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You pick up the scroll labeled “WynserMc,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
tEAi(tEAi)Adult (m)1,3736255
7WY3(7WY3)Adult (m)1,4985967
QsdY(QsdY)Adult (f)1,4465795
bm0b(bm0b)Adult (f)2,4526098
eBmM(eBmM)Adult (f)1,4304553
53dL(53dL)Adult (f)1,4014616
nfC9(nfC9)Adult (f)1,1864302
IFfp(IFfp)Adult (f)1,5735624
Y6GA(Y6GA)Adult (m)1,7376054
MYVR(MYVR)Adult (f)1,3135243
HgJu(HgJu)Adult (f)1,3365293
OP5r(OP5r)Adult (m)1,2905313
ZA9o(ZA9o)Adult (f)1,2815025
tm4Y(tm4Y)Adult (f)1,9694836
Rloe(Rloe)Adult (m)1,1505435
TgDk(TgDk)Adult (m)1,1235102
gWsY(gWsY)Adult (f)1,3455325
GBNT(GBNT)Adult (m)1,4845572
gepm(gepm)Adult (m)1,82641269
VUZs(VUZs)Adult (f)1,1595476
dkXW(dkXW)Adult (f)1,1074972
up6a(up6a)Adult (f)1,4985194
L80Y(L80Y)Adult (m)1,7396085
H76S(H76S)Adult (m)1,2035645
6IsU(6IsU)Adult (m)1,3465196
qDdR(qDdR)Adult (m)1,2434756
RMpS(RMpS)Adult (m)1,3525533
DaMm(DaMm)Adult (m)1,3125104
sOaF(sOaF)Adult (m)1,6164837
rdUo(rdUo)Adult (m)1,3514294
XiuF(XiuF)Adult (m)1,1235328
GIMa(GIMa)Adult (m)1,3276126
1Bke(1Bke)Adult (m)1,04948312
K1IZ(K1IZ)Adult (m)1,4564464
qZ0U(qZ0U)Adult (f)1,9964716
8iOH(8iOH)Adult (f)2,6944105
bGD7(bGD7)Adult (m)1,5674883
ADT0(ADT0)Adult (m)1,1554151
AUF9(AUF9)Adult (m)1,5815264
u4MK(u4MK)Adult (f)1,6946536
B0iK(B0iK)Adult (f)1,3745596
UZnA(UZnA)Adult (m)2,0675766
mr07(mr07)Adult (f)1,5806374
Nak8(Nak8)Adult (m)1,4706104
Il0M(Il0M)Adult (m)1,2805293
CePU(CePU)Adult (f)1,6076203
QuVM(QuVM)Adult (f)1,5234687
RPnH(RPnH)Adult (m)1,2394202
i1v4(i1v4)Adult (m)1,5605285
fDTY(fDTY)Adult (m)1,0524742
BcHF(BcHF)Adult (m)1,0565054
tp78(tp78)Adult (f)1,4005343
5WDl(5WDl)Adult (f)2,3785499
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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