (F)4,1253831
KIGjnHalloween DancesHatchling (F)4,8371,05034
hyPCnThe Drama LlamaHatchling (F)2,5102150
9rItGI'm a Pretty KittyHatchling (F)2,0676307
xyqSzHer Highness the KingHatchling (F)1,6682103
bd0LpEldritch FrightHatchling (F)2,4372260
cKTj2Solace of JewelHatchling (f, F)4,67575913
kYhGpMundane HalloweenHatchling (F)2,9582691
zXqzLBreeding for 8th gen aboveHatchling (F)1,72135912
xKS3FMurder by EarthlightHatchling (F)4,42070912
6JiYv(6JiYv)Hatchling (F)4,02772016
l43FB(l43FB)Hatchling (F)3,5094377
hg3RfO--------- CB Dragons ---------OHatchling (F)1,64961210
8k1GhYtak's NeglectedAdult (f)6,02556116
ZQnQiHijinx Shall EnsueAdult (m)5,33780816
5QTcpBirthday DreamsAdult (f)5,5806878
wREIwGolden ReiAdult (m)7,4011,49757
PHRPwTANSTAAFLAdult (m)2,53088223
2DcVVSilverlightAdult (f)3,40295620
AaofuSilverwardAdult (m)3,3731,1652
AelU9SilvershireAdult (f)2,3347112
KAw7hSerious WorkAdult (m)4,57072639
8QnyfFun TimesAdult (f)3,18879927
l7nsnLucarneAdult (m)6,2201,09425
SHutR(SHutR)Adult (f)5,2851,16635
LpyTR(LpyTR)Adult (f)2,00348340
St9oeAenum DominusAdult (m)4,0891,17021
VjNn8Aenum DominaAdult (f)3,7701,22715
MZnJcGalvanic CorrosionAdult (m)5,8971,13328
YNezHGalvanic AnodeAdult (f)3,83278829
zALFYCounting CoinsAdult (m)4,5111,09514
5pInkCounting PenniesAdult (f)2,6461,28210
JM1cvCopper PlumbingAdult (m)4,3421,24924
sfl7tCopper HardwareAdult (f)5,98793619
pWGEF(pWGEF)Adult (m)5,23297133
tXrf2(tXrf2)Adult (f)5,5861,01819
rDOjn(rDOjn)Adult (f)4,16891542
5fnUuNickel and DimeAdult (m)2,5701,29317
HE12zDollar StoreAdult (f)2,5811,29414
ZF5zJHalf PennyAdult (m)5,8251,08637
HX5gL99 CentsAdult (f)4,6541,13126
D4UbEGlorious MysteryAdult (m)5,6051,01815
bjhX7I am GoNAdult (f)3,4091,05028
dpC1BGlory of NatureAdult (m)5,1021,38036
aMrT3(aMrT3)Adult (m)3,97479719
9q8KD(9q8KD)Adult (f)4,15676619
sBy5d(sBy5d)Adult (f)3,95183916
GIVZA(GIVZA)Adult (f)3,99786926
bhkHL(bhkHL)Adult (m)3,94285520
7ODo8(7ODo8)Adult (m)3,32778528
Yq9yN(Yq9yN)Adult (m)3,75283028
vh7iJ(vh7iJ)Adult (f)3,82083015
vr9vo(vr9vo)Adult (m)3,82584413
y8RN8(y8RN8)Adult (f)3,83682316
5ypDl(5ypDl)Adult (m)4,42580926
vrdk4(vrdk4)Adult (f)4,59381522
NhGQD(NhGQD)Adult (m)5,69783632
ZPYXy(ZPYXy)Adult (f)5,59679225
a3riv(a3riv)Adult (m)5,43478925
xssLw(xssLw)Adult (f)5,39381928
L1aiy(L1aiy)Adult (m)4,39683829
tBsAA(tBsAA)Adult (f)7,3121,18619
pDexu(pDexu)Adult (m)4,26179026
UbvRs(UbvRs)Adult (f)8,5621,27715
Ji3ih(Ji3ih)Adult (m)4,77384226
2nmfO(2nmfO)Adult (m)4,32071610
ywRku(ywRku)Adult (f)4,1496458
8F1hw(8F1hw)Adult (m)4,77276027
St6OI(St6OI)Adult (f)4,81675816
skrH7(skrH7)Adult (m)4,72275716
RA8cw(RA8cw)Adult (m)3,97973823
83Ixk(83Ixk)Adult (f)3,98973523
DNjdw(DNjdw)Adult (f)4,62584812
3JhOy(3JhOy)Adult (m)4,93171420
vdbQB(vdbQB)Adult (m)2,78370019
lubI3(lubI3)Adult (f)2,94870018
yoIH6(yoIH6)Adult (m)4,02672019
oFxpI(oFxpI)Adult (f)2,97772013
3ldWt(3ldWt)Adult (f)3,02875613
DOinY(DOinY)Adult (m)2,12455124
jCxcX(jCxcX)Adult (f)2,07552320
OBwM4(OBwM4)Adult (m)3,40882413
Fv3n6(Fv3n6)Adult (f)3,56382717
hXBx5(hXBx5)Adult (m)1,98454126
yQN38(yQN38)Adult (f)1,83253226
uoCPW(uoCPW)Adult (m)3,88886825
sAGG7(sAGG7)Adult (f)3,86486919
n3Xxp(n3Xxp)Adult (f)2,49058724
00jfr(00jfr)Adult (m)2,00952822
gBu3E(gBu3E)Adult (m)4,0668297
Wjygr(Wjygr)Adult (f)3,57188323
hmPkL(hmPkL)Adult (f)2,23554522
HvFHR(HvFHR)Adult (m)2,51161723
9PRcp(9PRcp)Adult (m)3,56681630
QYGOT(QYGOT)Adult (f)3,91683320
vcxk8(vcxk8)Adult (f)3,42782619
2syLu(2syLu)Adult (m)3,44985626
kuyWN(kuyWN)Adult (f)3,36587724
Nimdk(Nimdk)Adult (m)4,54094430
mnFfu(mnFfu)Adult (f)5,11184621
eVPaB(eVPaB)Adult (f)5,19896624
LGWmt(LGWmt)Adult (m)3,98787819
QSL6d(QSL6d)Adult (f)3,89587623
Pl4x5(Pl4x5)Adult (m)4,14895135
eJrcJ(eJrcJ)Adult (f)4,34493634
gJLse(gJLse)Adult (m)4,03685422
uCxaq(uCxaq)Adult (f)4,05987412
Pt8ix(Pt8ix)Adult (m)3,89588629
Ww9WY(Ww9WY)Adult (f)3,85486026
fjLls(fjLls)Adult (m)6,36889516
Mp4Wl(Mp4Wl)Adult (f)6,40186724
RfhZv(RfhZv)Adult (m)6,35690416
xn3X8(xn3X8)Adult (f)6,61187113
6Qgzn(6Qgzn)Adult (f)7,27382524
HIEPR(HIEPR)Adult (m)6,32092021
1Qv7u(1Qv7u)Adult (f)6,19893415
GkKXA(GkKXA)Adult (m)6,43990225
4Svyo(4Svyo)Adult (f)6,10692316
T7VNuDragon of WritingAdult (m)4,53692329
CQoCKNovel WriterAdult (f)5,15993720
Q8CGnElectronic BookAdult (m)5,25392817
f10bFScriptoriaAdult (f)5,38793223
wnXwIYesterday a book fell on my headAdult (m)7,56182717
oT4IHI only have my shelf to blameAdult (f)7,23085320
n8U25Reading is JawsomeAdult (m)7,10387224
KCkYdHave a Little PunAdult (f)7,45483721
3UQQACan't you see I'm readingAdult (m)5,4421,01325
aQ5nuReadomAdult (f)5,45799027
Fa4S4Readers digestAdult (m)5,58597820
wNmXmWriters crampAdult (f)5,57699317
6FmdmLost in a bookAdult (m)5,57097423
RKsF9A page turnerAdult (f)5,5471,00031
FWUuzI like big books and I can't lieAdult (m)6,96092320
ty8K8Book lovers never go 2 bed aloneAdult (f)6,94792816
ZZgOrNever judge a book by its movieAdult (m)6,18093425
69k6LBetter Read than DeadAdult (f)6,81486924
iLx4sI'm all booked upAdult (m)6,56091017
KhCr4I better book it to the libraryAdult (f)6,03892217
HIHFy(HIHFy)Adult (m)7,08882118
uW3B4(uW3B4)Adult (f)7,16184615
ftT1N(ftT1N)Adult (m)4,3786857
9TyJaTeam BeamAdult (m)
MNZyiMighty MorphAdult (f)
m0NCO(m0NCO)Adult (m)
fBtHg(fBtHg)Adult (f)
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