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You pick up the scroll labeled “Timetail,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
LFBdw(LFBdw)Adult (m)2,4234012
cYyWf(cYyWf)Adult (m)2,5284522
Jjbim(Jjbim)Adult (m)2,5464364
9TC1B(9TC1B)Adult (f)2,4264222
3q66s(3q66s)Adult (m)2,2374093
tEwar(tEwar)Adult (m)2,6844245
FPXxb(FPXxb)Adult (f)2,2524032
4ezXg(4ezXg)Adult (m)1,8594092
GzIpn(GzIpn)Adult (m)2,0363971
1k1Vy(1k1Vy)Adult (f)1,8583901
OzFQQThunder Storm LightningAdult (f)2,3044136
jHMDqSparkling GemAdult (f)2,6744121
WnjQFBlue-Purple GemAdult (m)2,2394838
N7T22Purple ShimmeringAdult (m)3,6824411
MTGLhPurple Light WingsAdult (m)3,2144555
JNUVoGreen Sparkling LightAdult (m)2,1174362
kD4ujSparkling Green WingsAdult (m)2,8154043
VYV2IDiving Green LightAdult (m)2,4484167
5Mf1MLeaping Golden WingAdult (f)1,9214662
Q1S6nGreen Curving ScalesAdult (f)1,8504473
9jdDCRed Candy StripeAdult (m)1,8584511
6SNBRVibrant Neon ColorsAdult (m)2,3525227
GMisnGreen BellyAdult (m)3,0614556
GX5sfBright Red BackAdult (m)3,4464968
t77MBRose Red FlowerAdult (f)2,95046014
pgsIUWhite Rose FlowerAdult (f)1,7594344
iaA0lShining Pink ShimmerAdult (f)3,1814964
MbbhtLush Pink SkinAdult (f)2,9145109
jFsvvSweet Pink LaceyAdult (m)1,7054413
FdKi4Lacing Pink ShoulderAdult (m)2,1775037
78uM7Scaling Brown Lush SkinAdult (m)3,0795308
YCvu7Bright Lush Red SkinAdult (m)1,8074303
DXdNNDead GreyAdult (m)3,0054368
21a06Dark DeadAdult (m)3,04546510
RNn6kFlowering YellowAdult (f)2,0034134
lfuYsRosy GreenAdult (f)3,6645093
BGKC9Rosy YellowAdult (m)2,9544373
bmOWbYellow Pollen FlowerAdult (m)2,2184122
KpS1pGlowing Green EyeAdult (f)2,7624217
6l1VcDivind Black SkinAdult (f)1,8094563
e4L8KJumping Green EyeAdult (f)2,2365016
Z2IjhDiving BlackAdult (f)2,5854513
7iDjKReaching Green EyeAdult (f)2,4664542
hGk1IWhite Ice ScalesAdult (f)3,1104428
MR2IwWhite Scale SnowAdult (f)2,6224244
IpoBUSnowy White ScalesAdult (m)3,3303994
iEvoHUpright SnowAdult (m)2,6764738
IXUC7Bright Red SkinAdult (f)2,3074664
M65DZOrange Stripped GreenAdult (f)2,1993804
WSHN9Blue Soft SkinAdult (f)2,0754085
AlEEmDark Black SkinAdult (f)2,4024152
RBlrtPouncing White SkinAdult (m)2,5614433
92PWiBlue Icy FlameAdult (f)2,6894519
kQNUSSmall Blue ChestAdult (f)3,1414263
jIYRcRed Flame WingsAdult (m)2,5914485
5MbwIGold Day ShineAdult (f)3,89448510
GbnnXBrown NightAdult (m)2,4964433
KNgfsWhite Ice WingsAdult (f)3,5524461
ngAkCBlue Ice TalonAdult (m)3,2654474
ljvXTLight Blue CurveAdult (f)4,4118267
EtWU1Same Light ColorAdult (f)2,9334073
JueYTDouble Headed ColorAdult (f)3,9885179
oUOeNDark Light BlueAdult (m)3,8755054
N4BJnBlue Dark WingAdult (m)2,0476484
KUSoSDouble Dark HeadAdult (m)3,2855253
YD62MCurving PinkAdult (f)1,8984553
i2iT8Diving PinkAdult (m)1,9134673
pD0FqStony Blue EyeAdult (f)3,5724795
GcflOCurling Blue StoneAdult (m)1,6544102
oIID2Grey Stone RoughAdult (m)2,8164246
W1CF2Small Grey StoneAdult (m)2,4534533
3nQ1JDark Blue SwirlAdult (f)3,2644281
WuKDcRoyal Blue SkinAdult (f)2,4985041
kE6MjLeaping Blue SwirlAdult (m)2,1204646
6RJurGlowing ElectricAdult (f)3,7754954
Ws69KCrackling YellowAdult (f)3,5174311
BCVm2Charge Pacing YellowAdult (f)2,2144272
Tja3bBlack Charge PacingAdult (f)1,8534434
lTVEQStatic Electric WingsAdult (m)2,6724254
fH1h7Flapping Static ChargeAdult (m)2,2463903
bUULbWinging Yellow ChargeAdult (m)1,9574331
MCEDPYellow Static ChargeAdult (m)3,1325366
RZPlfPale ScalesAdult (f)2,9633842
n6ALnStill ScalesAdult (f)1,6294943
iaVetTan ScalesAdult (m)3,4295023
nebd7White Orb FlameAdult (f)3,1215371
kqYCBBlue Orb FlameAdult (f)2,0854523
RIu5LBlue BulbAdult (m)2,9734492
a6sU2Sweet Swimming WaterAdult (f)4,5634154
RTKKPBlue Water SwirlingAdult (f)1,8854412
Ov8bVBlue Swimming WaterAdult (m)4,0784926
IJ7AUWarm Glowing SkinAdult (f)3,2984493
UUClEFallen Ember CoatAdult (f)2,8424342
D7KjMCoat Fur AmberAdult (f)3,4674144
TS9NKSilver Shield TailAdult (f)3,9194485
JItTAShielding Blue SkinAdult (f)3,6864892
LhOGeBright Orange EyeAdult (m)3,6664682
ms0eDSilver Shining ShieldAdult (m)2,2214642
g6g2DRed Humping RidgeAdult (f)2,6934962
DAXHOBright Red SpotAdult (f)3,6504172
q72uuCurved Red BackAdult (m)3,4714321
7ltcCPurple SpotAdult (m)3,5704232
r1eauHumping Purple RidgeAdult (m)3,0244794
H1V9XMoldy Green SkinAdult (f)2,8694932
g3fdqRed Moldy SkinAdult (f)1,6144202
WTiCIDark Up GreenAdult (f)3,0634047
v4UWQCresting Orange RidgeAdult (f)3,82048010
pTfd0Strange EyeAdult (m)3,6965014
Rbd4GOrange RidgeAdult (m)3,5754483
3f1HgSitting Orange MagicAdult (m)3,2104392
j0cOSMagic Orange TailAdult (m)2,5334573
Repi9Splashing Orange ScaleAdult (f)2,7154812
2Ub7sBright Orange WaterAdult (m)4,4643666
UZStRSleek Orange WaterAdult (m)2,9204803
2Y4ItSwaying Purple ScalesAdult (m)2,3074212
hYFnRSwirling Purple SkinAdult (m)2,0664041
NZZiKRed Hot SkinAdult (f)3,0094881
USBu4Small bright greenAdult (f)2,5434723
3HqtEMint Green SkinAdult (m)1,8624493
aOEssSmall yellowAdult (f)3,4192905
ftI0gCurving YellowAdult (m)2,4183911
gAi5KDeep Red WingsAdult (f)3,0934264
4f7WXSmall Flaming RedAdult (f)2,6804051
BSZclBright Red FireAdult (m)4,4306423
SfCADYellow Wing FoldAdult (m)2,1534302
fOkZnLittle Black ScaleAdult (f)2,7764202
o5NU9Dark Black ScalesAdult (f)3,3214375
kVTr8Small BlackAdult (m)3,3894381
ueIR2Blue Green LeapAdult (f)3,2634202
kG2tLSwirling Green SwirlAdult (f)3,1254585
Zm4G6Leaping BlueAdult (m)2,6734152
aCFfBLooking Blue SkinAdult (f)2,1314716
EEWDrSmall Blue SkinAdult (m)4,1733943
bngF8Light Blue LeatherAdult (f)3,0604611
dr8rnFluffing BlueAdult (f)2,6494974
GiPpMWinging Blue LeatherAdult (f)1,9874284
kBsm5Fluffing Blue FeathersAdult (f)3,1355345
4aojgFluffy Blue SeaAdult (m)3,6034824
XfChBFluffy Blue WingAdult (m)4,3354203
DtKGZGreen shimmerAdult (f)3,6163065
jWsk7Bright Yellow CurlAdult (m)3,7234732
suMn6Curling Green SpineAdult (m)2,3164131
2l4f7Padding BlueAdult (f)2,9844183
nb1XvBlue Sky FootAdult (f)3,3834144
UnfWuGreen Walking FootAdult (m)3,3674192
Uo85VYellow Multi ColorAdult (m)3,1764802
ZDZXEPink balanceAdult (f)3,2125233
RDskXCalling Pink WingsAdult (f)1,7984853
DLGk7Black WingtipAdult (m)3,8474402
WM4onPink TipAdult (m)2,8164362
BnTRbWhite Horn JawAdult (m)1,9004613
JU1P1Quick tanAdult (f)3,3824714
llYpWSand HumpAdult (f)2,4654232
CoaIZHumping Sandy BackAdult (f)4,3684104
KMWScLight Sandy HumpAdult (f)3,0213941
Ro1r5Sandy LookAdult (m)3,4874434
pF4IsHumping Sandy WalkAdult (m)3,4674519
jf6PTCloud wingAdult (f)4,0163376
5dW2mBlue Hump BackAdult (f)2,5864051
j2V1WFloating CloudsAdult (f)2,7954023
HW6WlPurple Blue HorseAdult (f)4,2683615
aAMSlBright Purple WingsAdult (f)2,8224493
oWfFsCurving Purple BackAdult (f)2,2323932
i2TO3Fluffy Purple HorseAdult (m)2,3444502
a2gZ8Blue Feathers WindAdult (m)3,0954824
VuOPRBright Purple WingAdult (m)3,6634712
GWBldPurple FrillAdult (f)4,3263845
7Aq9jCresting Purple RidgeAdult (f)3,1953952
rYlDMFrilling Purple SpineAdult (f)2,8194246
DcWO9Flip Back PurpleAdult (m)2,9628074
G2H4ZYellow SmellAdult (f)2,7114832
kM7PORunning YellowAdult (f)2,6394411
VuLJEBright Yellow SpotAdult (f)2,4094462
E28IlLeaping Black YellowAdult (f)2,0214421
vIJ7KTotal Black TailAdult (m)2,2337342
FVZMmBlue Two LegsAdult (f)2,9054422
UpLHOSleek Blue WingsAdult (f)3,3934235
qFGp9Crying BlueAdult (f)3,3684524
EgMqbWaving Blue WingAdult (f)2,7894792
0Kl4QSpreaded Blue WingsAdult (f)4,4644524
QJVQ0Winged BlueAdult (m)3,1034312
MFXvDFlapping Water WingsAdult (m)2,8224886
ehWepDeep Blue ScaleAdult (f)3,0244282
FOSM2Salty FinAdult (m)3,3105063
QZtStBlue Head TailAdult (f)2,1464281
Df6k7Flaming Blue BrownAdult (f)2,9244453
sJKi1Fringe of BlueAdult (m)4,2498165
fflJ3Falling Brown BackAdult (m)4,2613834
Z1MaVFlaming Blue FringeAdult (m)2,6974621
lHd95White Day SkinAdult (m)3,7524574
lnlEpPink Under BellyAdult (m)3,5694403
jCp0uLook Back DawnAdult (m)3,2134876
Bn2r4Blue Orange BellyAdult (m)4,0513046
jSqB1Leaping Purple ScaleAdult (f)2,0894102
Hah2BFloating Red LeatherAdult (f)1,7044933
IEmq0Purple Skin LeapAdult (f)1,9664442
DugcaWinging Red FlapAdult (m)1,7174131
RLauZTan White FluffAdult (f)2,8484541
YStS5Sniffing Lower BrownAdult (f)3,1554513
Gd9OeOrange EyeAdult (f)3,7834668
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