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You pick up the scroll labeled “Xwan_Xwan_Xwan,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ULpLkfire dragon00100Adult (m)6,5777882
Uupnk(Uupnk)Adult (f)2,6905861
LfrQU(LfrQU)Adult (m)5,6275821
Cm95O(Cm95O)Adult (m)6,1296351
Qfrky(Qfrky)Adult (m)5,3536601
vLLTX(vLLTX)Hatchling (m, F)4,4607364
PVOQS(PVOQS)Hatchling (f, F)4,6267253
bvZSZ(bvZSZ)Hatchling (F)2,3361662
cL651(cL651)Adult (f)3,9607904
aTP07(aTP07)Adult (f)4,5707321
sD5dh(sD5dh)Adult (f)4,4306841
3KpZYFrist dragonAdult (f)4,8657803
nBbb5(nBbb5)Adult (m)4,1997840
6YZPb(6YZPb)Adult (m)5,6716477
amfN9(amfN9)Adult (f)4,1445574
aOCPs(aOCPs)Adult (m)4,4668181
FIlpA(FIlpA)Adult (m)4,5108023
qK67W(qK67W)Adult (f)5,4387450
jUUEX(jUUEX)Adult (f)7,0136701
YYnppJewel Shadowtoe XwanAdult (m)4,1698954
6okup(6okup)Adult (m)4,6527940
nJaT9Shadow Water Zombie XwanAdult (f)3,2086102
qJNOk5G PB silver dlogAdult (f)5,8927163
OHLhw(OHLhw)Adult (f)4,9336014
AEFCi(AEFCi)Adult (f)5,3826074
A6RRzSinomorph Lord XwanAdult (f)
810DsUndead Guard 02Adult (m)5,6027122
yAud8Undead Guard 01Adult (m)5,3047773
AlDPZ(AlDPZ)Adult (f)3,6867262
ueipn(ueipn)Adult (f)3,6457271
Lx6d2(Lx6d2)Adult (m)3,1884141
NCaRW(NCaRW)Adult (m)5,3996620
InDfI(InDfI)Adult (f)7,3276624
4JrMs(4JrMs)Adult (m)3,2946112
7NrKl(7NrKl)Adult (f)6,0628214
KIe55(KIe55)Adult (m)5,6837231
t9Rg8(t9Rg8)Adult (f)4,6327414
9sdfv(9sdfv)Adult (m)5,6647723
4Jjvs(4Jjvs)Adult (m)5,1648174
V5Duq(V5Duq)Adult (f)5,5556712
Qzb67(Qzb67)Adult (m)5,0437070
Ys9SF(Ys9SF)Adult (f)4,6298644
WUeWz(WUeWz)Hatchling (F)2,6244415
M1xCp(M1xCp)Hatchling (f, F)3,4257453
6kIOt(6kIOt)Adult (m)6,5191,0318
d11sT(d11sT)Adult (f)7,0856835
poMa4(poMa4)Adult (m)2,8346042
L2Ykw(L2Ykw)Adult (m)4,8598022
XU5AQ(XU5AQ)Adult (f)5,5995375
rj6wS(rj6wS)Adult (m)2,5538751
iT3lq(iT3lq)Adult (f)2,5648740
7Wuw2(7Wuw2)Adult (f)2,5168790
o52AC(o52AC)Adult (m)2,5238800
iaexO(iaexO)Hatchling (m, F)2,2748101
1UXSk(1UXSk)Adult (f)4,9517072
3r6FBXenowyrm Zombie XwanAdult (f)5,4837542
ip6jU(ip6jU)Adult (f)4,6076932
x0IGt(x0IGt)Adult (m)5,3496255
paB2Y(paB2Y)Adult (f)6,8295301
THoRH(THoRH)Adult (m)5,8211,0768
PIcKe(PIcKe)Adult (f)6,4626402
ISvil(ISvil)Adult (f)9,2998942
v574X(v574X)Adult (f)8,1229652
d4frD(d4frD)Adult (m)9,2917453
HFhUv(HFhUv)Adult (f)7,9249252
oMfL4(oMfL4)Adult (m)8,5637622
fOCe1(fOCe1)Adult (m)8,6339042
7mC4a(7mC4a)Adult (m)10,5307803
j6pmYbig chicken 002Adult (f)5,1677305
yixaybig chicken 003Adult (f)5,7467075
sofhs(sofhs)Adult (f)6,2387153
1L34O(1L34O)Adult (f)4,4608224
SBzlF(SBzlF)Adult (f)4,5836660
4Jwxx(4Jwxx)Adult (f)5,8336923
KVKKY(KVKKY)Adult (f)3,4736960
Xetfflittle chick 001Hatchling (F)2,8435545
eyp96little chick 004Hatchling (F)3,3725722
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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