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You pick up the scroll labeled “Varnayrah,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
bKuT0Aurora borealis aureaAdult (f)3,3036934
CMTv0Morte aureaAdult (f)2,2258072
ho4hRKnight of purple WinterAdult (m)3,7497891
Ws7kMLa Stella cantante aureaAdult (f)2,0827003
oASSDFacella rossaAdult (f)1,9527361
FZ7pHFackeltanz der GoldeneAdult (m)2,2607393
o8s8UPurpurstern aureaAdult (f)3,0497103
6ZHapSamedi der GoldeneAdult (m)2,7901,0002
klqMZDas Jahr des DrachenAdult (m)2,3936903
6st3SMagma aureaAdult (f)4,4586683
Tvo3oO LEGENDS OF AYLANN OoHatchling (F)2,7893411
MQDRmShi'ouya 'Aleeza VarnayrahAdult (f)4,7215116
OmPmkShi'ouya Shao'dha AncalagonAdult (m)4,3235797
1BllsShiya Shi'ouya VarnayrahAdult (f)4,4704654
Jrka4Shi'Nuya'we AncalagonAdult (m)5,2206572
lYWaNTaiylon'shiya AncalagonAdult (m)2,8759035
hKYZMSha' Shi'ouya VarnayrahAdult (f)3,1915218
XnWn0Nuya'Shi AncalagonAdult (m)2,8128294
k152YElei'shiya VarnayrahAdult (f)3,1449632
kSoCXSvalwa'Var AncalagonAdult (m)4,1898668
u9nugShao'dha Taiylon AncalagonAdult (m)4,3317999
qgjoTShi'Mada VarnayrahAdult (f)2,0137391
c3bKlNuya'Aleeza VarnayrahAdult (f)1,8537143
L77NIShao'dha shiya VarnayrahAdult (f)3,3616456
JmIX4Shao'dha Aleeza VarnayrahAdult (f)2,3146084
f388TShiya Shao'dha VarnayrahAdult (f)3,1316425
S3kOShiya'Thalon AncalagonAdult (m)4,3827176
S5VIFVar'Shiya AncalagonAdult (m)2,1517782
kZDvmShao'dha sandra AncalagonAdult (f)4,5786836
2KG3BShao'dha mada AncalagonAdult (f)2,0208096
65QQKShao'dha sa'a'sel AncalagonAdult (m)4,2427078
vcLEMShao'dha Thar'fey AncalagonAdult (m)3,1109395
iK4vjMada'lar AncalagonAdult (m)2,1487895
nHbp1Aria leyji Sa'a'sel AncalagonAdult (m)3,1459623
I1t9IElei Shao'dha AncalagonAdult (m)2,7376193
OEp3VShao'dha Zeija AncalagonAdult (m)2,7757546
sHYjkMada'Sha VarnayrahAdult (f)2,8499173
8nP8jMada'gwen 'Shi AncalagonAdult (m)4,3698328
0K78rAleeza Madu AncalagonAdult (m)2,3597812
ESqpbTal'Mada AncalagonAdult (m)4,7838472
qdCDGSvalwa VarnayrahAdult (f)4,2037751
6KcBgOja VarnayrahAdult (f)2,7517882
WcU9OWe'Svalva VarnayrahAdult (f)2,6548311
gFMqOShiya'Rah AncalagonAdult (m)2,8268463
n9siMLayla'nah SheherazadeAdult (f)2,8918574
UxqZXSiolufr Sunna ThorongilAdult (m)2,4369695
QZ3LsMonafyr ThorongilAdult (m)3,6636522
kKdMoO BALLET ROYAL DE LA NUIT OoHatchling (F)1,58216711
IQS0dLe Feu moreau de la NuitAdult (m)3,70664811
VlQhBLe Ballet de minuitAdult (m)2,2066247
V35D6Flutiste Blake da NoiteAdult (m)2,6279025
ATb2SL'Orchestre de la NuitAdult (m)3,7546923
LTEZLe Chasseur nocturneAdult (m)6,2689325
fvqlLLa Dame nocturneAdult (f)3,0304055
4u6PLe Prince nocturneAdult (m)3,3125397
mqIYvL'Actrice nocturneAdult (f)2,1838433
m9HeWDecadence de la NuitAdult (f)4,0767543
bTrbEgyptien de la NuitAdult (m)3,93478111
4IRnJBal travesti nocturneAdult (m)2,8986882
vLCQMerveille nocturneAdult (f)3,2817296
tLgRLa Reine du Ballet nocturneAdult (f)3,8427257
RnORLe Roi du Ballet nocturneAdult (m)5,7149213
j7lisLa Dame royale de la NuitAdult (f)3,8758182
iirhCLa Mer nocturneAdult (f)3,3571,0384
gnRo4Ciel blanc nocturneAdult (m)2,5067965
c510VCiel obscur nocturneAdult (m)3,1175864
j2qndLe Ciel d'or nocturneAdult (m)2,40192410
2uVMJeu de la Flute de la NuitAdult (m)3,1025072
SWDRgPharaon de la NuitAdult (m)4,9356972
JMEDWHathor nocturneAdult (f)1,7306175
Tbf7WLe Roi d'or nocturneAdult (m)3,7528034
KtL0SSeth de la NuitAdult (m)3,4027803
T9t3iL'Aviatrice de Leap nocturneAdult (f)5,1664494
t1ZodFlambeau d'Or nocturneAdult (m)2,7468472
HV8iDemon de la NuitAdult (m)5,3468409
suA8Le Filou de la Nuit d'HiverAdult (m)5,0997764
9VCcObscurite de la Nuit d'HiverAdult (f)4,0686774
CpcWECavaliere sur Glace Nuit d'HiverAdult (f)5,3078113
mDbdSCaillou glace Nuit d'HiverAdult (m)2,1997063
n9fuXMystere obscur Nuit d'HiverAdult (m)3,2045601
A3QgBTitan glace Nuit d'HiverAdult (m)2,3447932
H1cD8Princesse-glace de Nuit d'HiverAdult (f)3,7678206
285PaGargouille glacee Nuit d'HiverAdult (f)2,2747721
HmaScoO SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE OoHatchling (F)3,0413172
mBH4pLost on a painted skyAdult (m)2,4701,1011
ExFjjwhere the clouds are hungAdult (f)3,6439661
UZ1IQFor the poet's eyeAdult (m)2,5591,0841
gHqVYYou may find himAdult (f)2,5891,3989
PlP3gif you may find himAdult (m)3,1759685
3HEyJThere on a distant shoreAdult (f)2,6191,2181
45jePby the wings of dreamsAdult (m)3,5617433
AaAppthrough an open doorAdult (f)2,7301,04839
8y4I5you may know himAdult (m)3,2777961
BwP5Eif you may BeAdult (f)2,9188462
VdxLHas a page that aches for a wordAdult (m)3,7766651
KEy89which speaks on a themeAdult (f)3,2278001
kqQclthat is timelessAdult (m)3,7596601
VbjtJwhile the one godAdult (f)3,3147901
km1Tgwill make for your dayAdult (m)3,5546931
J8b8aSing as a songAdult (f)3,8976251
toglOin search of a voiceAdult (m)3,2046871
8yZPBthat is silentAdult (f)2,3267761
etnE9and the sun godAdult (m)2,8318271
ibYTowill make for your wayAdult (f)2,7578081
k3uSgAnd we danceAdult (m)2,2467491
dtRVIto a whispered voiceAdult (f)3,5216921
NUSC3overheard by the soulAdult (m)2,3687792
YFmUbundertook by the heartAdult (f)2,9588661
i6qNkAnd you may know itAdult (m)1,8056882
M98K1if you may know itAdult (f)2,8499152
dCDw5While the sandAdult (m)2,3847840
1FIi8would become the stoneAdult (f)2,3237900
3XCWMwhich begat the sparkAdult (m)2,8606251
6VLULturned to living boneAdult (f)3,0647181
0o9DQHoly holy - Sanctus sanctusAdult (m)2,1707441
CKOqDThe little Love-GodAdult (m)5,5177794
RROqPlying once asleepAdult (f)5,1266601
nokleLaid by his sideAdult (m)4,0056143
0fCqbhis heart-inflaming brandAdult (f)4,2026653
HlmlkWhilst many NymphsAdult (m)5,4677072
Epr0uthat vow'd chaste life to keepAdult (f)3,7566862
4gPBjCame tripping byAdult (m)5,3517342
Hskvjbut in her maiden handAdult (f)3,0915751
LVm4BThe fairest votaryAdult (m)3,1097871
ZbenTtook up that fireAdult (f)4,9416481
MjW56Which many legionsAdult (m)4,7156993
XUGbpof true hearts had warm'dAdult (f)5,3876942
Qa2EeAnd so the generalAdult (m)3,7397181
anlbRof 'hot' desireAdult (f)3,3526442
CZ3KAWas sleepingAdult (m)5,2077242
PXgH4by a virgin hand disarm'dAdult (f)4,6006852
M4SFfThis brand she quenchedAdult (m)2,3637272
IJJsjin a cool well byAdult (f)3,9907382
6MeBHWhich from Love's fireAdult (m)2,2466952
tf3cPtook heat perpetualAdult (f)2,9787232
eWrqhGrowing a bathAdult (m)4,5936311
mUkVZand healthful remedyAdult (f)4,5176193
2obWuFor men diseasedAdult (m)3,6106132
cgmq2but I my mistress' thrallAdult (f)3,6346395
bYBLkCame there for cureAdult (m)1,9726271
IiQFqand this by that I proveAdult (f)2,0376582
klOaDLove's fire heats waterAdult (m)2,2577301
CQOWrwater cools not loveAdult (f)2,5517542
cHVoHoO William Shakespeare OoAdult (m)4,9347202
IckO8oO Sonett 154 OoAdult (f)4,9308316
2LdP8Shakespeare's  LoveAdult (m)2,4309321
D2ehKO how much moreAdult (m)4,3506981
WBGl7doth beauty beauteous seemAdult (f)6,5787823
FFjY3By that sweet ornamentAdult (m)2,4436991
PXYoXwhich truth doth giveAdult (f)4,4757865
iWW5XThe rose looks fairAdult (m)3,2565931
dbHr2but fairer we it deemAdult (f)7,0107132
jBdaoFor that sweet odorAdult (m)4,5146683
N9pWLwhich doth in it liveAdult (f)5,5786645
EumR7The canker-bloomsAdult (m)4,9446562
b1iArhave full as deep a dyeAdult (f)4,9746717
CkmeaAs the perfumedAdult (m)2,3837312
sZYIctincture of the rosesAdult (f)6,9447263
23N93Hang on such thornsAdult (m)2,1356673
CqsjFand play as wantonlyAdult (f)6,8617055
6tiPWWhen summer's breathAdult (m)2,1306852
Jov9Rtheir masked buds disclosesAdult (f)6,2227426
8M3BBBut for their virtueAdult (m)1,8686691
OINVIonly is their showAdult (f)7,0827744
oZ8IBThey live unwoo'dAdult (m)2,3207211
eXPjLand unrespected fadeAdult (f)3,5859201
CINJtDie to themselvesAdult (m)2,1646502
5OfVASweet roses do not soAdult (f)2,9219621
ef9rZOf their sweet deathsAdult (m)4,6937592
KANHgare sweetest odors madeAdult (f)7,4098793
e16i6And so of youAdult (m)4,8725891
5s7W7beauteous and lovely youthAdult (f)3,7079981
PGFDHWhen that shall fadeAdult (m)4,1418552
3he1pmy verse distills your truthAdult (f)6,2048684
fWYkMvV William Shakespeare VvAdult (m)4,1637764
4orUWvV Sonett 54 VvAdult (f)2,4949075
tks5rShakespeare's RosierAdult (m)1,5956623
abuqVoO KREWE DU BAL TRAVESTI OoHatchling (F)4,5263362
ZeMrPolar-SternAdult (m)5,5537579
RlDhbLeapfrog du Bal travestiAdult (m)4,8947953
avXA4Acadiana du Bal travestiAdult (f)4,4518533
HcETpBayou du Bal travestiAdult (m)4,1747821
qAY4kDecadence du Bal travestiAdult (f)3,8416103
ojrLkMomus du Bal travestiAdult (m)4,2637882
LMoZdVenezia du Bal travestiAdult (f)4,1297113
RBFDgCajun du Bal travestiAdult (m)2,1897971
0203vMadame Laveau du Bal travestiAdult (f)3,8078011
rCrkqChickasaw du Bal travestiAdult (m)3,8028001
BTpGXSamba du Bal travestiAdult (f)1,7767072
feOBFLouis du Bal travestiAdult (m)1,9836881
97bASZu Zu Mamou du Bal travestiAdult (f)2,4867542
ffAduRay du Bal travestiAdult (m)4,3606433
1bViWCommedia du Bal travestiAdult (f)1,9326441
gFZbTLe Fou du Bal travestiAdult (m)3,9797542
T6NCIHoodoo Man du Bal travestiAdult (m)3,8737782
65s2BMoretta du Bal travestiAdult (f)4,2496822
BAEQhArleccio du Bal travestiAdult (m)4,2027693
fq2PJambalaya du Bal travestiAdult (f)5,7298334
KeXdtGumbo du Bal travestiAdult (m)3,9956501
2QCsdMojita du Bal travestiAdult (f)4,6537222
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