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You pick up the scroll labeled “Vampire_Kitty,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
98dT(98dT)Adult (m)7305615
pwvh(pwvh)Adult (f)1,72387669
l1Na(l1Na)Adult (f)2,05985442
EdlC(EdlC)Adult (f)2,3031,16586
GaQH(GaQH)Adult (f)2,8362,03312
EWxQ(EWxQ)Adult (m)3,5201,23327
SiwE(SiwE)Adult (f)2,4661,60220
qCeF(qCeF)Adult (m)1,5861,0254
Fmbe(Fmbe)Adult (f)2,4871,59123
ZRKv(ZRKv)Adult (m)1,6011,0234
jNin(jNin)Adult (m)4,06163745
weCn(weCn)Adult (m)2,2871,162101
D1VY(D1VY)Adult (f)1,04459954
3OqH(3OqH)Adult (f)1,7531,22812
MO9S(MO9S)Adult (m)1,7811,1998
lJBs(lJBs)Adult (f)1,08569944
6Dzi(6Dzi)Adult (f)1,694914103
UxTp(UxTp)Adult (f)2,2951,03993
Z7Gv(Z7Gv)Adult (m)1,42782558
9R7r(9R7r)Adult (m)3,7441,83140
tkKY(tkKY)Adult (m)1,823878103
GPjy(GPjy)Adult (m)78045028
QDeO(QDeO)Adult (f)1,25477256
WqW3(WqW3)Adult (m)1,7971,1974
FH6V(FH6V)Adult (m)1,832999111
OoXc(OoXc)Adult (f)2,6631,42716
x7Si(x7Si)Adult (f)2,5561,09371
kGB2(kGB2)Adult (m)1,5181,05443
5SSD(5SSD)Adult (f)96864440
Up82(Up82)Adult (m)2,2501,28413
rrC3(rrC3)Adult (m)1,57684567
cJfp(cJfp)Adult (m)1,99936839
CLEb(CLEb)Adult (m)4,7601,98634
cZey(cZey)Adult (f)2,2351,32811
vJ3r(vJ3r)Adult (f)91470124
YSs6(YSs6)Adult (m)3,92661340
4hqZ(4hqZ)Adult (m)2,55587140
QloB(QloB)Adult (f)2,3541,33123
Q4rW(Q4rW)Adult (f)3,2951,94314
hXaR(hXaR)Adult (f)4,07164138
vTF8(vTF8)Adult (f)1,14458835
sZhN(sZhN)Adult (m)1,8591,24231
zKVZ(zKVZ)Adult (m)2,0351,27522
5Mxw(5Mxw)Adult (f)1,73884073
nb4z(nb4z)Adult (f)1,04460147
Rnwk(Rnwk)Adult (f)2,8072,0318
Lme4(Lme4)Adult (m)2,2621,003146
tGeI(tGeI)Adult (m)1,11173062
QZtZ(QZtZ)Adult (m)1,55283864
16ir(16ir)Adult (m)1,19739432
I6cr(I6cr)Adult (f)2,06285037
iJlp(iJlp)Adult (m)4,03564139
jqcF(jqcF)Adult (f)1,73896294
C6Qe(C6Qe)Adult (f)3,0691,10244
bp6J(bp6J)Adult (m)1,58582877
D8v4(D8v4)Adult (f)2,0991,016134
1IRo(1IRo)Adult (f)1,15071956
eKKg(eKKg)Adult (m)2,10785441
rbzg(rbzg)Adult (f)2,8081,73639
kiAa(kiAa)Adult (m)3,2501,94119
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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