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You pick up the scroll labeled “Wahya,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
GCGc1Wahya's Scroll WelcomerHatchling (F)2,4694996
TmtdE(TmtdE)Hatchling (F)2,9406842
7XVxk(7XVxk)Adult (m)7,6851,2142
3MK6Z(3MK6Z)Adult (m)6,49494513
Fel9g(Fel9g)Hatchling (F)1,3761842
QipqN(QipqN)Adult (f)3,9178311
tVeOH(tVeOH)Adult (f)3,2828613
O06qr(O06qr)Adult (m)3,3208605
yEDCt(yEDCt)Adult (f)3,0776257
zwcxm(zwcxm)Adult (m)3,4618874
rjHPfBlurple BloomAdult (f)3,1706135
AokRy(AokRy)Hatchling (F)1,5552952
YMkAt(YMkAt)Adult (m)3,4758761
y6TAA(y6TAA)Adult (m)3,6407711
TvzE4(TvzE4)Adult (f)3,0546321
WPvpy(WPvpy)Adult (m)3,0096400
3cQfM(3cQfM)Adult (m)3,0606380
QPIq7(QPIq7)Adult (f)3,2356490
u08cp(u08cp)Hatchling (m)3,6247130
vfEQN(vfEQN)Hatchling (m)3,7007060
Xd9Cu(Xd9Cu)Hatchling (m)3,6686871
3CYkt(3CYkt)Hatchling (f)3,8717161
rtB5kAgeless UniverseAdult (f)2,6511,2411
xhRntGreen HognoseAdult (f)2,6051,2343
5pA6QColorwheel JewelAdult (m)3,8542,1042
1PKJrMerry Midnight WoodsAdult (f)2,4631,1911
F01eFForged in VesuviusAdult (f)2,9281,5483
6ujPPMuco Xecc0 ThuwedAdult (m)3,9768671
ZegUNZ'egunAdult (f)4,0468674
exEdw(exEdw)Adult (f)3,7638211
abkPE(abkPE)Adult (f)4,2428503
zHOle(zHOle)Adult (f)4,0778611
duZAa(duZAa)Adult (f)4,0058510
QAqbN(QAqbN)Adult (f)4,0248820
NdwMKOversized BowAdult (f)3,7358702
Il0Dx(Il0Dx)Hatchling (F)1,2482812
8eophFestively Decorated MantelAdult (f)3,1137921
h4W0K(h4W0K)Adult (f)3,2548061
F0PYsFeminine FlairAdult (m)3,1097951
ttejeA Firework's GlowHatchling (F)1,2412233
NQKXjCombustible PresentAdult (m)4,3167964
fFPnUBourgeoisie PaperAdult (m)4,2988042
2fODMBeast of WinterAdult (m)3,9597063
cIMHcPrincess of the North PoleAdult (f)3,4998452
tE6j8Butterfly RageAdult (m)3,5678612
CVRic(CVRic)Adult (m)3,1326233
eK5BRTreasured CompanionAdult (f)8,4581,0865
PykaZ(PykaZ)Adult (m)4,3596627
Fp919Fiona and FrancineAdult (f)4,7426821
nfiA9Filthy PoolAdult (m)5,1427242
YFN7eMessy WaterAdult (f)5,0887151
ZZWEKZ'weet ZeaAdult (f)4,2337251
kWfMvWhen Wind and Water CollideAdult (f)3,5776583
JXuxuWhere Magma Meets the SeaAdult (m)3,5986742
j4wJkAir and Deep SeaAdult (f)3,7687854
KJCnHLovely Sea of Z'sAdult (f)3,3157372
lNVVFBones of the SeaAdult (f)3,4457531
rO6xsIntense OceanAdult (m)3,5437473
wWWFxDiving MaskAdult (f)3,6707712
YyRAIFreaky WaveAdult (m)3,8647731
BzTsoGlow-in-the-Dark Bubble TeaAdult (f)4,2927779
z06QZZ'e Deep SeaAdult (f)4,0927362
6WRPGFreaky HurricaneAdult (m)4,5227521
aVq3GFreaky ThoughtAdult (f)4,4537162
ErYzRFreak for LoveAdult (m)5,0707421
o7U6oFreaky CycloneAdult (m)4,6287571
4zSc9Wishes in the WindAdult (f)4,6367371
zC3hiZ'e Deep Blue SeaAdult (f)3,8346661
QObcdCryptopsaras couesiiAdult (f)4,3166601
56uMPHumpback AnglerfishAdult (f)4,3346812
QD2jB(QD2jB)Dead Adult (f)4,5876482
a2CmvSeian Sea ShoreAdult (m)4,3626492
MAYgPStealing MayAdult (m)4,1946152
LYmYo(LYmYo)Adult (f)3,1046302
8NB52(8NB52)Adult (f)4,1706090
kS1Fq(kS1Fq)Adult (m)4,2646391
01Vvm(01Vvm)Adult (f)4,2796241
zU9c6(zU9c6)Adult (f)4,6616281
OwihX(OwihX)Adult (f)4,4156221
L7K7H(L7K7H)Adult (m)3,8437431
hDe56(hDe56)Adult (m)4,0957290
GhV5C(GhV5C)Adult (m)4,0487401
r9NmC(r9NmC)Adult (f)4,0087231
nP9Kx(nP9Kx)Adult (f)4,9136622
8xgQZ(8xgQZ)Adult (m)4,7936811
IibeD(IibeD)Adult (f)4,9267251
EucgU(EucgU)Adult (m)4,9846801
bWEHg(bWEHg)Adult (m)3,5866604
GjrZF(GjrZF)Adult (f)3,5336494
UuxTK(UuxTK)Adult (m)4,0927372
065SpSpace of the SeaAdult (m)4,0649630
pm2VM(pm2VM)Adult (m)3,8388881
TDQxT(TDQxT)Adult (m)4,0357492
1cPNP(1cPNP)Adult (f)4,0657271
J8sQR(J8sQR)Adult (m)4,1347542
eHGlX(eHGlX)Adult (m)4,0787492
3IdOV(3IdOV)Adult (f)3,5777231
COgLn(COgLn)Adult (f)3,8356853
hPMws(hPMws)Adult (f)3,5146611
1icv5Algae-Covered Deep Sea CaveAdult (f)3,4976234
DkuVRGreen DeepAdult (m)3,5216305
8wSjkFreaky BeachAdult (f)3,4686355
6jGIx(6jGIx)Hatchling (F)1,2361652
CbHtX(CbHtX)Adult (f)4,1507380
rCL01Love Kept SecretAdult (m)5,0308971
byntpLittle Piece of Pink TaffyHatchling (m, F)4,3137292
9dDOcPink CrocsAdult (m)4,9668902
earGrLove's SoundAdult (f)4,6868711
ZE0pd(ZE0pd)Adult (f)3,8209361
jIpS1(jIpS1)Adult (m)2,9856871
wgfQ2(wgfQ2)Adult (m)3,1216820
WDkzNPink HognoseAdult (m)3,0847021
4DUN0(4DUN0)Adult (f)3,1697030
JrwCT(JrwCT)Adult (f)3,5726963
oPH7r(oPH7r)Hatchling (m, F)3,9636502
DMP7xYou See the Beauty in My ChaosAdult (m)4,4207303
VMDgqSweet Moonlit NightAdult (m)4,4667292
UgwFe(UgwFe)Hatchling (m, F)4,2506632
vvus1(vvus1)Adult (m)3,6959291
OXe1k(OXe1k)Adult (f)3,8199040
d1idm(d1idm)Adult (f)3,7789540
TnlrDLuminous MineralAdult (f)3,7669520
xN78R(xN78R)Adult (m)4,6997501
Jehzc(Jehzc)Adult (m)4,7567773
g9VjL(g9VjL)Adult (f)4,3707272
1T1PM(1T1PM)Adult (f)5,0287422
Fxp8F(Fxp8F)Hatchling (F)1,4063783
8AjW7(8AjW7)Adult (m)3,6718201
ludB5(ludB5)Adult (m)4,5227723
2hnfU(2hnfU)Adult (m)4,5087723
aG7Um(aG7Um)Adult (f)4,6359031
0GzMA(0GzMA)Adult (m)4,8528162
RzUo7(RzUo7)Adult (f)3,7034452
bbFBt(bbFBt)Adult (f)5,7801,2623
6eUfw(6eUfw)Adult (m)3,4887732
bKqP0(bKqP0)Adult (m)3,5638561
mxU5F(mxU5F)Adult (m)4,6088080
xaWSo(xaWSo)Adult (f)7,6321,2053
CzfLP(CzfLP)Adult (m)7,9271,1820
RtenS(RtenS)Adult (m)7,8221,1760
JUauv(JUauv)Adult (f)7,7841,1710
DvrGQNaughty OriginsAdult (f)4,4938345
5wQAK(5wQAK)Adult (f)2,8747390
wdIxzMango SkinAdult (f)2,9017400
qGl0dAmerican MartenAdult (f)2,8917250
ewRrdEuropean Pine MartenAdult (f)2,8567600
MoJgH(MoJgH)Adult (m)2,9107441
QcKvE(QcKvE)Adult (m)2,8567290
7PaNk(7PaNk)Adult (f)2,9777660
yafOz(yafOz)Adult (m)2,6316581
7nL8q(7nL8q)Adult (f)3,1177081
83mXy(83mXy)Adult (m)3,1337310
F4W2TPooh's WoozleAdult (f)2,9756870
Bvhrr(Bvhrr)Adult (m)3,0077090
0cgTa(0cgTa)Adult (m)3,8896911
sUC8jPrehistoric RavenclawAdult (f)4,0697181
dvf8x(dvf8x)Adult (m)4,2857945
zSaJA(zSaJA)Adult (m)4,1206821
qzc8S(qzc8S)Adult (m)3,9727561
Iyi2A(Iyi2A)Adult (f)3,5966012
3ITZ5(3ITZ5)Adult (f)4,0676432
I59xX(I59xX)Adult (m)3,6077050
KXxq0(KXxq0)Adult (m)3,6007351
Qy8GD(Qy8GD)Adult (m)4,3346731
V7gcH(V7gcH)Adult (m)7,4348223
o8LkZ(o8LkZ)Adult (m)3,5486980
Jqb2N(Jqb2N)Adult (m)3,6456650
kqenb(kqenb)Adult (f)4,4266372
TXdZ5(TXdZ5)Adult (f)3,2757174
tx1cY(tx1cY)Adult (m)3,1596801
QtrdaSecondary FlameAdult (f)3,2866951
bgrZh(bgrZh)Adult (m)3,5587020
6vgh2(6vgh2)Adult (m)4,0846241
K0hEi(K0hEi)Adult (f)3,8755812
ldS9z(ldS9z)Adult (m)4,0816011
TKdU1(TKdU1)Adult (f)4,8276411
5QUus(5QUus)Adult (f)4,6046381
l9454(l9454)Adult (m)4,0617901
nLeNe(nLeNe)Adult (m)4,3967922
2izi6(2izi6)Adult (m)3,5397551
nhNQQ(nhNQQ)Adult (m)4,0277451
3U3dT(3U3dT)Adult (m)5,3569220
XKH8h(XKH8h)Adult (f)4,2516851
jdTSa(jdTSa)Adult (f)4,2297965
4jyoY(4jyoY)Adult (m)4,2546951
hg8eQ(hg8eQ)Adult (m)9,0101,0451
wf9jH(wf9jH)Adult (f)5,1587044
h6DBM(h6DBM)Adult (m)5,1537023
UNuIg(UNuIg)Adult (f)2,9336831
V6Bgh(V6Bgh)Adult (m)3,0267041
qZY2v(qZY2v)Adult (f)3,2187351
KWsZE(KWsZE)Adult (m)3,3037231
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